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19th of October, 1890
To Whoever Reads This,
I hope this letter finds you in good health. I suppose you are studying hard for your NEWTs, so I will keep this short. Which classes do you take? Perhaps we could exchange advice and opinions regarding our classes and be of use to each other during this period of correspondence.

My roster is as follows: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Potions, Alchemy, Transfiguration, Ancient Runes.


[Image: 3UNwzWc.png]
20 October, 1890

There's worse ways to spend the duration of this assignment than by preparing for NEWTs, I suppose. Your roster is a formidable one, one better-suited for a future academic than a debutante. Where do your ambitions lie?

I'm taking Charms, History of Magic, Ancient Studies, Ancient Runes, Herbology, and Divination. Only two in common.


we all know MJ is amazing but DAMN
21st of October, 1890
Mr. Crates,
It is a pity that we know the gender of the other person, it would create more mystery not to know that. I suppose it was necessary, lest we assumed the other person's gender wrongly and then included some information that is supposed to be secret to the other gender.

I am aware that my roster is not one you expect a debutante to have but I believe in the value of education. There would be no point to continue my schooling to my seventh year if all the classes I took were Art and Divination. I have nothing against those subjects, I simply believe that it's not worth getting them on a NEWT level alone, especially if I'm not interested in pursuing a career in them. Personally, I would be interested in academia and I believe I could be of benefit to science in my free time, once I am married. After all, an impressive woman has more than one interest.

It is only polite that I ask you the same question in regards to ambitions. Your roster doesn't point to a clear career path. My guess would be that you are interested in history. Perhaps an archaeologist?

Miss Epictetus

[Image: 3UNwzWc.png]
23 October, 1890
Miss Epictetus,

After six years of etiquette classes spent solely with boys, I find the assignment refreshing to say the least. I've never been the type of boy to stick with all-boy friendships. I find it expends my perspective and doubles the pool of potential study partners. I'm sure there are secrets to be kept by both sexes, though, and I wouldn't say I'm all too eager to learn them.

My parents always instilled the value of education into my sisters and I, but I admit I find it difficult to stay focused on one path. I tried to vary my electives in my earlier years, though history has always captivated me (while other classes, namely Divination, only remain because of the friendships I formed). I've always considered going into academia, though in my situation it might be best suite for later down the road. I intend to find my place in the Ministry after Hogwarts, if only to establish connections that will help further my career. Once my sisters are married I hope to explore further options.

I'm not sure the intention of the assignment is to guess our partners, but I'm already beginning to have my suspicions.


we all know MJ is amazing but DAMN

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