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March 3, 1981* — Florist Potts
Hope had been engaged for a couple of months now and it still felt a little surreal. She had written her dearest friends about it. Most shared her continued mild confusion over Samuels decision to forgo courting entirely. It felt a little like she was missing out on a crucial step but she was fond of the man and he had done nothing untoward to her. She saw no reason to decline his proposal.

Today, though. Her mission was to officially recruit Daffy to be her florist. She would never have entertained the thought of hiring any other florist shop anyway. She hung around enough that most of the other Potts were familiar enough with her that the first one who had seen her enter had already called Daffy down for her.

*date is very flexible if it conflicts with dabble things <3

Though she supposed she didn't have to, Daffy liked to keep herself busy at the family shop most days. Did the Potts girls need to work? No. Did most of them like to? Yes. Ama had moved on to pursue her calling in healing, Senna was now enjoying married life, but Daff knew she'd always wanted to be a mother as well, and was understandably going to start taking top priority. Zin had her art, Thistle her tinkering and Daff was well, the one who took care of the shop more often than not. It was alright, she'd learned to do the books and keep track of ordering, managing the other few employees they did have, simply because they needed the help.

Zin had been downstairs while Daff was doing some accounting, so the shout up to her had startled her briefly, causing her to wonder who was here. She doubled it was Noble, they didn't often just show up unannounced, though it would be a welcome distraction.

She came downstairs, letting the hem of her blue dress fall as she hit the floor, straightening the little crown of forget-me-knots in her hair when she found Hope waiting by the counter. "What a delightful surprise!" Daff greeted her friend warmly with an easy smile. "Just visiting?" Which would also be a welcome distraction!

[Image: l4aokx.png]
delightful Daff!set by MJ
Hope turned to her friend with a bright smile. "Oh, what a lovely crown of forget me knots," Hope said before answering Daffys question. "As you know, I have been engaged since before the New Year. We are now beginning the planning process and there is no other shop I would rather come to for the florals!" She had her own greenhouse of flowers but she could not be both bride and floral coordinator! Besides, Daffy had a much better eye for such things and Hope was the type of person to enjoy involving her dearest friends in special moments.

Daff smiled genuinely at her friend's compliment. The former Ravenclaw would not be complete without some kind of flowers in her hair. It was just who she was. "I liked the hue of blue on this batch." Which had prompted the whole ensemble this morning while she was getting dressed.

Upon hearing Hope was into the floral portion of her wedding planning, Daff positively beamed at the idea. "Oh my! I've so many ideas!" She admitted, having started thinking about it the moment her friend had informed her the upcoming nuptials. "Come, let's go upstairs so I can get my notebook and we can have some tea!" Her office was upstairs and there was a little kitchenette with the supplies for tea and snacks. Her mother still ran the business itself, but Daffy was slowly learning the ropes of almost every facet and that dictated a little workspace of her own.

She let Hope head up first and followed quickly, head already swimming with ideas.

[Image: l4aokx.png]
delightful Daff!set by MJ
Daffys obvious delight in talking about the florals brought a smile to Hopes face. She was so excited to see what ideas Daffy might have. While Hope shared Daffys love of Herbology and plants, she did not have the same sort of skill.

"Of course! Tea would be lovely," she said as she ascended the steps. "I can't wait to see what ideas you have." No friend knew her floral tastes as well as Daffy did so she already knew she would love it.

Once upstairs, Daffy retrieved her sketchbook and a quill to take notes. She would work on sketches later. Once those were acquired, she set about putting the kettle on to boil. Since that would take a few minutes, they could get right down to business.

Though Daff had some ideas, are wanted to know what it was Hope envisioned. "It's your special day, what kind of colors and blooms did you have in mind? Have you set a date yet?" The time of year would matter quite a bit as to what was available to them, but Daffy could grow anything in the greenhouse with enough time.

[Image: l4aokx.png]
delightful Daff!set by MJ
"Yellows and whites, I think. To go with my name and the hope for a long, healthy marriage," Hope said thoughtfully. She loved applying color meanings to things, it was such a subtle way to share your mood with the world. "July 21st is the date that we have set." She would have much preferred a spring wedding but a summer one was just as good.

Oh yellow, her favorite, and summer too! This had so many ways it could go! "Oh we could do jasmine and asters, or some lovely large chrysanthemums, daffodils of course," She winked at her friend. As lovely as she thought her namesake was, they were not overtly elegant. Yellow didn't always correlate to love, but Daff could easily think of a few blooms that would do a lovely job. White was easy enough though. "Or big sunflowers and white roses, so many possibilities! Was there anything specific you wanted?" Myrtle would be nice too, Daff could envision such a delightful bouquet with such a variation of flowers and textures, it would be so lovely!

[Image: l4aokx.png]
delightful Daff!set by MJ

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