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This would have been very disturbing anyway but then Pet's eye popped out and started rolling along the bottom of the boat. Great. Maybe she would be so fortunate as to have a kraken surface nearby and pluck her off the ship with one of its tentacles and kindly drown her. Petra Sleptova in Land, Ho!
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This Thread is Awesome Redux
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Quoting Lynn from the old thread:
Quote:So, I've wanted to do this for a while. One, because I like letting people know that I do on occasion read threads that aren't mine. Two, because I find out about awesome threads way later than I want to, and I figured if we had something like this, I'd be more likely to see them before they're almost done. XD So share the awesome threads you've found around the site with the rest of us!

-- no threads you are involved in.
-- if the thread involves some iffy content (sex, violence, swearing, intense innuendo), say so clearly.
-- current or finished threads are both okay
-- link, please!
To start us off on the new site:
Problems Conceived - it's the Byrne boys dealing with Himalayan mountains, need I say more?
Wildest Moments - Antigone and Tib are both terrible people - especially to one another - and I love them for it. It's an M thread, so proceed with caution.
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[Image: rS56WF.png]
Finallyyy, a place to share my latest finds >D

Watch Lorcan & Maggie navigate their pseudo (or is it? ) relationship for the sake of inheritance in Don't Let Me Down & Foolish Thing! Also, you should totally watch Rupert and Kristoffer decide who they want to torture, murder, and control (like any normal sixth year boys, obviously) in Wed, Bed, Behead: Rufer Style!
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beautiful set by Lady
On today's episode of #ThreadDump...

Watch Ben Sterling and Ari Fisk be cute in I Need a Little More Time.

I admittedly have no idea where this thread is going (or what plans they even have), but you should keep an eye out for Betsy Cooper and Elias Grimstone The Queen of Tarts because the starter is stellar.

It's Roberto and Ophelia's wedding night in I'm With You. Don't pretend like you don't want to see that cute shit.

This was a read-only, so if you're in the mood for something wholly entertaining but not likely to take up your whole hour, watch Evelyn Abercrombie react to Anti's wild bedroom activities in No Sleep Tonight.

beautiful set by Lady
This week in #ThreadDump:

Tybalt Kirke and Elsie Beauregard get caught making out in Long Overdue!

Newsflash: Zelda's no longer a virgin in Mr. Brightside and I'm shook.

Cassius and Antigone become unlikely company in Guns and Dogs.

Been waiting for that next Jude/Kieran thread? So have I. Well now you have it: Peace and Love

Esther and Ursula are pairing up to snark on a veela in Shiny Is Mine. I'd only be more entertained if it was Sampson and Phineas who had to deal with her ;)

Been following the Lorcan/Maggie relationships? I got that shit subscribed. Watch them handle their "wedding night" in Safe and Sound!
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beautiful set by Lady
Maeve is laying down the law in Only Hope
Lyra and Ishmael are meeting in the super fascinating things that go bump in the night
Jossima is gloriously lacking in tact in Killer Convos
Porphyria and Enoch might actually perish in Eternity How Long
I admittedly ship Ernie and Tristan
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Lemme just dump all the Beanie threads I stalked and enjoyed here real quick:

Five Fathoms Deep : Art Pettigrew harasses Ben's latest ex-girlfriend.

Songs I Can't Listen To is in the past but it's delightful all the same. Former flame + current fiance meet for the first time.

Guns & Dogs : Cash teaches Tig to smoke and they... become friends? I'm not really sure where it's going yet but I enjoy it. xD I realized belatedly that Bree already had this one listed but I'm not taking it off :P

The Guilty Ones : Zelda confesses to Ari, and obviously I'm stalking it.
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Idk if you're aware but Kris just gave Beatrix Borgin heart-eyes in Not Your Kind of People and I'm living for it.
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February is great at not being a Damsel in Distress™ with Edric in Creature Feature
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Jude & Elsbeth is my favorite thread ever
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Febric is my newest obsession and High Hopes seems to make it oh so canon that it makes my heart melt.

Warning: Rated M for Mature
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Magic by MJ!

It's a little narcissistic to read a thread discussing my own character but I'm hella reading Underground.
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This week on #ThreadDump

Lorcan is going to get his ass kicked by Maggie for writing Lonely Hearts letters in How Long!

Angie is home and Cash is in the midst of a quarter-life criss in I And Love And You!

Kris is making moves on Emmy in Holding Out For a Hero. He's also making a move on Prudence (albeit much less successfully) in Quidditch Superstitions!

There's trouble in paradise for Dezzart in Really, Arthur?!!
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set by MJ!
On the next episode of Febric, Febs finally gets to see Edric after one long month in A Thousand Miles

M for matureeee -♥B
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Another Glorious MJ Set!
[Image: xy6Q4W.png]
This week on #ThreadDump...

Merriweather is a Real Man™ now and is having the best awkward interaction with Ernest in How To Raise A Child. The pair also recently joined up to taunt Kristoffer Lestrange out in Any Questions?

Elliot is dying. Okay maybe he isn't, but everyone at the COB probably thinks so in Scrawled Up Against the Wall.

In Love Don't Live Here Anymore, wife meets mistress. It's hella fun, mostly because it's Rose and Ustinya.

Bella ships it so I do, too. Gemma is overcoming(?) her romance woes in Open Your Heart.

I'm not sure what the Fletch/Eva ship name is but he's about to cry over her in I Choose You.

Begonia and Marlena are my new faves. Watch them make their first Major Poor Life Choice™ in Feel It In My Kiss.
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set by MJ!
Dev and Nat are meeting for the first time in 5ever in WHERE THE WEST WAS ALL BUT WON.
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beautiful set by Lady
Are you stalking the newest JK thread? Well you can now in No Closer to Heaven.

Beatrix and Kristoffer continue their adventure into...some...sort of...relationship...in Veni, Vidi, Vici!
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set by MJ!

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