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As clocks and other timepieces were expensive, working class folk who could not afford to rise with the sun could employ a “knocker-upper” to tap on their windowpane at a scheduled time. Knocker-uppers would work through the night and into the early morning. — Kayte
But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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Bonding Time
June 5, 1891 - Urquart Residence
With the season having begun, Evelyn had been spending her spare time with Ruby more than any one of her other nieces. It did fill her with a sense of guilt, as all of her nieces and nephews deserved love and attention. Even the ones she may never get to truly meet. But for now, she had nieces and nephew that she did have contact with.

Particularly, Topaz. The girl who did not get nearly enough attention and love from society as she deserved. She was a wonderful and brilliant mind. What had happened did not change that.

Evelyn tried not to dwell on that as she made her way to the twin's room and gave a gentle knock. "Topaz? May I come in?" she requested politely.

@Topaz Urquart/@Ophelia Devine

Magic by MJ
Ruby was out at Miss Shacklebolt's house for the afternoon, which meant Topaz had the room to herself. Hopefully this would be the pattern they settled into, because she had grown used to having the space to herself more often than not since the incident four years ago. It was fine to share a room with Ruby for a few weeks every summer, but if she was meant to do so indefinitely, Topaz was maybe going to lose her mind. She couldn't practice her spellwork when Ruby was around, because she didn't practice her spellwork when anyone was around, but there weren't enough books in the world to keep her occupied all day and night. Not if Ruby was serious about being a career woman and never marrying. Someone ought to marry, Topaz thought, since she never would. Maybe Delight would find someone and move out, and Ruby could take over her room.

She was working on an illusion spell that transformed her room into the sea floor. At least, that was what it would do eventually; so far, she'd only managed to change the ceiling into the rippling surface of the water above her. She hadn't ever been swimming, so she only had the descriptions from books to work from, which made it slow going to construct something like this. At Aunt Evelyn's voice, Topaz concluded the spell with an abrupt wave of her wand and dropped into the chair at the vanity. "Of course," she called, as she reached to scribble a few notes on her latest spell in her diary.

As both a mother and a woman who had gone through the trials of the teen years, Evelyn could understand a young woman's need for her own room. It wouldn't be as difficult a task to achieve if they had been in her birth class, but that was neither here nor there. Once both girls were hopefully married, it would not matter. One could only hope that this would be sooner, rather than two spinsters fighting for space.

Her niece's spell practicing would have been welcome news, if it was known. Evelyn hoped that Topaz would accomplish something that would make her feel in some way complete. Hiding away constantly would not do this. But Evelyn was in the dark and worried for the young lady. "Hello dear." She said kindly, in that near maternal way that wasn't too abundant, but there to say that she cared.

Magic by MJ
Topaz offered a small smile as her aunt entered, though it faded when she didn't immediately make her purpose known. It wasn't as though Topaz and Ruby's room was a grand vacation destination, so she had to have come with some sort of intention. The fact that she hadn't brought it up immediately could have meant nothing, or it could have been cause for worry. Maybe it was something awkward or unpleasant.

"Were you looking for Ruby?" Topaz asked, almost hopefully. If her hesitation was only because she was looking for the twin who wasn't present, at least it would mean there wasn't any unpleasant news.

Looking for Ruby? It was a question that slightly took Evelyn by surprise. Why would she have asked for Topaz if she was looking for Ruby? That would be rather rude. Then again, with everything Topaz was going through, it was understandable to expect that some people would make such a lapse of judgement.

"No. I was hoping to see you. I have been spending quite a bit of time with Ruby, and that's not fair of me. You, Delight, and Sebastian deserve my time as well." She did have a reason to spend time with Ruby, but that was no excuse. And Topaz was particularly affected by all of this, as Ruby's twin and the werewolf of the family.

Magic by MJ
"Well, Ruby's a debutante," Topaz pointed out. It seemed rather logical to her that Aunt Evelyn would be spending more time with her, at least until they figured out whether this career was actually a long-term thing or just a whim of Ruby's that would fade when she met a handsome bachelor. In a few years she'd be either married or on the shelf, and Topaz would still be here, exactly as she was today.

"I don't mind, Aunt. Don't feel as though you're neglecting me," she said lightly.

Ruby's... well, Evelyn wouldn't personally wish to call it a career choice. It seemed more of a hobby, not that she would say as such. It did make finding a suitor a bit harder though.

Evelyn wasn't really sure if she believed what her niece was saying. But questioning her would likely do the exact opposite of helping. "Indulge me then, I want to spend time with you." Which was true, she didn't think less of her niece after the incident. She wanted to be there for her family members, and that meant spending time with them.

Magic by MJ
When Aunt Evelyn said she wanted to spend time with her, what Topaz heard was that she felt guilty over how little she wanted to spend time with her, which was fine. Topaz was used to being on the receiving end of other people's pity, and while she didn't need anyone's charity to get by in life, she recognized that accepting it seemed to do a good deal towards easing their conscious. She didn't bear anyone any ill will, so why not be kind and allow them to feel as though they had done their good deed for the day by spending time with the werewolf pariah?

"Of course," she said with a smile. She didn't mind spending time with Evelyn, but she hardly wanted to talk about herself, so instead she introduced the first topic she could think of: "How did Dezzie come off at the Coming Out?"

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