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September 06th, 1891 - Evening — Hogwarts Library

To say the library was massive was an understatement.  However, he’d need it as he was clueless about everything and everything he thought he knew before getting on the train was useless here.  Though he was determined to figure it out quick as it was obvious sticking out was not going to lead him to greatness.

So instead of trying to study for his classes he was looking up etiquette on wand holding and dueling.  There were the regular etiquette books and the ones on dueling.  Whatever dueling was it had better pictures and seemed more regal to him with less subtleness.  If he’d learned anything from the train was that one didn’t get a P badge by being subtle and trying to get one would be important later.

Reading out loud he said to himself quietly “ Stand at a shoulder width stance then step forward with the non-wand hand leg as you pull your wand from your waist and hold it forward with a bent arm that was arm width above ones waist. “. Stepping back it was an exacting standard so he stood looking down the aisle of books and made the motions just as he read stepping forward and raising his wand. 

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It was early for getting into the books, but she wanted to get an early start to the morning after the debacle with the train. For the most part, the library was rather quiet; a few others who were of the same mindset were rather quiet. There were even a few faces that she recognized as she set her bag onto the table.

With her books all sprawled out, Adrienne flipped the first book open (a book she'd brought from home about Animagi) and began taking notes. It had been a significant amount of time before she realized that the voice she was hearing was grating her nerves, and she snapped her gaze up, eyes darting around to find the source.

With the book in her hand, so she wouldn't lose it (Ambrosia wouldn't hesitate to skin her alive), Adrienne followed the voice. Once she knew she was close, the voice stopped and Adrienne moved forward. Just in time for a wand to be pointed right at her. She flung herself against the bookshelves, despite her quick assessment of it being a small child, dropped the book and reached out to grab his hand to make sure the wand wasn't pointed at her. "Are you mad?!" she hissed, eyes flashing. "You'll get yourself or someone seriously injured doing that."

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Looking up in surprise he said “ Doing what?  I’m practicing unquivering my wand. “  Was unquivering the right word?  The wand pocket in his robes looked a lot like a holder for arrows would even if it was placed somewhere else.  The books didn’t really have a good term for it as neither pull nor draw seemed impressive enough a phrasing for the act.

Then he straighten to a normal standing stance and said “ How’s someone going to get injured from that? “  As at the end of the day Quincy didn’t want to do anything to injure anyone.  Especially as he had no clue how the medical systems of the wizarding world work and admittedly if it didn’t involve surgery or dissection he lost focus when his brother talked.

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Unquivering? This one must be not only a first-year but a muggle-born; or someone equally as clueless. Given there was a good possibility for him to be both, Adrienne heaved another sigh. Just the other day she and Gretchen were chatting about how much of a handful first years could be, and here she was trying to make sure one didn't blow up the entire west end of the Hogwarts library. "It's 'un-sheathing.' " she said easily, though if she were honest with herself she had absolutely no idea. That word just sounded better.

"You don't know how to  control your magic yet." she added, wishing he'd stow the wand away. It wasn't as if she could just snatch it away from him, so she settled on eyeing it distastefully. "And when you don't know how to control things and add in a conduit like a wand, you can end up with disastrous results." Not to mention the librarian would have both their skins if anything were to happen to the books

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"It's 'un-sheathing.' “

He considered the words and it did sound better.  In fact as he looked down at his wand it had more similarity with a sword than it would an arrow which was the comparison he was making in usage.  After all, arrows were something you tossed away with every use and a sword was something one kept to keep swinging with. 

He quietly said “ So more like a sword than an arrow. “ as he made a few sword swiping motions.

"You don't know how to control your magic yet.”

He nodded.  Though part of him was still questioning if he had magic and if he did how to prove he did.

"And when you don't know how to control things and add in a conduit like a wand, you can end up with disastrous results.”

Looking at the wand with a smirk his eyes lite up realizing that if the wand was a conduit maybe the reason he’d never shown anything odd was the fact he never had one.  Curiously he asked “ Disastrous how? “  With a tilt of his head towards the books he continued “ No where in the books does it say anything about things happening without words unless one is very advanced. “

Though admittedly most the books he had skimmed involved flying or quidditch.  As quidditch was number one on his list to learn about with figuring out how to properly use a wand being a close second.

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Adrienne pursed her lips and looked at him shrewdly. The expression on his face at this new piece of information did not give her the utmost confidence that he would walk away from this situation completely educated. "When the caster doesn't know what they're doing," she replied, surveying the kid.

But perhaps he needed more instruction than an explanation. Regardless of her mood, it was either explain or let the first year wreak havoc on the library. Which would ruin any chance she had at acing her NEWTs. "A friend of mine accidentally set a family member on fire as her first act of magic." She said, crossing her arms and letting that sink in. "And that was without a wand. Do you really want the librarian giving you detention and restoring these shelves without magic if you do any damage to them?"

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Was magic the one thing that inexperience made one more powerful?  The idea of that didn’t make sense even if someone accidentally set someone on fire as a first act of magic.  Though he could tell the older girl was either getting more serious or more irritated with him from the body language he'd seen before from his brothers medical colleagues.

He said “ First acts of magic sound a lot like a first opening of a conduit that has a clog behind it causing a burst.  Does it happen after that first act? “ 

The fact he couldn’t seem to recall himself having any crazy first acts of magic was irrelevant.  He’d accept the detention if he could manage to make his wand do something at this point.

He chuckled when he heard the threat of restoring the shelves without magic as it wasn’t like he knew how to do it with magic.  Tilting his head as he looked up at his housemate he said “ So how did you start off practicing?  As I’m willing to risk a few detentions now for success later.  Unless I do something epic no one will even remember it. “

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Well, she had to give the boy credit, he was sure eager to start and get ahead, but with the gall he was displaying Adrienne thought it was a wonder he hadn’t been placed in Gryffindor as opposed to her own house. She made a mental note to ask Gretchen if he had been much trouble on the Hogwarts Express over.

”You start off by attending classes.” She said crossly, avoiding his question. He certainly didn’t need to know how she got started. ”And asking lots of good questions to your professors.” She stressed good since she had heard many a stupid question in her time at Hogwarts.

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”You start off by attending classes.”

Obviously.  It wasn’t like he was going to skip classes in a place that could transport you with random objects from a bridge to the castle itself.  For all he knew his tie would send him right to class if he was more than fifteen minutes late - something he wasn’t testing as he was sure it would hurt.

”And asking lots of good questions to your professors.”

Blinking he said “ Exactly, and I’m looking to not waste their time with stupid questions by getting ahead or at least trying to catch up to some of my peers who had a bit more of a head start.  Any hints besides I should probably take these books to somewhere with less to destroy.“ 

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