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May 2021

Another activity check come and gone! The list of inactive accounts has been compiled, with deactivations and list maintenance underway :) If you lost a character you'd like back, you may post in Maintenance starting Wednesday, May 5th. If you have no currently active characters you can post in maintenance immediately! If you lost a character before the AC, you can post there whenever you'd like!

Our Posting Wizard winners for April are Bree with 204 posts and Nichole with 16 posts! Congratulations to the both of you and good luck to May's entrants ;)


  • Have you seen our fun May Writing Challenge? Head on over to check it out...
  • ...maybe you could find a way to do the May Writing Challenge for the upcoming Hogwarts Coming Out Ball?
  • Be sure to check out the other IC May Events we have going on!

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Cbox will brb, we need to remember the password to renew it. Thank you for your patience!

ETA: we're good now!

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MJ made this!

I have risen from the ashes, and that means (belated) QUIDDITCH NEWS.

April 17: Hufflepuff vs. Slytherin. Hufflepuff won 250 to 70, and caught the snitch.
May 2nd: Ravenclaw vs. Gryffindor. Gryffindor won 180 to 140, and caught the snitch.

HOUSE CUP FINAL, MAY 16: Hufflepuff vs. Slytherin. It was a goddamn slaughter, with Hufflepuff winning 370 to zero. @Elijah Urquart absolutely wrote his Astronomy OWL still slightly drunk and his DADA OWL hungover.

Hufflepuff wins the House Quidditch Cup!

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— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —
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— graphics by lady ❤ —

It'sa me, Olive-o! Somehow it's already the last week of May — yes you read me correctly — I repeat, June is coming this is not a drill!

The June AC is one week from today. As per the usual form please ensure:

  • Your mini-profile is filled in with height properly formatted
  • All of your characters have been listed in the Character Directory—check back on your entries to make sure they were processed properly! Anyone reactivated this month will need to be placed back on. 
  • Characters made before the last AC have posted at least once this month
  • This one's mostly for staff, but that your full profile has been filled in ;)

Don't let your characters go the way of the dinosaur!


It's me again!

You might notice that the height field in your UCP has multiplied. I've split the feet from the inches for the sake of ease — you don't need to enter the units in anymore, just numbers! The old height field is no longer accessible but it is still viewable from your miniprofile so no need to worry if you can't remember your character's height.

Please fill out the new fields as soon as possible, you'll be thankful for it later ;)

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