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The thought of marrying Cecily Gallivan had occurred to Fitz in the way that the thought of marrying any attractive young lady did: a firm maybe and a hasty step away to more pleasurable topics, like sport or brandy.Fitzroy Prewett in Well. That took a turn.
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February 2021

Another activity check come and gone! The list of inactive accounts has been compiled, with deactivations and list maintenance underway :) If you lost a character you'd like back, you may post in Maintenance starting Wednesday, February 10th. If you have no currently active characters you can post in maintenance immediately! If you lost a character before the AC, you can post there whenever you'd like!

Look for Posting Wizard totals either later today or sometime tomorrow—you can still sign up for February until it rolls over!


Another PW has rolled over. Now, I was feeling pretty sensational with my 95 posts this month but now I feel like a trash gremlin. Why, you ask? Because our actual winner is Lynn (@Reuben Crouch) with a frankly awe-inspiring 522. DAYUM GIRL.

I'mma try again this month, as will Emma, Kit, Bean, Bree, Amy, and Rosa.

As for other activities to tickle your fancy, check out the February Writing Challenge, a ladies-only dueling tournament, and our ever-growing list of delightful events!

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MJ made this!

Having missed a literal bodice ripping, I wondered to myself, "how can I keep track of things happening at the awesome IC events we have going on?"

Enter: Event Dumps.

Posted in the Plottage forum, event dumps are an optional opportunity to announce who is attending what (for the sake of mentions!) and also to share what our characters get up to whilst out and about! Keep your eyes peeled for the February dumps—if they go well, I'll continue the trend into the spring!

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— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —
[Image: B0me9x.jpg]
— graphics by lady ❤ —

WELL. There were just so many fantastic aesthetic avatars submitted this time that I had to completely overhaul the setup of Charming's Aesthetic Avatar Gallery! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed. It may seem like I'm bullshitting because of how may there are, but I cut a lot O__O

In addition to some old faithful standbys, the updated gallery features new avatars from MJ (@Elias Grimstone), Lady (@Amelia Evans), Bree (@Holly Scrimgeour), Fallin (@Sisse Thompsett), Aardvark (@Addison Chatham), Elaine (@Sophie Ruskin), and Soph (@Ellory Lestrange). Each of them can snag the board contribution stamp of their choice (from the Admin Awards section) to add to their collection!

BUT WAIT! Aardvark has won our submission raffle. That means they'll be snagging a featured want ad, 25 house points, and an against the odds. Fallin has won our gallerist mystery prize of a set from lady and a playlist from Beanie (@Cassius Lestrange). I'll be in touch with each of you shortly :)

If I have misattributed any avatars, please let me know ASAP via skype or PM :)

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mj is a legend ♡ —


Planning to thread at today's Quidditch game? Here are your quick and dirty results from the randomizer:
Howlers: 210 - Cannons: 240
- Cannons catch the snitch
- No one dies this time

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Two things!

First - cbox.ws is down, so the cbox isn't currently working as a separate tab. We expect this to fix itself soonish.
Second - the March AC is one week from today. As per the usual:

  • Your mini-profile is filled in with height properly formatted
  • All of your characters have been listed in the Character Directory—check back on your entries to make sure they were processed properly! Anyone reactivated this month will need to be placed back on. 
  • Characters made before the last AC have posted at least once this month
  • This one's mostly for staff, but that your full profile has been filled in ;)

MJ made this!

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