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January 2021

We should all be in the year 2021 now and what better way to celebrate than with our annual Winter Labyrinth challenge? For those unfamiliar with the Labyrinth the aim is to complete the tasks to find the passwords to each forum until you reach the center of the labyrinth. The prize for making it there is a shiny stamp and if you're one of the first five there's a super special bonus prize!

I now declare the 2021 Winter Labyrinth officially open! Go forth and regret your life choices!


Another activity check come and gone! The list of inactive accounts has been compiled, with deactivations and list maintenance underway :) If you lost a character you'd like back, you may post in Maintenance starting Wednesday, 5th January. If you have no currently active characters you can post in maintenance immediately! If you lost a character before the AC, you can post there whenever you'd like!

Look for Posting Wizard totals either later today or sometime tomorrow—you can still sign up for January until it rolls over!

We have some delightful events on tap for this month, including a potion brewing competition. And of course, you can't forget the winter labyrinth!

— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

— graphics by lady ❤ —

A quick update with Posting Wizard totals... our December winners were Olive with 27 posts and Fallin with 28! Bring on January's competition, with Kayte, Emma, Kit, Lynn and Ocean all battling it out~

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