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As clocks and other timepieces were expensive, working class folk who could not afford to rise with the sun could employ a “knocker-upper” to tap on their windowpane at a scheduled time. Knocker-uppers would work through the night and into the early morning. — Kayte
But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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Integrity Blues
27th May, 1891 — Just outside the Kirke flat, Bartonburg
Not two weeks into being married, Tybalt was still basking in the novelty of it. He was – tired, because there had been a lot of change and the associated stress of having a pregnant wife all of a sudden, and he was trying to keep up with work and although he was very much happy about all this, his sleeping habits had been a little impeded by Elsie’s bouts of morning sickness. In spite of that, seeing her at the end of the day was easily the best part of it, and Tybalt, leaving the Ministry at a much faster clip now that he had a place to be, sometimes even made it home before Elsie did from the library.

He must have been a little too early today, though, because there was someone lurking on the street outside their Bartonburg building, which must mean Elsie was not home yet either. “Oi,” he exclaimed, his mouth setting in a stubborn line at the sight of him. “What are you doing here?” Attempting to stop by to visit his cousin, presumably – but Tybalt wasn’t feeling generous enough towards Sebastian Beauregard right now to give him the benefit of any doubt; not when his first instinct here was to grab him by the scruff of his shirt and sock him one in the face.

Because he’d heard exactly what Sebastian had said to Elsie when he had visited her last week, and Elsie might have forgiven the initial questioning thereafter, but he had not. He’d expected Lucinda Cavanaugh to be angry and terrible about all this, but – how long had Sebastian known him through Hogwarts? And was that really what he thought?
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Ever since he'd left Elsie's flat — the Kirke's flat — Sebastian had felt horrible about what he'd said. It'd been completely out of line, and — frankly, completely out of character for something like that to come out of his mouth. Of course, just when he'd made plans to make it up to her (likely make it up to both of them, given the fact that Kirke was bound to hear what he'd said from Elsie), work became positively slammed, and Sebastian barely had time to think. It didn't help that a lot of his shifts were night shifts.

Not only was he forced to sit and think about what he'd said, but there was little he could do about it other than think about ways to make it up. In the end, he'd settled on one of the things he knew he and Elsie had in common: books. He'd managed to find multiple children's books and a few first editions of her favorite books. For Tyb, he'd gotten him a bottle of whiskey and...a first edition book. Even walking to their flat Sebastian was berating himself for both the lack of finesse in gifts and the fact that he had to open his mouth like that.

He stood outside, merely mustering up the energy to face the two of them when he heard a sharp call, and he raised his head to see Kirke stalking toward him. Well, the man did not look happy. And frankly, Seb didn't blame him for it. But he didn't shrink as Kirke approached him. He raised the parcels by way of explanation. "Dropping these off." he said, setting his jaw. "For you and Elsie."
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Sebastian was here with parcels that were probably presents, and Tyb refused to let the spark of curiosity at what they could be get the better of him, because he wasn’t going to invite Elsie’s cousin in for tea and cake and gift exchanges when he’d said all he’d said. And maybe he’d said it without thinking – or out of protectiveness for Elsie – which Tybalt understood; but it still spoke to how little faith Sebastian had in him, to an unnaturally insulting degree, and he wasn’t ready to stop seething about it yet.

“And if we don’t want anything from you, what are you going to do, are you going to force them on us?” Tyb shot back in a surly tone, with a dark look to match. He folded his arms in front of him to express that he was not going to be taken in by Sebastian Beauregard and his stupid peace offerings just like that.

Well, he'd expected that. It still didn't make the burn of shame that had risen in his chest any more bearable. But Sebastian, despite his predilection for avoiding confrontation, didn't blink as he tossed back steadily: "Not if you don't want them." It wasn't as if he'd had that answer in his pocket, but he still held some lingering annoyance for Kirke.

As soon as he said it though, he immediately regretted it, and realized how it might have looked. He'd apologized properly to Elsie and yet hadn't done so to Kirke. In fairness, the presents likely came off as a bribe as opposed to a real apology. But for all his wanting to apologize, Sebastian didn't exactly speak any language that Kirke did. Not any that he could afford, at least. Sure, a new broom might have smoothed things over instead, but he was not made of money. And patching things up over a drink was not in Sebastian's taste either. At least for a conversation like this.

Sebastian observed Kirke warily, his jaw set and his body tense.
Tybalt ignored the presents and the fact that he was curious about them, because this was not about practicalities, it was about principles, and it was about what Sebastian had said to Elsie in a way that was so thoughtless and unmeditated that it was clear that Sebastian just generally didn’t think any better of him as person than a that. Probably hadn’t ever.

No, Tyb was always just a bad influence and the reason for Elsie’s flirting with ruin and the person who had led her astray with no regard for her dignity or without giving her a chance to say no to any of it, apparently.

And Beauregard’s tone was even but his stance not sheepish in the least, so he probably still secretly thought it, whatever he had said to convince Elsie of his remorse afterwards. And it wasn’t like Tyb expected anyone to think he was great, or anything, particularly not her family now, but he had hoped they thought him a half-decent human being. “You know what I want?” Tybalt retorted, stepping closer – maybe just to goad him, he wasn’t sure – “I want you to tell me what you really bloody think of me. Say it to my face this time, why don’t you?”

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