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As clocks and other timepieces were expensive, working class folk who could not afford to rise with the sun could employ a “knocker-upper” to tap on their windowpane at a scheduled time. Knocker-uppers would work through the night and into the early morning. — Kayte
But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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July 04th, 1891 — Podmore Zoological Gardens
While she was sometimes sad that she never got to experience the Hogwarts Express, she would not give up living in Hogsmeade for anything. Not when she lived a few streets away from the majority of her friends though admittedly some were easier to see than others. Sloane and Sisse were easy due to sharing the same neighborhood as Calla had grown up in. Alice and Ned were a bit more difficult, and admittedly the only time Calla really ever thought about the class difference between herself and her friends. That wasn't necessarily the nicest topic to dwell on, and she often chose to simply not think about it. It wasn't like there was really much she - as a fifteen-year-old girl still in school - could really do.

Though she still left town occasionally. Like today, she'd invited Sloane with her to the zoo. It had been something they'd done since they were kids. The two girls had both always been interested in animals so it had quickly turned into one of their favorite outings. Once they started Hogwarts the trips had become far less often, but still occasional. On this particular trip, they'd been accompanied by Amaryllis who'd taken it as a chance to bring her own younger children along. Calla and Sloane walked ahead and once they reached the gate, she handed off their two tickets to enter.

"I've heard they just had a baby mooncalf born we should go see," Calla commented offhandedly, keep her voice at a lower level as to not be overheard by the muggles also visiting the zoo. "I wonder what they'll name it?"
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Sloane had been meaning to come to the zoo for a while now. Her conversation with Alice while lost in that ridiculous maze had cemented her plans— only to have them completely changed. She had ever intention of trying to arrange a day with Cam, since he lived here, but their communication was sort of lapse this summer and so when Calla invited her, she had no actual reason to say no. Plus maybe it would be a little easier without Cameron's disapproving stare the whole time.

Her resignation to becoming a Magizoologist was turning into a determination, which was good. She could do this if she really buckled down this year. "That's a good place to start." Sloane chuckled, she hadn't been here in a long while and so was content to wander for a while. She just hoped that they would come across one of the magizoologists here so she could ask a few questions.

"The mooncalves are so cute." While not one to typically gush over cutesy things, Sloane was a sucker for babies. "How has your summer been so far?" They hadn't seen much of one another yet, but frankly Sloane had been busy!

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Calla grinned brightly as her friend offered to see the mooncalves first. She'd been hoping Sloane would say that when she mentioned them. Calla was far to excited to wait till the end to see them. "Perfect! I've never seen a baby one in person before. I've only ever seen photos. I'm so jealous of the workers. Could you imagine getting to see it every day? I wonder if they are cuddly?" With that she spun on her toes to face the magical side of the zoo, bouncing up and down. She hadn't shut up about the calves on the way here so hopefully Ama and the kids didn't mind seeing them first.

"My summer has been well enough. A lot of hours in the shop though I occasionally get to help Pappa on his work as well. I like the shop but you are lucky your family doesn't have one. You don't have to work over the summer. I'm looking forwards to next year though," she sighed. Well, she looked forward to it but also dreaded it but it wasn't her place to share those worries. She wasn't sure if Sisse had shared with Sloane her mother's threats. And she acknowledge it was rare for working class students to stay past their fifth year unless they became prefects like Ned had. And there she was conflicted. She wasn't sure of Alice's plans but there would only be one prefect for the Gryffindor girls and she figured Sisse's mother would be far more likely to allow her to stay the last two years with the title. "We'll be allowed to take internships next summer if we want to. I know I'll always have a place at the shop - I wouldn't dislike it -and part of me feels bad not wanting to work there but I sort of want to do my own thing as well. "

"Oh, I'm just talking about myself. What about you? How's your summer? Has your dad taken you to any of the practices?"

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Sloane started in the directions the signs navigated them toward as she mused over Calla's thoughts. "I would enjoy that myself, honestly." It would be the long term goal after all, spending her entire day surrounded by creatures somehow, whether it was at a sanctuary like this or travelling for research.

"At least you have something to occupy your time." Sloane probably wouldn't have minded working in a family shop during the summer months. Plus the greenhouse behind the Potts' shop was huge and fun to run around in. "I actually wanted to speak to someone about that myself while we're here. I'm thinking this might be a good occupation for my future." She carefully worded it so that it could be for after school or after a quidditch career, even though she definitely meant the first one.

Blowing a stray strand of hair from her eyes, Sloane shrugged. "Been busy, Alice and I got stuck in that crazy hedge maze a few weeks ago, saw Lester and Ned recently. Quidditch is quiet in the summer months." And of course it didn't really matter anymore.

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"If you are ever looking for something to do, I'm sure momma wouldn't mind an extra set of hands as Senna is not around as much. No one would question you being there," she popped off, not thinking at first too deeply about what Sloane had said. Besides, what she had said was true. The two girls had virtually grown up together. She couldn't count how many times Sloane had come to her house growing up. Then she skipped a step, frozen as she processed the second half of Sloane's statement and hurried to catch up. "Oh really? How fun. I've actually been thinking something like that as well instead of working at the shop. But I think I want to do healing - like animal healing - specifically. It seems like a good mix of plants with potions and liking animals."

Calla stopped talking for a second, a grin spreading across her face as she started to giggle. "If you do end up doing it, maybe I couldn't end up helping train you!" She'd taken the ambiguity of her friend's statement likely how the Gryffindor had meant for it to be taken. There had never been much of a question in Calla's mind about Sloane's prospect of a career in quidditch. The girl had always loved the sport, she had the talent, and had the family connections. Calla, on the other hand, unlike Sloane and Cameron, well the idea of her going professional had never really been on the table. She loved the sport and at least thought she was decent at it but was nowhere near competitive enough to make a career out of the game. It would always just be a passion to her. "But it would be so much fun to intern with you!"

Deciding the situation was appropriate for dramatics, she spun, watching her skirts frill out.

"Oh I got stuck in that with Cameron's little sister. That was strange. I think I'd be happy not to see another maze for years, thank you."

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The opportunity to do a little time at the Potts' shop would actually probably be good for her. She was definitely old enough to handle some responsibility and it could only improve her Herbology grades. "I can see you doing really well with that." Calla had a knack for those subjects that Sloane never would. Of course growing up in a herbology-obsessed family would do that for you, just like her quidditch childhood had for her.

Sloane had to chuckle, thankful Calla had taken her words at the face value of later. "Interning together would be fun." It probably would be available next year right? After OWLs, that's when most people started doing things like that.

"After that one last fall, I was not excited to repeat anything, but this one wasn't nearly as bad." And she hadn't been dying of pneumonia this time around either.

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"Thanks. I just wasn't sure if I wanted to do that or something that was just herbology. And I think you'll do just as well as me," Calla started, fidgeting with the outer fabric of her dress as they walked. Sloane was the first she'd told this to. She'd been conflicted about it for a while now. While in theory, she knew her family would have nothing against her working elsewhere, she still felt bad. Ama had chosen to become a healer, Senna was married now, and she was sure that Dahlia at the least would leave as well eventually. The rest of her sisters she was less sure about. She didn't want to leave her parents alone with the shop. Who knew where they would end up in three years by the time she graduated?

"I only do good in those classes because I grew up in a greenhouse. Look at my grades in the other classes if you want proof. I've no clue how I'm going to manage another year of transfiguration. Don't get me started on astronomy. How am I supposed to tell that star from the next? And how in the world am I supposed to stay awake through another history lesson? I cannot wait until N.E.W.T.s when I can drop all this extra stuff."

"It would! They won't know what hit them when we get there! Would you mind if I tag along when you ask them questions? I wouldn't mind knowing more about what they say. Especially to see what classes they say I'll need to keep."

Her eyebrows furrowed at Sloane's comment. Still, regardless of this one being better she still didn't care for it. Why couldn't something nice happen to the wizarding world for once? "I just want a nice calm summer for once. Maybe some kinda market or show that doesn't end in tragedy? It'd be quite nice if the carnival came back soon."

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"I only do well in Transfiguration because I am a walking, talking transfiguration." She joked with a shrug. It made sense, you did well in what you were exposed to or interested in. Everybody had strengths and weaknesses, once you figured out what they were, you could manage them. Sloane was learning this slowly but surely and with unwavering certainty. However, once you figured it out, you could play to your strengths.

The petite Gryffindor didn't know if they would actually find anyone today to ask questions of, but perhaps she could at least get a name to perhaps write a letter or two. Anything to gather a little more information. "Sure, we'll just have to ask around, I suppose."

Sloane thought they were nearing the mooncalf enclosure, but caught sight of a few things here and there she wanted to revisit later. "I don't mind some benign excitement." She chuckled. No more mazes or near-death dips in the lake, she'd had enough almost-fatal experiences in the past year to last a long while. "Do you really think your mum would let me work at the shop some days?" She asked, coming back to what had struck her earlier as a good idea.

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"I'm jealous of you getting to do that, honestly," Calla commented, not really putting much meaning behind her words but still meaning them nonetheless. "I think it would be neat to start each day with a different hair or eye color. Or even just when chasing a quaffle. You could grow taller and reach further - though would that be cheating? No one else could do it but at the same time it isn't cheating if someone was normally that height."

She pulled off the main path, starting towards the mooncalf enclosure as she spoke, getting giddier the further they went. "Maybe we can knock on one of the staff doors on the magical side? That seems like it might have better chances than the muggle. Or maybe we'll just stumble across someone who works here." She shrugged, turning her head to look towards Sloane, trying to judge her expressions. "Hmm, mother? I don't see why not. We can swing by to ask before we drop off at home later today but I doubt she'll say no. You're around often enough you know the basics and might as well be put to use."

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