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As clocks and other timepieces were expensive, working class folk who could not afford to rise with the sun could employ a “knocker-upper” to tap on their windowpane at a scheduled time. Knocker-uppers would work through the night and into the early morning. — Kayte
But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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I need help believing you're with me tonight
She was ready for him to tease her, to push her to lighten the mood with a little barb she couldn't resist. She hadn't ruled out him looking for a way to remove her from his person entirely and making an excuse to end the evening he agreed to, either. She would be crushed and furious, but in a way, perhaps she was was most prepared for this, for him to prove incapable of tolerating her at anything less than her most alluring. His response was a different sort of devastating.

She had no witty response for this; felt her brow furrowing in confusion even as he kissed it and pulled her against him. For a moment, she let him hold her before she took in a deep breath and worked her arms around his torso, hugging him close to her. You're meant to be here in my arms. Had she coached him, she couldn't think of a more perfect thing to hear from him at this moment. Still, it couldn't be true. It was too good, too close to what she was afraid to desire with him. "Please be careful what you suggest," She punctuated the warning with a gentle kiss at the base of his throat. "What if what I want is more with you?" Even as she said it, she felt the temporary happy glow devolve into nerves, but she couldn't truly fret, not with him surrounding her like this. She didn't bother with restraint, pressing leisurely kisses along his collarbone and throat, anywhere she could reach without moving from her place against him. "What if I desire too much?"

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Her words and her actions seemed to point to different things, and Emrys didn't know what to think. Was she hinting at some degree of exclusivity? Were they back on the subject of other lovers? Or was this a veiled ask for some degree of legitimacy for their relationship? He had never put himself in a position like this one before, since he typically slept with married women and men, neither of whom were likely clamoring to make things public. He was unfamiliar with this type of dynamic, then, and he didn't know what clues to look for if that was what she wanted. She certainly couldn't be implying (at least not seriously) that anything she was doing physically would be too much. Perhaps she was trying to hint at some particularly deviant sexual behavior, which would be a pleasant surprise, but if she was she had given him next to nothing to go on in order to guess what her game was.

Emrys ran his fingertips along her back as she kissed him. He tried to puzzle out what to say, but it was pointless when he couldn't figure out what she was hinting at. Flirtatious subtlety be damned; he'd have to just come out and ask. "Like what?"

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She shuddered against him at the fingers along her spine and, more importantly, his question. She hesitated in her reply, but her mind was miles ahead with all of the wicked things that could answer him. It was too perfect an opportunity to let pass, but what if she did drive him away with her thoughts? She wanted more than this, already a frightening feeling, but if her other desires pushed him away she would be humiliated. Still, she had to take the risk.

Edging forward on ground she knew was solid, she leaned into the obvious first. "You are quite strong, imposing if you wish to be." Angelica skated her hands along his ribs, still not meeting his eyes as she pieced together her thoughts. "Perhaps I've wondered what it would be like if you were less careful with that strength when we are together." She was torn between anticipation and cringing at her own words. It was still not quite right, but it wasn't as if most of her fantasies began with explaining to him what she wanted. No one was meant to say these things aloud, she was sure of that. With a fortifying breath, she pulled back a few inches to meet his eyes. "Perhaps I would like it if you were less gentle me, Caro." She added the last with a lick of her lips that was more nerves than seduction. The little roll of her hips against him was less conflicted.
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Her reply left no doubt as to what she wanted, and Emrys was shocked. It wasn't the request itself; given everything he'd been involved in over the years, being slightly less gentle in bed was almost tame. He wasn't even necessarily shocked that she would have such a desire or the courage to express it, even though they'd just talked about her unwillingness to break so fully with the norms society established for her. He was mostly shocked that he'd managed to carry on a relationship with her this long without uncovering this piece of her. He'd been so convinced that when she'd said all these coded things tonight she'd been looking for a way to steer the conversation back to what she'd interrupted on their last meeting. He'd never even suspected that things might play out this way.

Perhaps the two were related, though — perhaps seeing him with gold earrings and on his way to places unknown had given her the courage to speak up about desires she had that didn't fit the mold of propriety. Or perhaps (this line of thinking was a little painful but it occurred to him all the same) she thought he was only engaged with other people because he had appetites that she couldn't satisfy, and she was only bringing it up now in a desperate bid to keep him loyal. He hoped she wouldn't feel so uncomfortable with the subject that she'd need to go to such lengths, but if she did he'd find out soon enough. Enthusiasm for being held down and teased wasn't easily feigned. He couldn't climax again so soon after she'd just finished him (maybe if he'd met her at twenty instead of nearly forty), but he could certainly pleasure her. If she was only saying this to appease him, he'd call her bluff.

"My darling lady," he said, shifting his weight so that he could push her off of him and into a sitting position on the couch. Emrys climbed over her lap and found each of her wrists with his hands, pinning her in place on the sofa. "You had only to ask," he said with a smirk, before roughly pressing his mouth to hers.
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