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Lost You Baby
June Idkth, 1891 — International Bazaar

Ellory had come to visit with the baby. Seneca found the prospect of spending time with a two month old and its vapid mother excruciating, but the plus side was that they would visit the world market. She wanted to buy some exotic potion ingredients and the market seemed like a promising place to procure them.

She walked awkwardly next to her shorter sister-in-law and Simonetta’s pram. Ellory did all the chatting and Seneca gave affirmative words every now and then to show she was paying attention, but in reality she was eager to find a vendor with the ingredients that interested her.

She struggled not to make a face when Ellory was drawn to some stand with exotic, flashy fabrics. Simonetta’s pram was shifted to her hands and Seneca stood awkwardly.

Ellory was spending a lot of time over the fabrics so Seneca started walking slightly. Thankfully the baby was asleep. Suddenly, a vendor caught her attention as they sold what she was looking for.

Then, everything happened so fast. It was talking her forever to fish out the right amount of coins out of her embroidered pouch and when she turned to Simoentta’s pram, it was gone.


With one hand still holding the bag of herbs and her pouch, Seneca looked fervently towards each direction. She thought she caught glimpse of a pram (moving in its own?!) but then she collided with another person.

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Obviously the moment Bellamy had heard about this he'd been eager to attend. There were all sorts of things he was pining for from various countries, from his family's time spent living abroad, that was devilishly hard to come by in England. Hopefully this would be a good opportunity to track some of it down. Mostly it was food and drink, since the perishables had obviously been consumed in the few years he'd been living in Britain. The stuff they'd collected as they'd traveled was mostly still intact, though he wouldn't have minded adding a few more interesting exotic items to his wardrobe. Speaking of which, he'd dug through his closet and come up with a black and white patterned head scarf to wear to the Bazaar today, though the rest of his attire was typical British fare. He liked head scarves, though (not least because then he was never self-conscious about whether his hair was the same shade as it had been the day before), and in this particular setting he thought wearing one would be unobtrusive.

Bell had loaded up a bag with various exotic baked goods from one of the stalls and had picked up a crate of mezcal that he thought Val would appreciate (or if not Val, then William Shakespeare — the monkey was from roughly the same geographic region as the liquor was, so they ought to get on well). He was carrying the crate slightly off to one side, balanced on his hip as he scanned the rest of the booths for something interesting, when a young woman ran right into him.

"Careful," he said, putting out his free hand to catch her shoulder on instinct. He was enough off balance that he'd lost the crate, though — he held on to the handle on one edge with his hand but it swung off of his hip and towards the girl who'd hit him, accidentally launching one of the bottles of alcohol directly at her stomach. Hopefully she had quick enough reflexes to catch it, because otherwise it was going to be quite a mess when it hit the ground and sent booze and broken glass all over her shoes.
Stats this thread: 5'6", brown eyes, light brown hair though it's hidden beneath the head scarf at the moment.
Startled, Seneca shouted when the bottle shattered, splattering her dress with alcohol. Her shoes were of a high quality leather, so the liquid didn’t get through, but her dress was of a light coloured muslin.

She shot a glare at the Arabian (?) who had blocked her way. Big coming from someone walking about with crates of alcohol! She thought. He was probably an alcoholic and the collision was a result of him being intoxicated and not her freaking out over losing Simonetta.

She didn’t have the time to pick fights with strangers, as tempting as it would be, though. He was coming from the direction she thought she saw the pram heading. “You didn’t happen to see a light blue pram moving by itself, did you?”

[Image: 9DNVq6T.png]
marvellous set by MJ

Ah, damn, there it went. At least it was only one bottle, and he'd managed to keep hold of the rest of the crate. Also, she hadn't dissolved into hysterics when alcohol splashed up at the hem of her skirt, which was a bit impressive, considering where they were. English girls, in Bell's experience, could be rather melodramatic.

He shifted the crate so that he could hold both handles this time and was considering whether he should try to fish out his wand to clean the broken bottle up or just use his boot to kick it over to the gutter when she asked a question. Bell looked over at her incredulously. A baby pram? She certainly didn't look like she was expecting, so why would she be trying to buy a self-soothing pram?

"Like in one of the booths?" he asked for clarification, then pointed out: "You look kind of young to be shopping for baby stuff."
"No," Seneca replied, her voice laced in frustration. She gave a sharp shake to her head for good measure.

"I'm not looking to buy one. I'm looking for one that is currently used. By my niece." There was a slight tremor of impatience in her voice.

She wouldn't have cared much about Simonetta getting lost, so long as she wasn't the one who'd lost her.
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Bellamy's eyebrows shot up as she explained. "You lost a baby?" he asked, in a slightly louder tone than she probably would have preferred. He wasn't thinking about people overhearing, though, because he was simply shocked by the idea of it. This was a much weirder (and much worse) situation than he'd initially thought.
Seneca hated failure and losing her brother's firstborn counted as one.

"Well, yes. One moment her pram was next to me and the other it was gon- ah!"

There it was, levitating above the stalls some stalls down the street.

[Image: 9DNVq6T.png]
marvellous set by MJ

Bellamy followed her eyes to a spot in the air a few dozen feet away. Oh, dear — that was quite a problem. "Maybe she's not in it," he remarked, though he wasn't sure whether or not that was better. If the baby was in the pram and floating in the air, she was in mortal danger whenever the spell that was holding her there concluded. On the other hand, if she was out of the pram, she was still missing. Neither was excellent, but they needed to get closer to the pram in order to figure out which was the case before they could figure out what to do next.

Bell set the crate down on the cobblestones and nudged it slightly off to one side with his foot, then reached to take her hand. "Come on, let's go," he said, tugging her in the direction of the baby carriage. He wasn't normally one to get involved in other people's business, but a missing baby was quite an emergency. Hopefully things resolved themselves safely and quickly, and he could come back and find his crate again afterwards. Either that, or some street urchin was about to have Christmas in June when they stumbled upon it and liberated him of all his mezcal.
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Him taking her hand in his was startling but she didn’t have time to protest that. It was nice of him to offer his help so quickly. He could have easily just stared at the spectacle with his booze crate.

“Where?” She asked. Unless he had a broomstick close by, it’d be a challenge getting to the pram. “You don’t happen to have a flying carpet, do you?”

[Image: 9DNVq6T.png]
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Bellamy hadn't considered reaching the pram much of a problem until she pointed it out. It was hovering at least a dozen feet over the tops of the stalls, though, and while Bell could make himself a little taller using his metamorphmagus abilities (and might have done so in an emergency like this, despite his reluctance to change his appearance in public), he didn't think he could turn himself into a giant. The very idea of it sounded exhausting.

"No, but look — they do," he said, pointing out a nearby stand. "We'll bring this back in a minute!" he yelled to the vendor, unfurling a carpet without waiting for a response. Hopefully it was actually a flying carpet, and not just the normal Muggle kind.
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How convenient, though perhaps not too much of a Deux ech machina, given that they were at an exotic street bazaar. For such a conservative person, Seneca was always thrilled to try exciting and veering on the dangerous things. She stepped on the flying carpet through immediately dropped on her knees when it started levitating. She grabbed onto the man’s shirt and hoped he’d taken hold on the carpet itself.

The street merchant was making more noise than Simonetta, presuming that she was still in the pram. She had to be and this had to be some wild sign of magic, because why would someone steal her and make her pram fly? (To distract them, duh.)

“Can you get it closer to her?”

[Image: 9DNVq6T.png]
marvellous set by MJ

Some of Bellamy's most formative childhood memories were from the Middle East, and he'd learned to fly a carpet the way English children learned to fly broomsticks (he'd actually still never gotten entirely comfortable on a narrow little broom, but that was another matter). The girl who'd lost the baby was obviously less comfortable with it, and for a moment he thought she was going to fall off before she grabbed his shirt.

"Yeah, hold on," he said, putting one of his hands around her shoulder to help steady her as he maneuvered the carpet closer to the pram. "And you just calm down, I'll buy it if you want!" he snapped towards the angry vendor beneath them.
This was bound to end up being the hottest gossip in town. Seneca Lestrange had not only lost her brother’s baby, she had also cozied up with a stranger on a flying carpet. Thankfully, it was clear that this was a rescue mission and not a scene from Aladdin.

They managed to get to the pram, where she caught a glance of a very peaceful Simonetta. Up until her niece saw them. She began to cry and the pram began to shake mid air.

[Image: 9DNVq6T.png]
marvellous set by MJ

Bellamy was surprised at the infant's reaction to someone who was supposed to be a familiar face. Then again, she had let the baby's carriage wander off on its own accord, so she couldn't really be a great aunt. Maybe the baby sensed that and this was some sort of infant defense mechanism. Maybe she sensed that she was safer in midair than she was in the hands of her teen aunt.

Well, she wouldn't be safe much longer with the way the pram was wobbling. "Well, grab her!" Bellamy said, letting go of the girl's shoulder so that he could steady the carpet out more. The pram was a lost cause at this point, he assumed, so the best they could do was to make sure the baby wasn't in it when it inevitably crashed down on top of the stall below them.

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