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Issue #254 - Meredith Watchword's Society News

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Potion may cause temporary or long term blindness. Use as directed. Not safe for use while pregnant. Eye Brightening Potion
Many witches have realized that a simple apothecary draft does not suffice when it comes to a beautiful, natural appearing glow to a young lady's eye. If one cannot find a satisfactory potion elsewhere, a wonderful solution is making your own and displaying your marvelous potion making talents to your friends. They'll all want to know your secret!

Ground pearl
1/2 oz. whisky
5 rose petals
5 oz. water
1 strand of unicorn hair
1 scale of siren-tail
5 tears of a siren
1 mandrake leaf

Mix dry ingredients together slowly. In a seperate bowl, gather your liquid ingredients and whisk until mixture glows faintly. Pour wet ingredients into your cauldron and stir clockwise. Slowly add dry ingredients by the spoonful as you stir. For added brightening, use a personal tear of happiness. Mix until glow fades and potion turns clear. Two drops in each eye before bed, and results shall occur after a good night's rest.

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Despite rumors about Mr Lestranges retirement, it is said he has taken to being a Captain with great enthusiasm! 10 Facts About Cassius Lestrange
Some time back, rumors abounded that Mister Cassius Lestrange would be retiring from Quidditch but they are now proven quite untrue. For it has been recently announced that Mr Lestrange has taken over as Chudley Cannons Captain. We have compiled ten random facts about him so that our readers can get to know more about Cassius Lestrange.

With dark hair and striking blue eyes, Cassius Lestrange is quite the looker even if he is a bit on the short side of his relations!
1. He was a Ravenclaw!
Ravenclaw values those of wisdom, wit and intellect. It will be quite interesting to see which of these traits Mister Lestrange displays in his position as captain.

2. He was born May 25th, making him a Gemini.
Geminis are said to be intellectually curious and playful. Suiting for a former Ravenclaw. They are meant to be the social butterflies of the zodiac signs so perhaps this will help the new captain steer his team.

3. His wand is made of Holly.
Holly woods are known to pair with those with a tendency towards anger. Which could mean that Mister Lestranges temper might be best left unprovoked. It often chooses owners engaged in a dangerous quest - and captaining a Quidditch team even after a horrid death caused by the game could certainly be counted as one.

4. Sorry ladies, he might be spoken for!
Mister Lestrange has often been seen in the company of Miss Eleanora Abercrombie. Despite his young age, signs point towards the fact that he might have decided on her for a wife!

5. He played for the national team!
Despite being only second string for the National Team, Mister Lestrange ended up playing on first string after misfortune befell the original first string seeker, Peter Quince.

6. He took Arithmancy as his elective when he was in school.
Arithmancy is the study in magical properties in numbers. With Mister Lestrange taking on such a whimsical course, perhaps there is a touch of whimsy about him. He certainly does have a mysterious sort of air, doesn't he?

7. He is from the more society notable branch of Lestranges!
Cassius Lestrange's father is our very own Chief Warlock, Lucius Lestrange! The late Olivia Pendergast, the founder of Pendergast School of Young Roses, was also his aunt. His uncle, Tybalt Lestrange, was also infamous for less positive reasons: he was a mass murderer! One obviously hopes that Mister Cassius Lestrange takes after the first two and not after his criminal relation.

8. He is most seen with a silver pocketwatch.
Cassius Lestrange is often seen with silver pocketwatch. Perhaps it is the one gifted to him from his father as wizarding tradition dictates that fathers give their sons pocketwatches upon their seventeenth birthday.

9. He maintains an aloof sort of air at social events!
Cassius Lestrange cuts a bit of a mysterious figure at social events. One cannot help but wonder what is on his mind. Perhaps those braver among us might approach and see if they cannot figure it out.

10. He is purported to have an interesting sense of humor.
Those that have spoken to or overhead conversations of Mister Lestrange say he has quite an interesting sense of humor. He is said to veer towards the side of macabre which makes one think he might perhaps be a fan of such authors as Edgar Allan Poe!

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Meredith Watchword's Society News
Witch Weekly received the following from one Meredith Watchword, though our editors believe this to be merely a nom de plume. Who is Meredith Watchword? We aren't sure, but we imagine you'll be interested to see what she has to say...

The 14th of February saw society's most desperate, dispirited, and disillusioned gathered together in Southampton to watch young men battle both each other, in midair, and boggarts on the lawn, under the guise of contributing to charity (though which charity was meant to be the beneficiary, doubtless even the hostesses of the event now remember). Despite the flashiness of the event, the most entertaining spectacle actually took place a some thirty to forty feet into the garden...

Our Cast of Characters:
Miss Juliana Binns — a graceless girl who was never quite pretty enough to compensate for early social disappointments, whose parents appear to have given up on her prospects in recent years and allowed her to lurk in the shadows of society (in this case quite literally, as she'd gone and lost herself in the garden);
Mister Lachlan MacFusty — a man whose best years were likely to have been his Quidditch playing ones, which says everything about him which is necessary to be said;
Missus Marianne Finch — a woman who fancies herself a grand dame of society, despite her name being most commonly associated with scandal and ruin following the elopement of her daughter last February.

The Incident
Miss Binns has, like a squirrel, a habit of stuffing her face full of anything sweet in a most unladylike fashion, then goes days together "wintering" without a bite to eat in order to maintain what little semblance of a feminine figure she still has. This leads, as anyone with the misfortune of knowing her will confirm, to frequent spells of light-headedness, and occasionally to fainting. Women prone to fainting spells ought not, as a general rule, to go wandering alone in strange gardens, but Miss Binns has never before been accused of having a good deal of sense, and so off she trotted, and alone she fell. This might have been the end of matters had not Mr. Lachlan MacFusty stumbled upon the unconscious woman. Although never formally charged with the murder or manslaughter of Mrs. Ethel Turnbull this fall, he remains culpable for the death both in his own mind and in the eyes of polite society, and, with his fresh trauma no doubt at the forefront of his mind, MacFusty decided to do the (questionably) gallant thing and save the girl from — well, what he imagined might happen to her is not entirely clear, but he, also, has never been accused of being particularly wise or intelligent — he is, after all, an ex-Quidditcher and current dragontamer, so his skills clearly lie more in brawn than in brain (or in magic; if anyone has noticed his tendency towards Muggle solutions for common problems, they might have thought him peculiar, but the truth is he is merely inept — indeed, a little basic spell work might have done the gentleman a world of good as he could have simply sent up wand sparks, levitated the lady to the party proper, or done a bit of minor healing magic, all of which might have spared what came next).

Juliana Binns
Lachlan MacFusty

This incident may have resolved itself with a good deal of embarrassment for both parties, but no real harm done (— while some ladies may have the deviant spirit to take advantage of a man alone in a garden, Miss Binns lacks both the physical appeal and the seduction skill (or else she could not have made it to 29, as she has done, without either a marriage or a pregnancy), and while some gentleman might similarly be inclined towards mischief, Mr. MacFusty is, quite frankly, too much of a mess to manage it —) had not the pair been interrupted by Marianne Finch.

It is perhaps not surprising that Mrs. Finch assumed the worst that can be assumed of a lady and a gentleman alone (even in broad daylight in the middle of a large party and a very public garden), given that the date was the one-year wedding anniversary of Mrs. Melody Crouch nee Finch and it is rather an open secret that she and her new husband anticipated their wedding night at least once and perhaps several times while Melody was under her mother's "watchful" eye. It may indeed be that Mrs. Finch assumes every look in the wrong direction to be evidence of impropriety, or it may be that it suits her purposes for others to believe that such impropriety is much more wide-spread than just the Finch household. A certain source saw her son-in-law, Mr. Reuben Crouch, at the front door the previous month; perhaps Mrs. Finch is not quite so distanced from her daughter as she would lead others to believe, and by casting Miss Binns as some serial seductress she can distract from the previous illicit affairs of Melody Crouch, to paint her daughter in a better light. If she chose Miss Binns as a victim because she believed her to be rather toothless, she would of course have been correct — a plain spinster with one brother focused on his own career and the other unable to focus more than a few inches farther than the nearest book is not likely to have many defenders.

It is possible, however, that Mrs. Finch's attempts to project impropriety onto the unfortunate fainting Binns and the haphazard MacFusty do not involve her married daughter at all, but rather the one yet to debut. After her sister's scandal, Miss Dorothy Finch was squirreled away in a finishing school (who have hopefully been watching her more closely than Mrs. Finch watched Melody), but she is set to debut this season. What has Miss Dorothy Finch been up to of late? And is it anything, perhaps, that might be viewed more charitably by the light of a more obvious scandal made known a month or two earlier? Mrs. Finch is certainly the sort of woman who might burn someone like Miss Juliana Binns at the stake if it meant having a chance to warm her hands.

We shall see what this new season makes of Miss Dorothy Finch...
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Find Your Soulmate with Astrology!
Astrology is greatly underutilized in matchmaking, and it's rare that people consider their placements beyond their sun sign! When looking for love, disregard your preconceived notions about how two signs pair well together, and look deeper into your placements! Want a quick way to determine if the gentleman you've got your eyes on has any chance of being your soul-mate? Look right here!

    FUN FACT! Most astrologists agree that certain elements pair better than others. Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) pair best with signs of their own element or Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio), while Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) pair best with Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) and vice-versa! Fire and Water placements are said to be passionate but easily extinguished, while Air and Earth placements are said to possess harmony but no attraction!

MOON PLACEMENTS: Your moon sign is responsible for your emotional energy.

Capricorn Moon
Best: Taurus | Virgo | Pisces
Worst: Aries | Leo | Aquarius

Aquarius Moon
Best: Leo | Libra | Aquarius
Worst: Scorpio | Taurus | Pisces

Pisces Moon
Best: Pisces | Scorpio | Taurus
Worst: Sagittarius | Gemini | Aquarius

Aries Moon
Best: Leo | Gemini | Libra
Worst: Scorpio | Virgo | Cancer

Taurus Moon
Best: Taurus | Capricorn | Cancer
Worst: Leo | Aquarius | Gemini

Gemini Moon
Best: Aquarius | Sagittarius | Libra
Worst: Cancer | Taurus | Scorpio

Cancer Moon
Best: Taurus | Scorpio | Virgo
Worst: Leo | Aquarius | Gemini

Leo Moon
Best: Libra | Aries | Sagittarius
Worst: Scorpio | Taurus | Pisces

Virgo Moon
Best: Virgo | Taurus | Scorpio
Worst: Aquarius | Leo | Aries

Libra Moon
Best: Leo | Sagittarius | Gemini
Worst: Scorpio | Cancer | Pisces

Mr. Elias Grimstone is a Libra moon, a placement known for its understanding, tolerance, and gentleness.

Scorpio Moon
Best: Pisces | Capricorn | Taurus
Worst: Leo | Aquarius | Sagittarius

Sagittarius Moon
Best: Aries | Gemini | Leo
Worst: Cancer | Capricorn | Scorpio

VENUS PLACEMENTS: Your moon sign is responsible for your romantic energy.

Capricorn Venus
Best: Scorpio | Pisces | Capricorn
Worst: Sagittarius | Leo | Libra

Aquarius Venus
Best: Libra | Gemini | Aries
Worst: Taurus | Cancer | Pisces

Pisces Venus
Best: Virgo | Scorpio | Pisces
Worst: Leo | Gemini | Aries

Aries Venus
Best: Sagittarius | Gemini | Aquarius
Worst: Taurus | Pisces | Capricorn

Mr. Aldous Crouch is an Aries venus, a placement known for its grand displays of affection.

Taurus Venus
Best: Taurus | Scorpio | Virgo
Worst: Leo | Aries | Gemini

Gemini Venus
Best: Gemini | Sagittarius | Aquarius
Worst: Capricorn | Taurus | Scorpio

Cancer Venus
Best: Pisces | Capricorn | Virgo
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Leo Venus
Best: Sagittarius | Gemini | Leo
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Virgo Venus
Best: Pisces | Taurus | Cancer
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Libra Venus
Best: Aquarius | Gemini | Leo
Worst: Scorpio | Taurus | Pisces

Scorpio Venus
Best: Taurus | Scorpio | Pisces
Worst: Sagittarius | Leo | Gemini

Sagittarius Venus
Best: Leo | Gemini | Aquarius
Worst: Taurus | Cancer | Scorpio

MARS PLACEMENTS: Your moon sign is responsible for your passion and anger.

Capricorn Mars
Best: Capricorn | Pisces | Virgo
Worst: Sagittarius | Aquarius | Gemini

Aquarius Mars
Best: Gemini | Libra | Leo
Worst: Capricorn | Cancer | Scorpio

Pisces Mars
Best: Taurus | Capricorn | Virgo
Worst: Leo | Gemini | Aquarius

Aries Mars
Best: Libra | Leo | Libra
Worst: Taurus | Scorpio | Capricorn

Taurus Mars
Best: Cancer | Virgo | Pisces
Worst: Gemini | Sagittarius | Leo

Gemini Mars
Best: Gemini | Libra | Leo
Worst: Scorpio | Pisces | Capricorn

Cancer Mars
Best: Taurus | Cancer | Virgo
Worst: Sagittarius | Leo | Libra

Mr. Emrys Swleyn is a Cancer mars, a placement known for its sensitivity and neediness.

Leo Mars
Best: Sagittarius | Aquarius | Libra
Worst: Cancer | Capricorn | Pisces

Virgo Mars
Best: Pisces | Taurus | Virgo
Worst: Libra, Leo, Sagittarius

Libra Mars
Best: Sagittarius | Aquarius | Gemini
Worst: Scorpio | Taurus | Cancer

Scorpio Mars
Best: Taurus | Cancer | Capricorn
Worst: Aquarius | Gemini | Sagittarius

Sagittarius Mars
Best: Leo | Libra | Sagittarius
Worst: Cancer | Taurus | Scorpio

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