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Pendergast School on the Move
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Price One Knut
May 14th, 1890
Pendergast School on the Move
Will New Locale Speak to New Future?

Wellingtonshire residents are soon to have new neighbours: the Pendergast School for Young Roses is quite literally moving to the affluent neighbourhood at the end of the month!

Mrs. Evelyn Abercrombie, wife of Mr. Elwin Abercrombie and patroness of the school her late mother founded, announced the news in a simple missive to this reporter earlier this week:

My mother founded the school at a time when Irvingly was the fashionable, an adventure. In the years that have passed since, however, I have come to believe that we cannot tend to the future Roses of society if they are not among society.

Rather than purchasing a new building, Cresswell Architecture will be demolishing a house on Minsiter's Avenue described by area residents (an opinion with which this reporter agrees) as "appallingly awful" and transplanting the existing school and its grounds.

"Obviously there is difficult magic involved in transplanting a property, but it's nothing that a skilled architect cannot handle," explains Mr. Prosper Cresswell. "I do not recommend trying it, so to speak, at home."

The final social event at the current address will be this week-end's Graduate Musicale, expected to be a charming afternoon indeed.
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