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"Men's" Dueling Tournament, October 1891
The First Annual All Hallows Dueling Tournament

After several drinks, a few more roguish gentlemen (one of which belongs to the Dueling Commission, and all of which are members of Excalibur) have decided to start an annual Halloween dueling tournament because why not.

Entrants must be members of magical gentleman's clubs: Excalibur, Black's, Atlantis, Merlin's, and The Ministry Club. They forgot until it was too late that there were some women in that last one. The entry fee for participants is 1G. This covers event costs (including a complementary beverage after each duel) and a winner's purse. All duels will take place in Padmore Park and spectators are encouraged!

OOC, duels begin on October 22nd.

All participating members will take home the 1891 Dueling stamp:

[Image: YFo1ogf.png]

In addition, duel participation in general can help you earn these pretties—check out the stamps page for details:

  1. All proper decorum must be observed, including bowing or curtsying to ones opponent at the open and close of the match.
  2. During a duel, there shall be no physical contact of any sort between contestants. Should one contestant require assistance, then the match will be stopped by the official.
  3. Excessive force must not be used. The purpose of the contest is to display strength and skill; it is not to injure or maim. Likewise, all spells used must be allowed under the law.
  4. Creativity is encouraged; a match that consists merely of stunning and disarming is not enjoyable for the audience.
  1. Matches will be moderated by a member of the staff. Follow instructions by the IC moderator regarding who is to post. After both participants have posted once, wait for the moderator to post again before continuing.
  2. Points will be given by the moderator based on an OOC modified dice roll. While commentary by the official is IC, the scoring is done in the fairest way possible.
  3. Do not state how your action will end, but rather what is intended. That way, when the point is determined then you can post the results of your actions in a way that fits with the scoring.
  4. If a participant does not post within 72 hours, they will be disqualified and the other participant wins the match.
  5. Keep character experience in mind. Remember that a character with one year of schooling has a different range than one with seven years as well as auror training. If you are not sure if your character could cast a spell with their experience, feel free to ask other members or the staff for opinions.
To enter, please post the form below on or before October 21st! No more than five duelists per player, please!

[b]Character:[/b] Tag if not posting on that account!
[b]Club Membership(s):[/b]
[b]General Dueling Ability:[/b] Terribad, Poor, Average, Above Average, Excellent.
[b]Education:[/b] No Schooling, No Exams, OWLs/equivalent, NEWTs/equivalent, Some Auror/Hit Training, Completed Auror/Hit Training

— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —
[Image: B0me9x.jpg]
— graphics by lady ❤ —
Character: Julius Scrimgeour
Age: 29
Club Membership(s): Ministry Club, Black's
General Dueling Ability: Above Average
Education: Completed Auror/Hit Training

Character: @Gaius Malfoy
Age: 36
Club Membership(s): Black's
General Dueling Ability: Above Average
Education: Some Auror/Hit Training

[Image: 70mCNgn.jpg]
graphics by lady ♥ —
Character: Roberto Devine
Age: 36
Club Membership(s): Black's
General Dueling Ability: Average
Education: NEWTs

Character: @Lionel Lupin
Age: 39
Club Membership(s): Black's, Ministry
General Dueling Ability: Excellent.
Education: Completed Auror Training

magical set by mj!
Character: @Raphael Malfoy
Age: 25
Club Membership(s): Black's
General Dueling Ability: Poor
Education: NEWTs/equivalent

Character: @Edric Umbridge
Age: 40
Club Membership(s): Ministry
General Dueling Ability: Excellent.
Education: Completed Auror Training

Character: @Freddie Prewett
Age: 27
Club Membership(s): Black's
General Dueling Ability: Average
Education: NEWTs/equivalent

Character: @Valerian Macnair
Age: 30
Club Membership(s): Black's
General Dueling Ability: Average
Education: NEWTs/equivalent

set by MJ <3
Character: @Murdock Greyback
Club Membership(s): Ministry Mens Club
General Dueling Ability: Excellent.
Education: Completed Auror

Murdock will be giving any member of the DMLE that beats him - or wins outright a small Galleon bonus prize - UC folks can pool it and donate to the 'Fallen Aurors widows and orphans fund' - or get side eye.

[Image: BqsNlXd.png]
MJ is a National Treasure

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