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October 8, 1891 — Podmore Zoo; Magical Side
It was a lovely Friday afternoon and Tiger had been able to get off work early. He had decided to treat little Donald to an afternoon at the Podmore Zoological Gardens. Nanny had come along as well because she had never had a chance to visit the zoo before. Tiger suspected it was more that she had very old-fashioned ideas about men and their ability to look after a child. Never mind that Tiger had been a single father for years now. It was fine by him, though. The older woman was a good egg, just stuck in her ways.

They were looking at the Fwoopers and admiring their colorful feathers when a familiar face caught Tigers attention. After making sure Nanny knew he was going off to speak to someone, he approached the young woman. "Miss Backus! How have you been?" It had been a while since the last time that they had spoken.

@Madeleine Backus

The zoo, had become a more frequent hang out for Maddie as the time she spent with the unicorn foal had grown. BEtween benchmarking her foals growth against that of the herd in the zoo, taking what information she could from the experts there and it just being a pleasant place for a walk on a sunny afternoon, it was a safe bet that at least 2 afternoons a week she would be found strolling in the zoos grounds.

'Mister McFusty' she greeted, 'How delightful to see you again.' her enthusism was genuine, and she found her feelings difficult to hide at the best of times, so it was just as well! 'are you here for business or pleasure?' the joke in her voice as her gaze flicked from the imposingly built dragon tamer, to the children admiring the brightly coloured birds. It was an incongruous pairing, but it oddly suited him.

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<3 Nolan sets are crack!
He smiled as the young woman greeted him. "For pleasure. I thought it was a nice day to bring my son to the zoo," Tiger said indicating the eight year old boy whose height already stood out among the other children.  All his other children were off at Hogwarts so it was just him, the nanny and the boy today so none of the others belonged to him. He had no idea who they were but reckoned they were children of the other adults observing the enclosure.

Now that he pointed him out, the very tall boy, among the little crowd looked a deal like his father, at least to Maddie. She knew, from the general gossip of society that he had several children with his first wife, although she didn't know what ages they might be, as most of the gossip had focused on his wifes death and the death of their last children. All desperately sad business, sadder still as Mister McFusty was so terribly nice and had never been anything but very kind to her.

'He has excellent taste'. She smiled indicating the fwooper, the bright pink despite looking surly and annoyed was clearly enjoying the adoration of the crowd who were also taking it in turns to throw it treats. 'Will he be following in your footsteps in dealing with beasts?' she asked, not looking at him, instead waving at the boy who was waving in their direction.

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<3 Nolan sets are crack!
Tiger chuckled when Miss Backus said that the boy had excellent taste. "I do not know. He is only eight and still figuring out the things in the world that he likes and those that he dislikes." The family would not suffer if one of his children decided to go a different way. After all, not everyone in his family dealt with creatures in the first place. Some were healers while others worked for the distillery his mothers family ran. And some were Quidditch players. It was an adventure in itself watching his children grow up and begin to figure out their own spots in the world. "And what of you, Miss Backus? What have you been up to these days beyond the debutante business?" He might have only encountered her sporadically since their initial contact in April of 1890 but that had been more than enough to know that she had a little more in her head than balls and promenades in the park.

'I'm sure it's only a matter of time before his affections turn to the more dangerous and daring animals in the zoos repertoire.' she explained reaching into her purse for the little bag of animal feed that they sold at various points around the zoo and handed it to the young man who gleefully returned to his spot in the crowd, now armed with more of the animal feed that would make him the centre of the animals attention for as long as the niblets lasted.

'I've been looking after the unicorn that Ana and I found in the woods.' she explained, 'The zoo has been very helpful in that regard' Maddie grinned thinking of the doe eyed foal in the field her modest allowance paid for. 'It has been most reqrding, although I'm sure you know better than most how rewarding rehabilitating an animal is.'

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<3 Nolan sets are crack!

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