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Workers Strike
— The —
Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
August 2nd, 1891
Workers Strike
Witch Weekly Reporters Refuse to Write After Injury

Reporters for the ladies' tabloid Witch Weekly are refusing to submit articles for publishing after a junior reporter was injured while investigating an incident regarding centaurs. According to one reporter who wishes to remain anonymous, the injured junior reporter had expressed discomfort with the assignment which allegedly involved a trip to the Forbidden Forest.

"She returned back at the offices mid-afternoon," another reporter told the Daily Prophet, "and she was covered in bruises and was bleeding from the mouth. The office manager didn't express any sympathy and instead yelled at her for being careless."

It was after this that the employees refused to send in their articles, forcing the publication to issue a statement that the issue for the first week of August would not be released. Witch Weekly employees say they will not return to work until workers are given more freedom in what they write and, more importantly, are protected from retaliation when they express reservations about pursuing certain topics.
Fidelia Spiller
Written by Bree
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