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August 1, 1890 - Lestrange Residence
School was quickly approaching and Agape wasn't ready for it. Ready to be left again by her cousins. Oh, how she wished that she could spend time with Frida in the halls of Hogwarts. To see which Hogwarts house she would be in. Would she be sorted with any of her cousins? Or would she be in Ravenclaw like mama? Agape could hardly see herself in any of the houses. But then again, how many people really did? Most of her family wanted to be placed in Slytherin, but her cousins proved that this wasn't always the case.

How did every other younger sibling cope with this? Agape might have been the eldest among her sisters, but Frida and Meta - and even Gretchen - were like sisters to her too. Each year as Agape grew up made it harder to watch her cousins be shipped off without her being able to follow. By the time she graduated, they would likely be married off.

As any little girl her age, Agape had friends with those in her parents social circle. Several were younger sisters in similar situations when it came to the Hogwarts issue. Too young to ever really spend time with those they grew up close to. So many topics can circle around in these mini social circles. One topic had been of certain interest among the young girls on top of the return of the Hogwarts season.

Agape knew it was childish to bring up her disappointment in not being able to spend more time with her cousins, so upon looking up from her own needle point, she glanced around at the fellow Lestrange ladies in the room and asked, "Will I be betrothed?"

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