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Road to Somewhereville
May th, 1891 — outside the castle

It felt odd to be going home - the idea of 'home' meaning somewhere other than the home for inconvenient children! He was going back to Mister Mondragons for the summer. The man's kindness still sort of floored him - it was hard to believe that someone would do something so kind without wanting something in return. But apparently, the gentleman was just a bit odd that way - a fact for which Yuri would forever be grateful. His dorm room felt more like a home than anywhere had before and being away from it was not a pleasant prospect, but knowing he would have somewhere to go that wasn't the home for inconvenient children was a comfort to say the least.

He stood beside his trunk, waiting for the carriage* that would take him and his bags down to the village below -despite being significantly better fed now than he had been when he arrived at the school 8 months ago he was still a skinny creature and couldn't possible be expected to drag the trunk, which was large enough to fit him comfortable inside, down the long road to the village below.

'Are you excited to be heading home?' he asked the student, who was also waiting for instructions by the exit.

*Don't know if the school provides them -otherwise one was sent for Yuri.

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