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September 12th, 1891 — Great Hall
Flora was at the Slytherin table that morning, just as she'd been the morning before and every morning since arriving at Hogwarts for her fourth year. She had a plate of traditional English breakfast—eggs, sausages, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, fried bread—on her plate, but unlike the mornings before it remained untouched and had grown cold in the half an hour Flora had been seated at the table.

Instead of a fork and knife, Flora held a book—one not assigned by her Transfiguration professor, but one he'd recommended to her when she'd approached him with questions about one particular branch of magic.

"I'm sure of it now," she declared, a conviction in her tone that was usually saved for when she was more awake. But she was awake that morning—more awake than she'd been any other morning that September. "I want to become an animagus. I will become an anmagus," she continued. "I have all the information I need, and I think I'd be able to manage it. Transfiguration is one of my best classes."
Open to 1-3 other Slytherins Flora would be on friendly terms with, or students from another house who would actively make the decision to sit with her. Invitational to @Sirius Black, @Hesper Gamp, and/or @Abraxas Crabbe <3

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"Feeling very ambitious this morning, aren't we," Sirius said dryly, once he had swallowed his mouthful of toast. He was normally much more interested in Flora's projects, but he wasn't much of a morning person — Sirius was much more energized after breakfast. Still, he didn't say it in a mean way. Becoming an animagus did seem like something that Flora could do. Especially if she was serious enough about being an animagus to keep on ignoring her breakfasts.

Ambitious! Flora cast an unamused look in Sirius’ direction. He didn’t sound particularly excited for her, but why would he? He couldn’t appreciate the expertise or work that went into animagus training, much like how she couldn’t understand the intricacies of quidditch.

Yes I am,” she said with a haughty air to it, “By next year I’ll be turning into a graceful swan…” She paused, her brows furrowing as if she was suddenly deep in thought. “Or something like that. I’m sure of it.
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"A year!" Sirius said; he knew about the animagus transformation to know that was rather ambitious. He waved his toast at her. "Did you know that swans have teeth?" He thought of them as being more mean than graceful, but — whatever Flora wanted, he supposed.

"Well, that's an approximate estimation," she defended, pursing her lips. "I've been studying it by the book for nearly the same amount of time. I'm going to talk to Professor [Name] about the transformation and see what [he/she] says." The transformation was by no means easy, and Flora was neither arrogant nor stupid enough to think it would be easy for her, but she also knew herself; when she wanted something, she didn't let it fly by her.

"And—what?" Flora asked, her brows furrowing together. It was silly and a little obscene, and he was definitely caught off-guard. "And you would know this how? Been bitten by one, I suppose?" she teased, a girlish giggle following.

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Sirius wrinkled his nose at her. "I read it in a book, silly," he said, which was to say he had heard it from another boy and believed them. "But if you turn into a swan you'll have to let me know. Not by biting me."

"You? Reading? I hardly believe it," she shot back, smiling. "But yes. I certainly will—assuming I'm right in my prediction. I really think I'll be some sort of bird. A far more dignified way of flying than by broom." She was teasing again, but she knew Sirius knew how terribly she did in Flying class in first year.

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"...what's more dignified than flying a broom?" the Hufflepuff asked, batting a bit of sleep from his eye as he approached his friends. Having stayed up a bit too late the night before doin extra research for his history essay, Rex had overslept that morning. Tired though he was, however, he could not help but cast his cousin an almost indignant look as he slid onto to the bench beside her—as though anything could be more dignified than flying!

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Flora made a show of rolling her eyes at Rex. "Becoming a bird and flying with wings, of course," she said, hoping his confusion would be punishment enough for the look he'd given her. "Which do you think suits me more: a dove or a swan?"
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"Have you considered the possibility of a pigeon?" Sirius asked. "Or one of those flightless birds? A turkey." They had crossed the threshold where he couldn't really resist making fun of Flora, especially because she was disparaging flying. (Surely she could learn if she gave it another try!)
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"Or those pink ones they have at the Sanditon," the Hufflepuff added "helpfully". "Flaming goose?"

If Sirius wasn't taking this conversation at all seriously, that was all the encouragement Rex needed. Besides, the boy did not think it would be particularly dignified to have to flap one's arms madly rather than simply sit astride a broom.

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Flora rolled her eyes so hard she felt a dull pain in her forehead.

"You'll both be lucky if I don't turn you into turkeys or flaming geese or whatever unflattering bird I think of," she threatened, "I am getting rather good at Transfiguration. I have Mr. Selwyn tutoring me now—he's the president of the club, and he's very good."

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"Which Selwyn is that again?" Sirius asked, "The angry one, or the weird twin?" All twins were weird, of course, but the Selwyn twins sometimes ate at the wrong table in the Great Hall, which was even weirder. (Obviously it was good and normal when Sirius and Flora and Rex did it; none of them were twins.)

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