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June 12th, 1891 - Padmore Park

The park was Daff's last place of refuge. Even the greenhouse which usually felt like a place where she could find comfort was no longer providing the solace she wanted. At least here in the open she had breathing room. She'd picked up sketching again, despite her disastrous attempt earlier in the spring where poor Mr. Fisk had to drag her to the hospital. That was neither here nor there, however and so here she was again, paper and charcoal covering her skirts as she fussed over the sketch she'd started of the rose bush in front of her.

It wasn't bad, but she felt like it was missing something. All of her sketches lately felt like they were missing something and do she crumpled the parchment in exasperation, frowning slightly as she looked over at Ama and her children playing nearby. Maybe it was time to give this up and go play.

Daffy started to pack up her things, setting the drawing supplies back in her little case when she heard shouts around her. What this time? That was when she chanced a glance back up toward the roses— only they were hardly there anymore, enveloped into a rapidly growing hedge maze. Scrambling back, Daffy clutched her drawing case to her chest as the hedges rose high up, her natural curiosity getting the best of her as she reached out one charcoal-coated hand to the leaves that had sprung up.

The plants themselves weren't automatically discernable to Daffy which was a bad sign, the sudden magic aside. "Hello?" She called out hesitantly. "Ama!" She added a little more urgently, realizing she couldn't see her family anywhere nearby.

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Felix enjoyed Padmore Park on a nice day and a stroll along the paths with his face tilted up to the sun was a nice treat in a land so prone to mist and rain. He meandered down paths with no goal in mind, simply enjoying the moment of quiet away from the rest of the world. Oh, for sure there were people about, but even he needed a break from constant conversation.

Pausing, Felix looked out toward the lake, his eyes closing to feel the sun on his face. But when he opened them it certainly wasn't the lake he saw.

Hedges were racing up along side him, growing steadily higher. Already they were up to his shoulders, a moment later and they were higher than that. Well shit, that wasn't exactly what he had expected from his stroll.

In front of Felix a wall of greenery blocked his way forcing him to turn around. There was only one path forward it seemed, but at the end of it there seemed to be a cross path - and in that cross path was a lady.

"Hello." Felix answered her approaching as if there were nothing strange about this. Best way to get to the bottom of things he had learned. The confusion in the lady's voice did not indicate any knowledge of what was going on, the reporter in him noted. "Strange weather we're having today, no?"

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It always took time for Angelica to wind down after the school year. The first week brought relief and sleeping past dawn, but after that came restlessness. A full social calendar helped, but her home was too quiet and her now more frequent visits to her familial home were their own source of stress. She needed nature, or what passed for nature only a few moments from her Hogsmeade home.

She paused for just a moment to consider her path when the ground beneath her rumbled. Shoved off balance as the earth beneath her foot began sprouting a hedge (!?), Angelica caught herself, going for her wand impulsively. The way she came was gone. Scoffing in indignation, Angelica could only stare for a moment at the growing hedges. Getting trapped in a maze on Hogwarts grounds wasn't enough for one lifetime, apparently.

Moving down the only path available, wand at the ready, Angelica relaxed slightly at the sight of other people. The woman looked vaguely familiar, but that was how things went after seven years of teaching. The man with his back to her presently was recognizable by voice alone. The unease in her chest relaxed slightly at the sight and sound of her closest friend.

"What could be strange about spontaneous hedge mazes in the park, Mr. Prewett?" Angelica managed in a familiar sarcasm. Stopping near Felix with a smile, she gave him a nod before getting a better look at the young woman. "Are you both alright?" Angelica passed over introductions to practical matters.

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Elias had been walking for once, rather than flying, if only to stretch his legs - a turn about the park and then some lunch - but he hadn’t so much as crossed the park when he found his way barred by a wall of green. He glanced over his shoulder in bewilderment, wondering whether this was some Hogsmeade festivity he hadn’t seen advertised, though that hardly explained how he had stumbled all the way into a hedge maze without noticing it until now.

More bemused than irked by this, at least for the moment, Elias turned and ventured down a path, picking up haste when he heard voices. He’d tried to crane his neck over the leafy walls, thinking they wouldn’t rise too high for him to manage it - but it seemed whenever he tried, stood on his toes and stretched, the hedges seemed to sprout another few feet in sheer defiance.

“Pardon me, do any of you know -” what exactly I’ve walked into, Elias began, as he reached the cluster of people in the path before him, bringing the hedges rippling upwards with him. He broke off with a shrug, and merely cast the group a smile to express his general confusion. He recognised one of the Prewetts (he didn’t dare guess which twin just yet, but perhaps when he spoke), though one of the women seemed only vaguely familiar, and the other was - “Miss Potts!” he exclaimed, mouth twitching a little further up. “I don’t suppose this is your family’s doing, is it?” He was joking, mostly - though he would be surprised if anyone else was better-placed to charm hedges into growing so fast.

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