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Vanessa Bradbury
Full Name: Vanessa Maren Bradbury née Clearwater
Nicknames: Ness, Nessie
Birthdate: March 23rd 1862
Current Age:  29
Occupation: Asst. Head of Magical Accidents & Catastrophes
Reputation: 8
Residence: North Bartonburg, Hogsmeade
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Wand: 9 ½” maple, dragon heartstring
Blood Status: halfblood
Social Class: middle
Salem Bradbury | [1856 - 1889 ] husband
Callie Bradbury | [1885] daughter
Zadie Bradbury | [1888] daughter

William Clearwater | [1818] Father
Elsie Clearwater née --- | [1828 - 1884] mother
Gertrude --- née Clearwater | [1855] Sister and family
Louisa Clearwater | [1859] sister, governess

Ness has always had some odd angles to her features, but she feels like she has grown into them a little with age. At least pregnancy has rounded her out a little bit. She stands at an average 5’2” and has softened out in appearance from her youth. Her hair hovers around a medium honey brown, but lightens in the summer. She tends to keep it pulled back very professionally at work, not a hair out of place. As with her hair, her eyes hover somewhere between blue and green, pending what she is wearing. Her robes and dresses are darker in color and veer toward professional as well. She wears ministry robes more often than not, but she tends to take very good care of her clothes. Ness carries herself with an air of confidence, but not arrogance, she wants to be approachable, but respected as well. She is naturally right handed.

Vanessa Maren joins sisters Gertrude and Louisa on a cold day late in March. She winds up being a bit of a demanding babe, but once she starts sleeping through the night, she simmers down.

Once Ness develops a personality, she and her sisters become quite close, thanks to their ages. Gertrude shows her first sign of magic by levitating their toys.

Gertrude goes off to Hogwarts and settles into Hufflepuff. Louisa is very upset and while Ness can sympathize, she doesn’t go quite as haywire as her middle sister. The missing trunk fiasco is kind of funny.

September sees Louisa joining Gertrude and leaving Ness home alone. The change isn’t quite so drastic as one would think as Ness has never struggled to occupy herself. She enjoys reading and pursues personal hobbies on top of her studies with the governess.

School Year 1873-74
It is finally Nessie’s turn to head off to school and she is promptly sorted into Slytherin, no hesitations, the hat barely touches her head. She had always been confident she would be placed there, so it comes as no surprise. Gertrude graduates in May.

School Year 1874-75
Second year isn’t anything spectacular, though Ness has excelled in school so far, and done well making friends. Louisa is made prefect and Ness wants that for herself.

School Year 1875-76
Third year sees Ness adding Ancient Runes and Arithmancy to her roster, both being of high interest to her.

School Year 1876-77
Louisa graduates after spending her seventh year as Head Girl. Ness really pushes for her prefect’s badge, helping out other students (which she does anyway) and participating in a couple of clubs to fatten up her chances. Louisa graduates.

School Year 1877-78
A shiny prefects badge does not accompany her Hogwarts list and Ness is pissed. Of course it’s hard to fight with Miss Eloise Pendergast, so there’s that. Instead Vanessa busts her butt to score exemplary marks on her OWLs and she does well.

School Year 1878-79
Her high marks in her OWLs leave her with her choice of classes, in which she keeps some of the basics, Charms, Transfiguration, Defense, Potions and Arithmancy, just because she wants to. Louisa has found herself smitten with a man and Ness is beyond happy for her sister. Gertrude is already married and so the pressure is on Louisa to make a good connection. Their engagement ends in tragedy when Mr. Smith is lost in a devastating carriage accident and Ness spends the next couple of days curled up next to her sister’s hospital bed trying to be of some comfort.

School Year 1879-80
It is no surprise that Ness performs extremely well on her NEWTs. She chooses to participate in the Hogwarts Coming Out Ball and it goes alright. She does not expect to do well and is not surprised when nothing comes of it. It’s fine, Ness has her sights set on the Ministry and she goes for it, taking up an internship in Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.

After her year internship, she jumps straight into a departmental job with both feet and she soars. She’s capable of both the magic and handling people.

After a couples of years of focusing on her career, Ness gets swept off her feet by an American overseas for a ministry position at the time. She is uncharacteristically and immediately smitten and she it makes her feel ridiculous and delighted all at the same time.

Ness and Salem marry in a small backyard ceremony which is all she needs. They settle in a modest house in Hogsmeade. Sal has agreed to let her keep working and she does, through her first pregnancy all the way up until it’s obvious she can’t anymore.

Callie Marie is born and though Ness is in love, she places the baby in the care of a very capable nanny and heads back to work.

Zadie Estelle is born.

On a work trip back to the States, a terrible accident occurs and Salem dies back home in Massachusetts. Beyond distraught, Ness nearly slips away from the loss, but manages to pull herself back together for her girls and her career. She would have been a completely lost cause otherwise.

It’s a rough year, but thankfully the Bradburys are comfortable thanks to Salem’s head for money and Ness’ salary after a decade in the department.

The assistant head of her department opens up and she is promoted. This is a tough choice as it means more responsibility, but as a widow freshly out of mourning, Ness is unsure as to whether or not she should remarry and so wants to be able to provide for her girls on her own, despite the estate left to her by her husband.

Responsible; warm; caring; diligent; stubborn; career-driven, sometimes too much; maternal; bossy; has high expectations; somewhat reserved; genuine in her thoughts and actions; enjoys being a working mother.

Name: Bee
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