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Yuri didn't know what being a steamed patron was but it sounded like it might be painful.
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In the Green, Green Grass of Home
Friday, September 25th, 1891 — Hogwarts Greenhouses

Except for flying lessons, Tommy liked all of his classes at Hogwarts. Some of the professors were nicer than others, but all of the sstuff they were learning was really interesting and pretty fun! Even classes that were more about listening instead of learning stuff you could actually do, like History of Magic, which a lot of his classmates talked about like it was about as exciting as watching paint dry, seemed more like listening to bedtime stories Uncle Timothée or Dad used to make up instead of actual school. Trolls, Witches, Wizards, Goblins, and Wars- just like a giant fairy tale! It almost made him miss Mum, Dad, Tuppence and the rest of the family less- almost, at least until class ended and he wanted to tell Timmy and Tuppence all about it, but he couldn't without writing a letter, which wasn't the same.

He couldn't wait to see them at Christmas, but it was just so long until then. A lot of times, he left classes feeling a weird mix of sad and excited, even neat classes with really nice professors like Herbology. Professor Skeeter, who taught it, reminded him a lot of Dad, or Uncle Theo, maybe both, except just a bit quieter and maybe not quite as strong. He didn't really look like he had ever set a net, unfurled a sail, or gutted a fish in his life, but he was really, really patient and he didn't get really cross at all. He'd tell you off if you mucked around, but you could tell he wasn't actually cross. He just wanted you to do it right so you didn't get hurt or break stuff. Tommy liked that.

That's why, this lesson, once everyone had left, Tommy didn't think it would hurt much to hang back after everyone else had walked off to their next classes or to do homework and at least ask if he could stay for a bit. He didn't have any classes for another hour. It was meant to be lunch, but he wasn't really hungry. Grandad Mollet was a farmer, so this class always made him think of him (even though he mostly had cows instead of plants)... and Mum. Then he just thought of all the other things that he missed about her. All of that sadness about missing her just filled up his stomach until there wasn't anymore room for food anyway. Exploring all the magic plants would be a lot better.

Once the last kid left, he pulled off his gloves and put them on the chair like the Professor said to, and walked up to him, clearing his throat to get his attention like grown ups sometimes did. "Excuse me, Professor Skeeter," he spoke up a politely as he could. You got more bees to come to you with honey than... well, he didn't remember what the saying was, really, but it meant if you were nice, people wanted to help you more. "can I stay here for a bit longer and look at the plants? I don't have another class after this."

@Mason Skeeter
The new crop of first years always took the most amount of energy, but Mason hardly ever minded. With each passing year he got more and more comfortable with the transitions. Pretty soon he'd be able to do this in his sleep. This particular class seemed to be doing alright adjusting. He always worried about each incoming class and how they were doing with the transition but.

They had packed up for another class and he was sending them off for the rest of their day. When he turned around he saw young Mr. Tupper lingering behind. "Ah, I have the seventh years coming in soon, but you can stay here in greenhouse one while I clean up if you like." Mason offered with a smile. He would not be one to turn away a curious young mind interested in the greenhouse.

[Image: 3tdNen.png]
magic by MJ the magnificent
Tommy smiled back at the professor. "Thanks!" he chirped, as polite and cheerfully as he could, drifting over to the nearest plants. They mostly just looked normal now, but he was pretty sure they were those crying baby plants from before, the ....mandrakes! Yeah, that was it. They looked a lot like the onions from their garden, but he, Tuppence, Timmy, and Mum had pulled out lots of those over the years and they never ended up being anything but normal onions. Tuppence found one that looked a bit like a fish once, but it was still just a normal onion inside.

Curious, he reached out and felt one of the leaves. It just felt like a normal leaf too. He sure wished he could show Timmy and Tuppence these or at least draw better than he actually could and send a picture. He wrote about them in his letters. He wrote about all the other stuff in the other classes too and sent them with an owl instead of the normal post, which was really, really odd. At least they got to see the post owl because he couldn't do magic at home and people couldn't. Come to Hogwarts if they were students or teachers there, so except for his textbooks, that was all they would see until he was a grown up! He couldn't even do magic by accident anymore or he was in trouble, which made him really nervous since he didn't know how he was even supposed to stop from doing things things that were accidents.

Well, trouble aside, he wondered if he could find any magic stuff on Guernsey to show them. Maybe Grandad had some magic plants or some magic cows and he didn't know it. After all, he turned out magic and he was drom Guernsey. He couldn't be the only magic thing on the whole island, could he? "Are there any magic plants that grow on Guernsey?" he asked finally, pulling his eyes away from the plants to look at Professor Skeeter again. "That's where I live." he was a plant professor. He had to know, didn't he?

@Mason Skeeter
Mason set about gathering the supplies he had used for the youngins' class and stacking them neatly off to the side of his desk. He wouldn't even be holding his next class in this particular greenhouse, but his next lesson was already set up in the one down the line. Not to mention he had some time before he would have go over and greet the NEWT students.

Running a hand down Pepper's back as he passed the manx cat snoozing contentedly on his desk, Mason paused when Mr. Tupper asked his question. "I'm afraid I've never been, but I would venture to believe there are useful plants we have here in the greenhouses. Whether they are truly magical varieties I have here, I am unsure." There were a wide variety of plants that had magical properties that even muggles knew to use for certain ailments or other medicinal purposes.

"Perhaps when you go home this summer you'll be able to find out." With a year of schooling complete, Mr. Tupper would have a bit better knowhow on what to look for.

[Image: 3tdNen.png]
magic by MJ the magnificent
"Oh." was the first thing that came out of Tommy's mouth. His smile slumped just a tick at the news. He was a little bit disappointed. He had kind of hoped that there was some kind of magic grass that could make Grandad's cows float or give whipped cream instead of milk or something. Timmy and Tuppence would have loved to hear that! They must have been sad he was gone too, and at least if he came back with something really neat, they would think it had been worth it. He guessed if there was, though. He probably would have heard of cows floating before now. It couldn't have been so well- hidden that nobody and nothing ever found it. He tossed another glance up at the plant professor and wondered for a moment if he had any family or home that he missed too. He was old like Dad (but not like Grandad like some of the professors were). He must have had a family and kids and stuff. Maybe they lived in Hogsmeade so they wouldn't be so far from him. He was sad for them if they weren't. He hated being away from Dad and he was already eleven. If Timmy or Tilly had to be away from Dad for so long, they would never stop crying. They would sound just like the mandrakes when they were out of their pots!

He didn't ask about that, though. He wasn't brave enough and it seemed like it might be rude. "Well, I'm going back in Winter for the Christmas Holidays." he offered instead, letting his eyes drop back down to the plants while he reached a finger, covered in his sleeve like glove out to stroke one of the Mandrake leaves (he couldn't remember if they were poisonous or not so he had to be careful). They must have liked getting attention, right? If they were like babies? "Dad promised. Summer is too far away." So was Winter, but he didn't want to sound like a baby too. He didn't think that Professor Skeeter would make fun of him or anything. He was nice, but he didn't want him to be disappointed either.

It was odd to think that Professor Skeeter had never even seen Guernsey before in his whole life before. It was weird to think that anyone hadn't seeing as it was the pnly place he had ever seen before coming to Hogwarts. He could always see it in his head if he decided to, he knew it so well. He didn't even have to close his eyes. Even now, looking at the mandrakes and the other plants behind him, he could pretend he was staring through the tall grass at the corner of the cliff that looked over at the North Beach. He could see the waves sloshing over on the sand, the seagulls and puffins flying in the air, looking for fish, the fishing boats off on the water, as tiny as ants, the shadow of England way off on a clear day, just a little greyish ink blot Dad liked to point out. It was almost like he was there, even though he could see the other plants and the professor's desk there too. "I've never seen any magic plants there before, but we also don't have any wizards or witches." he thought out loud, moving his feet further down the rows of plants, to a different sort with long, thin leaves that he didn't recognize. "Well, except old Widow Renouf who lives near my Grandad. People say she's a witch, but my Grandad says she's just lonely and odd since she's from Jersey and she only speaks Jèrriais instead of Guernesiais or French or English, so it's hard to understand her."

For the most part, he was just talking to talk now. He might have offered the professor to help him tidy up. That probably would have been the nicer thing, and more polite since the professor let him stay. He was a bit like a guest now, since class was over, but it made him feel better to talk about home, even if he was babbling on and the professor might not have even been listening now anyway. He could see the swaying, dancing grass in Grandad's fields now, long like the leaves of the new plant, the cows grazing and Widow Renouf's cottage way off near the grove of trees like a little, house-shaped dot. Tuppence always said never to go to it or she would turn you into a sparrow and use you for the potions and tonics she sold to the farmers. He'd always thought she was making it up before, but it sounded a lot more real now that he knew potions could be real. Maybe she was actually a witch for real. "Do you think people could find magic plants by accident? Even if they're muggles?" he asked finally his eyebrows scrunching together curiously as he reached out another finger to touch the new plant's leaves just like he'd done with the mandrake. "Or do they not work for muggles?" He didn't think they had talked about that in potions yet. Maybe everyone from Jersey just knew how to find magic plants even though they were muggles and that's what Geandad really meant about Widow Renauf just being from Jersey. He'd never thought about it before, or about her until just now or he probably would have asked in Potions ages ago.

@Mason Skeeter
"Most muggles can't see past the edge of their nose when it comes to magic." Mason assured young Mr. Tupper with a smile. "Oh, I would not put it past your neighbor to have some kind of magic." Whether the woman had a formal education or not, she could very well have magical blood. Those more remote locations did not always have the knowledge of Hogwarts, or perhaps she had been muggleborn and unable to attend.

"Now that you have some education though, you could start looking to see if there's anything for yourself though." If he took good notes and paid attention he would have the information he needed to be able to look around at his home. "The Holidays will come quicker than you think." Mason softened his smile a little bit. It was easy to forget that the first years were so young when the first arrived, but they were hardly more than children and for many of them, this was their first time away from home for any length of time.

[Image: 3tdNen.png]
magic by MJ the magnificent
Tommy shrugged off the idea of Widow Renauf being an actual witch. It still sounded made up, even though he was an actual wizard now. "I guess, but I don't think I could ever find out for sure." he pondered, peeking over the top of the new plant for any kind of flowers or faces or any other magical stuff on it. "She only speaks Jèrriais." He had never actually talked to someone who spoke Jèrriais. Not in Jèrriais anyway. It could have sounded more like... Chinese than French for all he knew. Besides, everyone was a bit scared of her. Even Tuppence was, and Billy Sarchet and he was a bit mad already. Tommy didn't think he could ever walk up to her door for anything ever, especially not to ask her if she was a witch. If she was, she might tranfigure him into a toad.

Professor Skeeter probably just thought she wouldn't because he wouldn't. He was pretty nice. And Tommy knew it was because he was so nice that he tried to reassure him about the holidays coming quicker than he thought. Adults said that a lot. Things kids were waiting for were always coming "quicker than you think",  "before you know it", or "soon enough". It never made him feel much better. He wondered if it ever made any kids feel better, especially when they knew it wasn't actually very soon. "I know how long it is until Christmas, though." he tried not to sound like he was backchatting. He really wasn't trying to. It was just true. "Three months. That's three times longer than we've been here already." Maybe it didn't seem long to him since he was used to it, just like it didn't seem long to bigger kids like Yuri, but it was long, so long that when he even thought about it, it felt like someone was reaching into his chest and squeezing his heart really hard. He felt it now too. The pleasant look on his face dropped into a sad sort of frown.

He didn't let it stay long, though. It wouldn't be very polite. "Do muggle animals ever find magic plants?" he piped up instead, plastering a curious almost-smile back on his face. Had he already asked that before? No, he didn't think so. He'd thought  it.... sort of, but he hadn't asked it. "It's only, my Grandad's other neighbour has goats and they're pretty good at finding everything and eating it too!" he almost smiled for real, then thinking of all the times Mum had to shoo them off to keep them from taking bites out of Grandad's washing. They'd even taken a bite of Timmy's trousers once, while Timmy was wearing them! It was hard to believe muggle animals never found magic plants at all.
@Mason Skeeter

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