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September 8th, 1891 — Gryffindor Common Room

It was only a few days into classes and already Alice was facing the perpetual exhaustion that was managing her schedule. Since she hadn't been named prefect her drive to help every student had faltered some, allowing the selfish need to absorb as much material as possible to bloom. She hadn't stopped entirely (it would be impossible for her to not help her friends at the very least) but the days of helping every struggling student in the library had since passed.

This lack of constant tutoring allowed Alice to study 1in the comfort of the Common Room for the first time in what felt like years. The rest of her group was all either enjoying the early Fall weather or elsewhere, for she was alone except for the few straggling students. One of whom was none other than Sloane's older brother, Mr. Wallace Bixby.

Mr. Bixby was, by all accounts, a sensible enough young man. He was handsome — a fact she hadn't truly noticed while besotted with Cameron and Mr. Rookwood but those infatuations was well and truly gone, the latter's only due to his untimely graduation. Smiling, Alice sat in the chair opposite him and said, "good evening, Mr. Bixby. I'm surprised to find you inside too."

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Indoors was not exactly a place Wallace Bixby tended to frequent. He could usually be found on the Quidditch Pitch or on the Lawns with his broom. He had an essay due though so he had been determined to finish it. Except his attention span could not cling onto the intricacies of the multiple usages of hexes.

Instead of his essay, Wallace was reading his latest issue of a Quidditch magazine. Homework was boring anyway. He looked up when one of his sisters friends sat across from him. He chuckled in response to her words. "I'm told that one is expected to do their homework every now and then." Never mind that he was currently not doing that at all and he no longer had much intention of doing so.

Chuckling, Alice raised a brow. "I didn't realize quidditch magazines were now required reading." She was mostly teasing. Was he so similar to Sloane that he shared her work ethics? If so, Alice was already waging a losing battle. "Will there be an essay, too?"

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Now, an entire class dedicated to Quidditch would be amazing. Shame, the closest he got to that was a club. He would do very well in a class like that, he was sure. "Of course! Ten best Quidditch catches in the past century," Wallace said teasingly. "What about you, Miss Dawson? Why are you cooped up inside?"

"What a compelling essay topic." She laughed. A class on quidditch was all this school needed, for then all the Sloane's and Cameron's of the world would give up on their other classes entirely. Lifting up her textbook from her lap, Alice shrugged. "There's always more schoolwork to be done. I have a potion's assignment due on Tuesday."

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Homework was not Wallace's idea of a fun time. In fact, he downright loathed homework. There was so many better uses for his time. "Ah. I have a Defense Against the Dark Arts assignment due." He actually wasn't sure when it was due though. "I'm in just four classes though so I have plenty of time." Or so he often told himself at least.

Four classes but a more intense workload, Alice thought bitterly to herself. Here was another student wasting his opportunities in pursuit of a sport with limited career options. Alice knew the Bixby's were all a quidditch family, but surely there was some value placed on school too? Otherwise why allow their children to go after their NEWTs?

"My least favorite class," she chuckled in an attempt at brevity. "I'll be thankful to be done with it next year."

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"Have you considered what you want to do when you graduate?" He knew classes would be important for that. As for himself, he was still figuring it out. Lately, he had been thinking of the Ministry though. More specifically, the Department of Magical Games & Sports. It just felt like it would be a good fit for him since he didn't plan on playing Quidditch professionally.

Alice nearly laughed outright. Her plans for after graduation were detailed and lengthy. Interning at St. Mungo's, deciding which specialty to pursue, eventually being able to help support her siblings through school. Alice's plans for the future were wonderful, but only if they hadn't been so swiftly ended by the lack of a badge with her letter.

"A healer," she replied in a more solemn tone than she intended. "I would like to be a healer."

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"Then you might need to continue taking Defense Against the Dark Arts, unfortunately. Though only if you plan to join either Artifacts Incidents or the Spell Damage departments," Wallace said, remembering that much from the career counseling and fairs Hogwarts had done over the years. "I think you would make a great healer."

Her brows lifted in surprise. Alice hadn't realized Mr. Bixby knew enough of her to have any opinions either way. "You do?" She asked. Had she ever healed him? She'd worked on both Sloane and Cameron enough times, perhaps he knew because of that.

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"Yes, you have the personality for it. Sweet and kind. And of course what you've done for my sister," Wallace said. Then again, perhaps he was biased because of his fondness for her. Obviously he was going to think highly of someone that helped take care of his sister. Much as he and Sloane could get on one anothers nerves, she was still his sister that he cared deeply about. Besides, Miss Dawson was pretty and who didn't enjoy getting Healed up by a pretty face?

"Well, thank you." Alice replied, dipping her head back to her textbook to help hide her blossoming blush. "Will you be pursuing quidditch?"

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"You're welcome," Wallace said, oblivious to the fact that he had made the redhead blush. He could not help but sigh when she asked him if he would be pursuing Quidditch. He wished he was but years of not making the team when Sloane and others younger than himself had... well, that spoke more volumes than he cared to get into. "I'm not quite talented enough to go into Quidditch professionally. I'm thinking that I will go into the Ministry."

She nodded in understanding. Mr. Bixby most definitely didn't possess the same talents for quidditch as Sloane but very few did. "What were you thinking to do in the ministry?" She asked, truly curious as to what path he might choose.

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"Something within the Department of Magical Games & Sports. I might not play professionally but I have a lot of knowledge about the sport so it is a good consolation career." Maybe someday he could be Quidditch League Director which would honestly be awesome. He would get to coordinate and be intimately involved with the sport that he loved so dearly.

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