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As clocks and other timepieces were expensive, working class folk who could not afford to rise with the sun could employ a “knocker-upper” to tap on their windowpane at a scheduled time. Knocker-uppers would work through the night and into the early morning. — Kayte
But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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A Stitch in Time
June 27th, 1891 — Salem Square, Irvingly
Poppy Crane had left her mistress with a very bland breakfast tray (accompanied by a glass of raw egg to stave off the socialite's inevitable hangover from the evening before) and was, thus, now free for the remainder of the morning. Though Mrs. Featherington saw her faith as foolish at best, Poppy's employer had agreed to that particular term upon hiring, and now she was the 'problem' of one of the housemaids until just after luncheon.

Clad in her Sunday best, the lady's maid had time before the church bells began to call the faithful of Irvingly to St Fergus, and so decided to take advantage of the fine weather to take a stroll around Salem Square. It was decidedly smaller than Hogsmeade's high street, but not somewhere she had oft had occasion to visit—a pity that most of the businesses were closed Sundays, and those that weren't likely would not open until after church!

Still, the square was not devoid of life—or strife! Poppy's eyes widened as she noted a woman's skirts snag on the bench upon which she had been sitting; her standing motion prompted a huge tear. Had Poppy heard the sound of fabric torn asunder, or merely imagined it? Regardless, she was quite sure, as she hastened to the woman's side, that the woman did not wish to have her underthings exposed to all and sundry by the tear!

"Do sit back down!" Poppy urged in a loud whisper as she came to the woman's side.
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It was rare that Malou had Sundays off in time to attend services, but she tried when she did. Often she would slip into a church in London and attend a sermon when she could. But she had had a patient come in recently talking about the church in Irvingly and while Malou had attended muggle services for a large amount of her life, she had decided to see what she thought of the Magical Church of Jesus.

She had arrived early in Iringly to take a breathe of the fresh morning air and a moment of peace. Peace which she sought sitting on a bench in Salem Square. She wasn't sure how long she had sat there but the town had begun to move around her and it was likely nearing time to head to the church.

Except that when she started to stand a young lady rushed over to her and whispered quickly that she ought to sit back down. Confused, Malou nodded and sat herself firmly back on the bench.

"Might I ask why?" Malou asked, her normal quiet voice only the barest hint louder than a whisper in any case.

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The woman sat and Poppy followed suit, as though a pair of old friends out for a stroll—or, far more likely, a lady's maid and her mistress.

Poppy affixed a smile on her face for the sake of any onlookers as she answered apologetically, "You've rather a large tear in the rear of your dress. Perhaps you are bold enough to bear such as a fashion statement, but I thought it best indeed to err on the side of caution."

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