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Smell That Smell
April 6th, 1888 — St. Mungos, Gentleman's Restroom

There was a wince as Hyperion wiped the slime from his eyes and flicked it onto the floor, surely to be wiped up later by one of the cleaning staff before refocusing eyes on the patient whom looked sympathetic. Whatever that greenish, yellow liquid that was coming out of the wound he was trying to treat from whatever strange illness his patient had gotten was smelling up the room and had, unfortunately for Hyperion, burst right into his face.

❝ Would you excuse me a moment? ❞

Hyperion quickly walked out of the room, heading to the bathroom to wash himself up, already catching stares from anyone who had a working nose who smelled the scent on him. He splashed a bit of water onto his face in the restroom but had a bad feeling that the smell was still there. Someone had come into the restroom and he asked them, in a semi-nervous tone.

❝ Do you smell anything strange? ❞

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Garrett's current situation wasn't exactly glamorous but he loved his job. He was looking forward to becoming a full healer and getting to treat his own patients. Garrett tried his best to always be doing something job-related but he was only human. He had to go to the rest room some time.

As he walked into the restroom, the smell caught his nose and an older man asked him if he smelled anything strange. "Well," Garrett said uncertainly. "It is a restroom." All manner of strange smells tended to come from such places, right?

Though this odor seemed to be especially odd.

[Image: pZKf1G.jpg]
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Okay, so Garrett had a fair point; it was a bathroom and no matter how many flowers you put in them, they all smelled rather concerning. But whatever was on him seemed to have a distinct smell that was not fun at all. He sighed before completely wiping it all away and actually looking at the young man who'd entered the bathroom only moments after he did. He looked rather young to be a healer - he must have been one of the interns.

❝ I was working on this patient and I feel like I've been working with flobberworm mucus again. Just the kind of fun things you've got to look forward to. What division do you work in? ❞

@Garrett Cavey

[Image: pydzd5.gif]
Garrett felt a little awkward about simply going about his business now that he had unexpectantly found himself in a conversation. He chuckled as the older man said that he felt like he had been working with flobberworm mucus. "Hopefully it isn't something catching," Garrett said, not sure what else there was to say about that. "I work for the Spell Damage department as an intern. I'm Garrett Cavey, sir," Garrett stated respectfully as he tried to hide the fact that he would prefer to continue this conversation when he didn't dearly need to urinate.
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It seemed as if the elder man had forgotten that most people came into the restroom because they had business to take care of because he seemed rather content to just have this little conversation with Garrett as if they were old friends, rather than just leave to get back to his patient, hoping that the small bit of washing up he did would suppress the disgusting smell until he could stuff his pockets with flowers or something to mask it until it faded away, which he was pretty sure it would. Hyperion smiled at the young man, who seemed to be nervous? In a hurry? Needing to pee ASAP?

❝ Good to meet you, Mr. Cavey. That's a good department - I work with Magical Bugs. So at least you won't have to worry about anyone coughing on you. I don't think this is anything to worry about, even if it's particularly gross smelling - it seems everyone gets a little green around the gills in the early Spring. ❞

[Image: pydzd5.gif]
Ugh, the smell that the man must have been referring to was finally hitting his nose and he did his best not to gag. "I think I can smell what you are talking about. Definitely putrid, are you sure you shouldn't head home and hose off?" Garrett asked as he brought his hand up to his nose to try and block out the smell. He tried to subtly hint that he had to go in both meanings of the phrase as he inched closer to one of the livvy cubicles.

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Hyperion frowned slightly when Garrett commented on the smell; unfortunately, the splashing of water from the sinks was not enough to make it go away. It was going to take more than that! Perhaps the man was right when he said he should just go home and clean himself off. It would probably be better for his patients anyway. He'll just hand the rest of today off to another healer or an intern. Garrett scooted closer to the toilets and only now did Hyperion realize he'd be stalling him. He pat the man on his shoulder before leaving the restroom, letting the man relieve himself.

❝ Good idea. I'll do that. You have a good day, alright? Thanks for your help. Oh, and, good luck with your internship, Mr. Cavey. ❞

[Image: pydzd5.gif]
Garrett was relieved when the man finally left. He was all for making new friends but the restroom was not a place he considered ideal for such things. "Thank you," he said, realizing too late that he hadn't even gotten the other mans name. That was currently the least of his concerns as he just about dove into one of the stalls to relieve himself once he was certain that he was on his own.

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