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As clocks and other timepieces were expensive, working class folk who could not afford to rise with the sun could employ a “knocker-upper” to tap on their windowpane at a scheduled time. Knocker-uppers would work through the night and into the early morning. — Kayte
But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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Easy Like Sunday Morning
September 26th, 1891 - Kirke Flat
@Tybalt Kirke

Sunday mornings were finally for sleeping in now that the morning sickness was passed, or they would be, if the little one she was currently housing did not think sunrise was the perfect time to be doing somersaults while she was trying to sleep. Still, she had managed to quell the gymnastics long enough to doze off again, thanks to snuggling into her nice warm husband beside her, but Elsie knew it wouldn't last long.

The snooze was better than she'd imagined, but someone was definitely wide awake and it wasn't the adults in the room. She sighed as she rolled over trying to get comfortable, shifting so she was on her side, watching Tyb sleep. She was so envious of his ability to really crash and sleep so deeply. It had never been something she had been fortunate enough to be able to do, but it was even worse now. After being put on leave from the library, at least she had the luxury of an early afternoon nap during the week. It pained her to be so idle at home, but Mr. Ainsworth had brought up some good points and had insinuated her job would still be there for her after she was recovered from having the baby, so that was a comfort to her. They had enough savings to cover the lapse, and Elsie even thought they might be able to settle into a small little cottage before the baby came. It might be a little tight, but with her savings, her dowry and Tyb's continued salary, they could swing it and Elsie wanted nothing more than to be settled before the baby arrived.

A particularly good jab to her ribcage had Elsie laughing quietly as she winced, pushing back with one hand to see if she could get the baby to remove their foot from her lungs. "That's quite enough out of you in there," She whispered as she squirmed against the discomfort, trying to manage some level of relaxation in her own bed at the moment.

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“Hmm?” Tybalt murmured, sure that she’d been talking to him.

She wasn’t as close as she had been, though, so eventually the missing warmth dragged him from the depths of sleep. He yawned into the pillow and rolled onto his side as well, blearily adjusting to the daylight. He blinked a few times as Elsie fidgeted in place beside him, laughing softly and seeming in the midst of battle with something almost ticklish. Oh. The baby. (He still thought it was – slightly insane, that she was growing a person right now. Their person. A real living human – who apparently needed no rest at all.) The baby was moving.

Meeting Elsie’s gaze for a moment, he raised his eyebrows in tentative curiosity. “Someone’s an early riser,” he remarked as he propped himself a little further up in bed to watch the scene, stifling another yawn to grin.
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With one hand pushing against the little foot in her ribs, Elsie wondered who this little one was going to take after more. Clearly they had her early morning habits, but with Tyb's energy. It was going to be interesting to see and it made her sigh in contentment just thinking about it

Her eyes fluttered open when she realized Tyb was awake. "I didn't mean to wake you," She had almost apologized, but knew that wasn't allowed. Her constant readjusting must have been obnoxious though. Her soft smile turned into another wince as the baby stretched out again. "I'm either growing a boxer or a dancer, but they're very lively." She chuckled and reached out to pull one of Tyb's hands to replace hers against the movement.

"I'm blaming you," She teased sleepily as she put her free arm under her head to look at him. Hopefully the baby would get Tyb's coordination and not hers.

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Tyb just shrugged at the being-woken-up thing. Better like this than by Elsie retching like in the early days, anyway; besides, he’d gotten enough sleep, and much as he was slow to get it together most mornings, he didn’t like to think he was missing anything important. Like the baby doing an impromptu polka. 

Letting Elsie pull his hand to her abdomen, he felt it – and he could really feel it now: the very first few times it had happened he’d felt he might just be imagining it, but not anymore – and was struck again by the sensation that there was a real person in there. A real little person who would one day be with them in the world, for whom they would be completely, utterly responsible... Tyb’s heart lurched at almost the same moment the baby kicked again, and he outwardly flinched.

Elsie was watching him, though, so he let the smile settle back on his face, wishing he could be as serene as she seemed to be. “I think you mean that they’re already getting ready to try out for their house quidditch team,” Tyb joked, in his attempt to emulate her ease with all of this. That was likely whether they were a boy or a girl. If, of course, they made it to Hogwarts intact in the first place, he considered nervously. Eleven years felt like lifetimes away from here, and Tyb didn’t want to get carried away and – jinx it, or anything.

She had nearly closed her eyes again, trying to soak up the moment, but she saw a flicker of something cross Tyb's face and that had her watching him closely. She felt the baby give him a solid kick and he flinched though covered it up quickly. Els furrowed her brows at him; she knew him far too well to be fooled by the charming smile and chipper attitude.

"Right of course, the house team. That should have been my first thought." She chuckled, giving it a moment, trying to decide if she wanted to ask or if she would let him be. Gently she covered his hand with her own again and gave him a soft smile. It was hard to imagine a few months from now, when the baby finally arrived, to Hogwarts, but it would fly by, of that she was sure. Her mother had always said the days went by slow, but the years went by quickly. It was a startling realization really, but she was looking forward to every minute of it from here on out. As long as she got to do it all beside Tyb she would be fine.

"You alright?" She asked quietly after a moment, deciding to just go for it rather than think about it all day.

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“Yeah, it should have,” he agreed cheerfully, but then Elsie put her hand on his and looked at him and it felt like she could see through him. He swallowed gently, turning over the feeling in his head to try and make enough sense of it to explain it; he was still contemplating whether or not it was better to air it aloud or keep it to himself when she asked outright, and he shifted upwards slightly, leaning against the headboard and letting his gaze fall on her again.

“Aren’t you – worried?” Tyb said finally, chewing on the inside of his cheek. Elsie knew nerves, knew worry, knew insecurity and how to face it – and she knew the extent of this undertaking, he remembered the early days of the pregnancy, when they’d both had to readjust to the unexpected – but now she was making everything seem so easy. Natural. Like she wasn’t nervous in the least.

Maybe she’d done her research as usual, and felt better for it. Maybe he should try that, but every time he thought about the near future his chest seized up a little, so it felt easier not to think about it at all.

"I am absolutely petrified." She admitted easily, without even having to contemplate the truth of her answer. She settled more against the pillow to study him for a moment. Did she really not appear worried? That was a first. She had done her reading, but as Lucinda had promptly warned her, real life did not compare to books. With that said, everything she had read about pregnancy had mostly panned out, so she had that going for her. Plus she did have some experience with babies and young children, though she knew it was a different situation entirely when they were your own.

She sighed softly, peering over at him. "I think we're going to be some level of worried for the next twenty years." It didn't help and though she really was worried, it didn't do much good to get lost in the trenches of it either. Elsie was an anxious person by nature, but this, them, the marriage, the baby, it was the surest she had ever felt. "But I have everything that I need right here in this bed and that is all that matters." A roof over their heads, food on the table, a steady income, they could make it work. She could get through everything life would throw at her as long as he was there with her.

"I truly think we can do this though." She smiled at him fondly. Theirs would be a house full of love and laughter, good times and bad and she was prepared to do it all.

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