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But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
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Head Full Of Doubt, Road Full Of Promise
March 6th, 1891 — Hogwarts Grounds

Hufflepuff had defeated Gryffindor by one hundred fifty points.

Flora had expected them to; after Gryffindor's loss to Slytherin earlier in the year and Hufflepuff's defeat of Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff had been the clear favorite. Still, the game had been more exciting than she'd expected. The two teams remained neck and neck until Miss Farrow had spotted the snitch, and Miss Bixby had not been able to reach it before the first year snagged it.

And then the game was over, the students slowly poured out of the stadium, and Flora was on the path back to the castle, Rex's quidditch bag slung over her shoulder and a wide smile on her face.

"I'll never understand why you boys are so obsessed with the game, but I have to admit—that was exciting," she chattered, "Although it scared me half to death when you nearly collided with Gillenwater. Are you sure you're not hurt?" Flora would not have survived five minutes in the skies, let alone if there was a whole team trying to knock a quaffle out of her hands!

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A game like today's did two things: it filled a chaser with the exhilaration of a match well-played, but also caused Rex to wonder if one hundred and fifty points was not an awful lot to award for catching the snitch. He did not, of course, envy Farrow the task he had to perform, but it did rather take some of the glory away from the chasers. An excellent sort of match to watch, but a little less so when actually played.

"Nearly colliding," he reassured his cousin with a chuckle, "is not half so painful as actually colliding. And don't let Uncle Beckett hear you don't understand the quidditch obsession!"

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Flora had never put herself in a position to nearly collide with someone on broomstick, but she imagined that it was just like trying to avoid colliding on foot; there was always the potential to fall over, sprain an ankle, twist a knee. Surely a chaser could hurt his shoulder or wrist with a particularly harsh movement on broomstick? Then again, Rex looked fine, she told herself.

"Yes, well Uncle Beckett has far more to worry about than his niece struggling to understand parts of the sport," she teased, nudging her shoulder against his as they walked. "But, really, I eagerly await the day you and Sirius go head-to-head on the pitch. I shall me a mess that day for sure!" It was no secret that Flora eagerly supported Sirius during all of their matches, but every year when Hufflepuff played Slytherin she found herself cheering for both of her boys.

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"If only we were on the same team!" Rex lamented, not for the first time. The two had been friends for eons, best of friends, and that they were in separate houses was certainly a sore spot.

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She had heard it before, and although she agreed that life would be far easier—at least where her boys' hobbies were concerned—if they were all in the same house, she felt compelled to comfort him. "But Sirius would make such a dreadful Hufflepuff. Could you imagine? And you're the perfect Hufflepuff—so kind and hardworking. You'd be miserable here, I'm sure. Lots of Slytherins are miserable to be around." She was generalizing, sure, and could only name a handful of Slytherins she did not like, and that was only because she was in closer proximity to them than students in other houses, but still.

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At that claim, Rex could not help but raise his eyes. Sure, some Slytherins were absolute twats, but the same could be said of Hufflepuff. Slytherin had the added advantage of hosting his two dearest friends, making it hard for him to agree with Flora even a little.

"I like being around you," he pointed out, "and Sirius, too. Your brother was a Slytherin as well, and your mama, and Mrs. Black..." the fourth year trailed off, his point proven.

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"So you mean to say you wish you were a Slytherin even after all these years?" she asked with a newfound curiosity. She had grown so used to the sight of Rex in a yellow and black scarf during the winter months, and at Christmas had spent a great deal of time doodling badgers wearing winter hats on the card she'd made him. Sure, it would have been easier if he'd been a Slytherin, but if he had Flora doubted she would have been as willing to seek friends outside of her house as she'd ended up being.

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He gave a small shrug.

"I wish I shared a common room with you and Sirius," came Rex's easy answer. Which common room that was did not matter to the boy; he cared only to be with the people he liked best. As to the virtues and values of the houses, well, Rex though he would have been content indeed anywhere, though harboured no regrets about his placement in Huffelpuff. Besides, they had easy access to baked goods at all hours.

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Oh. It seemed easy enough when he said it like that. Of course, she knew that's what he wanted—it is what she would have preferred to, if given the choice. "I know," she said. She reached out and squeezed his hand briefly before dropping it. A sigh escaped her lips, and with a sad smile Flora looked up at him. "One day it will not matter so much. Then we may all see each other as often as we wish." She wasn't certain she was right, but she hoped she was; it was more likely that Rex and Sirius would be able to see each other as often as they liked, with her herded with all the other young ladies. But she could hope.

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"When we are old and boring?" Rex asked with a wry smile.

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Flora grinned. “I don’t think it will be that long,” she teased, “unless you plan to be wrinkled and grey in a decade.

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He grinned at that.

"No, but in a decade, you'll be married," Rex pointed out. "That will be rather boring, don't you think?"

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Flora shrugged. She had, of course, considered who she might marry. She thought of Sirius, and how his Mama and her Mama were so fond of each other and how it just made sense; but there was still a part of her that thought, but what if not?, and that was where her imagination was truly put to use.

I suppose it will depend on who I marry,” she answered with a shrug. Even if she married a complete bore, Flora could not imagine life being boring —not when there were parties to host and people to impress. “What do you think you’ll be doing in a decade?

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"Oh, playing quidditch or sponsoring a team," came Rex's easy answer. Then, a beat later, "or perhaps working as an Unspeakable." The Hufflepuff's curiosity was well-founded amongst those who knew him well, though his ability to keep what he had learned to himself was rather less established.

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