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Baby Mamas
October 23rd, 1891 - Swallowbury
@Melody Crouch

It had taken Febs a little longer than normal to pay Melody a visit, but Febs knew what it was like to be a new mom, the sheer sense of being overwhelmed by absolutely everything in your life changing that she had given an extra grace period. Febs wasn't exactly sure what her friend's marriage was like, but she worried as well and that too had to take a toll. Finding the balance had been a difficult line to walk, but Febs had finally thought it was time. Not to mention Poppy was capable of going longer periods without needing to latch on as she could be easily entertained with real food these days in addition, so Febs had found an opportunity to leave them with the nanny for a bit and head to see her friend.

Arranging a time had been fairly easy and Febs had gotten herself a portkey easily enough. It wasn't her favorite way to travel, but the distance was too great for anything preferable. With a basket of things for the baby, some flowers and sweets for Mel and absolutely nothing for Mr. Crouch, Febs knocked on the Crouch home eagerly, ready to get her hands on both a fresh baby and her friend.

"I come bearing everything you need." She announced as she was let into the sitting room with a wide smile. "Treats, toys and arms to hold that precious bundle." Febs chuckled passing the basket to Mel, sweeping in for a kiss on both cheeks. Taking a moment to appraise her friend critically, Febs decided she needed to hear how Mel was doing before she judged to much.

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With Eleanora now nearly six weeks old Melody had at long last settled into a seemingly perfect routine. Mornings were spent either visiting with friends or on a brief walk around the village in the pram, during which Eleanora was usually alert and smiling (smiling!) for, followed by quiet afternoons until Ben came home. The worst part of her day by far was whenever the night nurse arrived, as Melody despised handing over her daughter to another woman. But, it was what was done. Even if her breasts still hadn't adapted to the long stretches of not nursing.

Melody was a bundle of excited nerves as she awaited February's visit. The last time the two saw one another was some months ago during one of the rare 'good' weeks she had in her pregnancy, and even then the visit hadn't been entirely pleasant as Melody was emotional over the state of her marriage. February had been understanding enough, not that Melody divulged many of the details. There were enough rumors swirling about then without someone else knowing about the horrors of Paris and all the aftermath. (Or the near divorce Christmas of last year.) Truthfully, she wasn't sure how to explain the absolute turn of events to her friends. How did one justify going from struggling to remain civil to love in a few weeks' time without sounding insane? Melody liked to believe it was all the time spent during her labors — both false and not — that changed things between them. But, maybe, that time had only uncovered feelings which existed for years.

The housekeeper showed February in anx immediately Melody was on her feet to greet her friend. Taking the basket, Melody returned the kisses and smiled widely. "Your timing is excellent. She fed only a short while ago so she'll be awake for a bit still." Eleanora was resting in the cradle, her tiny hands reaching for the floating birds above. "How are your two darling flowers?"

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"Unholy terrors the both of them," Febs chuckled with a wink. They weren't that bad, more like strong-willed. Well, not so much Poppy, she was proving to be a much easier baby than Violet ever had, but her first born was truly a force to be reckoned with. The terrible twos was absolutely no joke. Whoever said that hadn't been lying. "But at last everybody sleeps through the night, so at least there's that." Febby had the luxury of being able to afford a nanny, thanks to Edric's position at the ministry, in addition to Mrs. H. so she had always felt responsible for taking the babes at night, but thankfully everybody had settled into a nice routine.

"May I?" She leaned over the cradle, but looked at Melody to see if it was alright to hold her. Some babes didn't like it, some mothers were a little protective and Febby had both a daughter who preferred her parents and friends who were still adjusting to motherhood. She held no judgment any which way. February had long ago learned that anything she had thought she'd known about parenthood was a joke and the only thing you could do was to figure out what worked best for her, her babies and her family. "How are you??" This was what Febs was most interested in, considering, though she felt like she only the knew the tip of the iceberg, what she did know about the sometimes-rocky relationship Melody had with her husband. Hopefully it was better now, more settled.

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