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Ladies Duel: Miss M. Scamander vs. Miss P. Dempsey
March 6th, 1891 — Hogsmeade Memorial Ballroom

Ah, the perils of affection for one's family. Quite predictably, Fitzroy Prewett would rather have been attending the Hogwarts quidditch match than serving as judge for two attractive but off-putting spinsters, but his aunt had been less than keen on taking no for an answer.

He did his best to muster a degree of enthusiasm as he reviewed the rules to the participants. Fitz flashed a dashing smile at each of the witches in turn before declaring, "Miss Scamander, you may begin!"
— @Marlena Scamander/@Elladora Black
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Fitzroy Prewett, whom she knew less due to Ministerial contributions and more because her sister knew the names of every eligible man with a pulse who had ever so much as picked up a wand, did not look especially thrilled at her presence nor that of the other woman opposite her which only gave Marlena more impetus to show off. Inclining her head towards Miss Dempsey - who she certainly noticed was startling attractive - Marlena conjured an unkindness of ravens to encircle the woman and throw her off course.

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Miss Scamander had so appealed to her sensibilities with the very first spell she had cast that Phyri would not have minded if her opponent was declared the winner then and there but, since she had to respond and did not particularly want to vanish the ravens, she pointed her wand on a chair nearby Mr. Prewett and attempted to transfigure it into a decaying sheep carcass - the more disgusting the better - for the ravens to flock to instead.
@Fitzroy Prewett/@Aldous Crouch
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Ravens were perhaps not the most feminine of birds, Fitz thought, as the avians flocked towards Miss Demp—this thought was stopped in its tracks by what Miss Dempsy did in retaliation.

The first thing Fitz was aware of was the smell, which prompted the wizard to bring a hand to his nose.

Then he saw its source.

What had once been a chair was now a sheep's carcass. Plainly it did its job—the carrion birds had evidently decided it was time for lunch rather than to harass a spinster. If its job was to turn the wizard's stomach, well, it had done that as well.

Fitz didn't think he'd ever been afraid of a woman before, but Miss Dempsey had seemingly done the impossible.

Hastily, he vanished the whole mess, declared Miss Dempsey the winner, and waited in trepidation for what fresh horror she might bring about next.

— @Porphyria Dempsey/@Elias Grimstone  —
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Phyri grinned, rather pleased with herself for that and quite uncaring of the room having had to suffer the stench of it, too. Aiming for something a little more low-key this round, she cast a variation of a hex that would hopefully see a steady stream of spiders crawling out of Miss Scamander's ears. (This Miss Scamander was not some prone-to-fainting debutante, after all, so Phyri imagined that this would only be a distraction to her spellcasting and not a particularly distressing experience.)
@Marlena Scamander>/@Elladora Black
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Barring shady drunk women in alleyways it was a rare individual who truly surprised Marlena Scamander but the second the carcass appeared and drew away her flock she felt herself quite unbalanced in the most pleasant way. She looked between the ingenious transfiguration and the woman who was it’s cause and wondered what Miss Dempsey was doing after this.

Firstly she had to deal with the spiders and, ignoring where they were coming from, Marlena transfigured them into moths that would encircle the other woman in a chrysalis.

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Nope. Fitzroy had absolutely had enough of this. He vanished the spider-months (SPIDER. MOTHS.), declared Miss Dempsey the winner, and vowed never to lay eyes upon either witch again.


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