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He has touched my ankle and seen me with my hair down (not intentionally, of course!), so I'm pretty sure I already know what it feels like to be married.Helga Scamander in Helga's Boy Book
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Helga's Boy Book
Helga Mildred Milburga Scamander
My opinions, because they are obviously the correct ones.

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#Hustling: Debutante Style
set by MJ! <3

Mrs. Helga Abbott
There are two brothers: the older and handsome one, and the younger auror. They're both favorable matches, but I'm partial to the older one's curls.

The handsome one was just engaged to Miss Diana Fawley. I cannot fault him for that; if I were a man, I would marry her just as quickly. Mr. Gerald Abbott is still unmarried; I shall endeavor to make his acquaintance.

Mrs. Helga Abercombie
Nora's brother, although young, will remain an option until he or I marry. I would not care if he is boring or annoying; he would make Nora my sister, and that would be the ultimate success.

Mrs. Helga Adlard
Handsome and well-connected! He is Eugene's boss, and how fully would it be to host a party where my brother hoped to impress my husband?

He is engaged to a muggle. How tragic.

Mrs. Helga Aymslowe
The candy man. He is as sweet on the eyes as the candy in his shop. My only fear would be losing my figure as his official taste-tester. Also, it is not wise to marry a man whose income is dependent on a small business!

Mrs. Helga Ainsworth
He looks dreadfully boring. Why would a man spend all day at the library?

Mrs. Helga Binns
He is the owner of Whizzhard Books and is as dark an mysterious as he is handsome. I've seen him before, but I always feel so shy saying hello!

Mrs. Helga Byrne
Handsome, and... He's handsome.

Where is his wit?

Mrs. Helga Cardew
A quidditch player, and a captain of a team at that! He is handsome, and I have always liked the idea of having children with bouncing blonde curls.

Somehow, some way, he failed to make first-string of the national team despite being captain! He is less attractive now.

Mrs. Helga Collins
The unfavorable allusion to Pride and Prejudice can be forgiven, but he has a young son who is unlikely to ever accept me as a mother. I know I should not judge—maybe he's good and kind.

Mrs. Helga Crouch
Still a possibility with Mr. Aldous and Mr. Roman Crouch, but Mr. Reuben Crouch—surprising, I know—went off and eloped with the betrothed Miss Finch. Would it still be worth it? Probably.

Mrs. Helga Darrow
Handsome, and well-connected. It's a shame that his youngest sister chooses to work!

Currently courting Miss Delaney. She can have him.

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#Hustling: Debutante Style
set by MJ! <3

Mrs. Helga Echelon
I've never met him, but his family is a bit notorious. What do employees of the Pest Advisory Bureau even do?

Mrs. Helga Fisk
There are so many of them. There is Mr. Julian Fisk, Mr. Konstantin Fisk, Mr. Dorian Fisk, Mr. Leonid Fisk, and Mr. Nemo Fisk. Surely one of them is in need of a wife, and surely one of them one would find me perfectly suitable! I'm sure I would get along with Miss Roslyn Ross—the Minister's wife!—just as nicely.

Mrs. Helga Gibson
Why do so many men invest in bookshops? I mean, I understand the comforts of a book (not to mention the thought of meeting the perfect gentleman through a opening in a two-way bookshelf), but what will happen when people figure out there are more interesting things to do?

It doesn't matter, I suppose. He's got a reputation, anyways.

Mrs. Helga Gladstone
A healer who suffered a great loss when his fiance (or were they simply courting?) died. The thought of being the one to heal a wounded heart is certainly alluring. The thought of moving to Ireland is not.

Mrs. Helga Greyback
Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. I've never seen him before, but I'm told he's in his late-thirties and is friendly enough.

Red hair has never looked so terrifying.

Mrs. Helga Honeyduke
Nobody can convince me that my name does not sound absolutely delightful while paired with his. I would accept a proposal on that alone! (He is also, on all accounts, finally secure, friendly, well-connected—and handsome as can be.)

Mrs. Helga Hatchitt
I truly do like how my name sounds with the alliteration. The Hatchitts are good family, but I'm sad to say I've never been acquainted with Mr. Hatchitt himself!

Mrs. Helga King
A regal name, to be sure, but I've discovered that Mr. King is fonder of art than power. I wonder if being an artist means he is wealthy enough to live without a proper income, or if it means that he's destined for destitution. I would think the former.

Mrs. Helga Lestrange
Unlikely to ever happen, but a girl can dream.

Mr. Claudius Lestrange married his cousin, which is far from a surprise. Mr. Cassius Lestrange is still available, but I think he and Nora would be a prettier pair. I wonder if she agrees...

Mrs. Helga Longbottom
A first-born son, a former quidditch player turned quidditch sponsor, a love of parties, a charming smile, a handsome face, chivalrous, plenty of connections, and he is my hero—thrice. He has touched my ankle and seen me with my hair down (not intentionally, of course!), so I'm pretty sure I already know what it feels like to be married.

Mrs. Helga Lupin
A man from a good family with an equally good job, Mr. Lupin seems like a perfect target for my charms. I do wonder why he's never asked me to dance before!

Mrs. Helga Lytton
On paper he might be one of my ideals. He is established, famous, and extremely talented. He once drew a dress inspired by me; I can only imagine how if would feel to be an inspiration every day of my life.

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#Hustling: Debutante Style
set by MJ! <3

Mrs. Helga MacFusty
Some of them are

No. Just no. I've thought about it, and I've decided I would never marry one of them. Ever.

Mrs. Helga Macmillan
His brother married last winter, but despite being a second son he seems to have made a name for himself. He would offer stability and good connections through both his family and work. He does have a daughter, though, and I do not think I would be a particularly good step-mother.

Mrs. Helga Macnair
There are two of them older than myself—Mr. Valerian and Mr. Agrimony Macnair. As the eldest son, Mr. Valerian Macnair is preferable. He is the assistant head of one of the St. Mungo's wards, although I've heard whispers of his alternative interests. Mr. Agrimony is much less familiar to me, but is undoubtedly a catch in his own right.

Mrs. Helga Medina
A magizoologist—I wonder if Eugene knows him.

From what I heard, he seems too wild for even me to tame. I could not marry a sailor.

Mrs. Helga Midford
Although a decade and a half my senior, it does not appear that Mr. Midford will be losing his looks to old age anytime soon. He sits high on my personal list of most attractive bachelors, right alongside Mr. Longbottom, Mr. Scrimgeour, and Mr. Rosier. My only worries is his niece, Miss Midford. I have no issue with her, of course, but she would become the second girl my age who I suddenly would become an aunt to! (I am sure she wouldn't mind, though.)

Mrs. Helga Ollivander
The Ollivanders are an old family, and I'm sure any son we had would carry on the family legacy. It's an appealing thought, to be married into such an ancient family. I only wonder what the man himself is like.

Mrs. Helga Parkinson
An elitist, I'm sure. Most men of his wealth and status who pursue a Ministry profession are seeking power instead of income. I would very much like to be his wife, though—if only for the connections.

Mrs. Helga Prewett
A good family with plenty of sons to choose from. I've had the privilege to know their mother, Mrs. Harriet Prewett, and she seems determined to introduce me to each of her sons. I would think that means I have her approval, would it not?

Mr. Faustus Prewett is the eldest, and he is the current head auror. A valiant profession, and a prestigious position. His only fault is that he was married once before, and has three children—one son, and two daughters, one who is of Hogwarts age! I would hate to be the evil step-mother in his daughter's imaginary tales.

Mr. Fitzroy Prewett gives off the air of a cassanova who's just been tamed, but that may be because quidditch players are confident by nature. He's been widowed once before, but is without children of his own. I wonder what it would take to win his heart.

Mr. Felix Prewett is a reporter—an interesting choice for a third son. I expect he hopes to marry an heiress, in which case I am useless.

Mr. Frederick Prewett is the youngest and works at the Ministry. He is handsome with his blond hair, but he flung me around on the dance floor! It must be his age.

Mrs. Helga Rosier
Wealthy and handsome—and an auror. His family seems more elitist than the Prewetts, and perhaps just as much as the Lestranges. He's very tall, too, and aurors are rather rough creatures by nature. I would marry him if he proposed, though.

Mrs. Helga Salvage
His name is horrendous. The only thing salvageable is his mind. I wonder if it's true that he was expelled from school?

Mrs. Helga Scrimgeour
A handsome first-born son, investigator, and gentle dance partner. I only fear being associated with his unfortunate family. I cannot blame him, of course, and he is perfectly amiable; and after meeting him on the dance floor a handful of times, I would feel guilty holding it against him. The biggest downside: I would assuredly sign my name wrong. I think he likes me, but that hardly means anything. I am likable by nature.

Mrs. Helga Selwyn
There's not much known about him. I know the Selwyns are a good name, even if their decisions have left them with a hovering cloud of scandal.

Mrs. Helga Sterling
An auror whose main advantage is his handsome face. I have never had the pleasure to meet him, but is there such thing as a bad auror?

Mrs. Helga St.John-Black
An American who was unfairly treated by Miss Finch, now Mrs. Crouch. I've heard he works in the Ministry, but in what position?

He is not just an employee, but a liaison. I do not know him very well, but marrying him would mean eventually returning to America. I could never.

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#Hustling: Debutante Style
set by MJ! <3

Mrs. Helga Urquart
He is the former Minister of Magic. That carries some weight, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, his daughters are nearly my age and one of them is a werewolf. Bachelor or not, I'll have to pass.

Mrs. Helga Wells
A healer and an activist, though his position makes me inclined to forgive his progressive ways.

Mrs. Helga Wright
He's appeared in Witch Weekly numerous times—and he's handsome even with his unfashionable haircut.

Upon second thought, he's a career activist with no other income that I can think of. I am not a conservative, per se, but our beliefs would certainly conflict! (He would probably demand that I work. I could never.)

Mrs. Helga Zabini
His c0usins, despite the damage they've suffered in pureblood circles, are stylish and worthy of good matches themselves. I'm not sure how what their relationship like, despite being less wealthy he is just as attractive. I've never really considered marrying a foreigner, but I just might if they intend to stay.

#Hustling: Debutante Style
set by MJ! <3
New Additions: January 1891

Mrs. Helga Aaldenberg
He is a pleasant gentleman, not too fussed about what he converses about with the fairer sex. He is apparently a healer and lives in Kent. I do like Kent, but I am fortunately less fond of his German surname. Nevertheless, he remains an option.

Mrs. Helga Greengrass
There is only one worth noting, a Mr. Fortitude Greengress who is unfortunately a mere two years my senior. He is still too young to marry, but did inherit his family's estate upon the untimely death of his father. The Greengrasses are a good family, and perhaps one to keep an eye on if I fail to secure a husband anytime soon.

Mrs. Helga d'Orsay
Formely the Alchemy professor and now the Defence Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogsmeade. He is handsome as can be—and wealthy—and lives at Hogwarts for such a lengthy period of the year that I need no worry about him fussing about my every move. A solid contender.

Mrs. Helga Karim
An wealthy Moroccan expat whose decision to purchase the Howlers makes him a clear option for any woman looking to dominate the Hogsmeade seen—but unfortunately, that woman will not be me! I have no desire to become step-mother to any children.

Mrs. Helga Grindlebrook
A wealthy quidditch player with a formidable heritage, but a second son. Not the worst option, but too young to be an option to me under those circumstances.

Mrs. Helga Vane
A new professor, and formerly a historical researcher and author. He is an only son and from a decent family, but I do not know enough about him to make any assertion about his character. Certainly teaching is not the most lucrative profession!

Mrs. Helga Avery
An auror from a good family. He is a childless widower as well, but there is no telling what feelings he still keeps for his deceased wife. I shall endeavor to learn more about him.

Mrs. Helga Smith
An eccentric family. I have no desire to name my children after celestial bodies if I can help it.

Mrs. Helga Browne
A second son with a plethora of connections, Mr. Gideon Browne would not be the worst choice, but not one to strive for. His sister, Mrs. Calliope Zabini, seems pleasant enough, and I would not mind having her for a sister.

Mrs. Helga Bensouda
Another Moroccan. He is wealthy and all, but his reputation marks him as something of a wildcard. Not the ideal husband.

Mrs. Helga Picardy
Mr. Emerett Picardy is an middle-aged man with one son and a knack for controversy, but I daresay I agree with his anti-werewolf sentiment. They are quite terrifying, aren't they?

Mrs. Helga Skeeter
My former Herbology professor. He is handsome and kind, but probably not the man for me.

Mrs. Helga Farley
One of the most handsome men of Hogsmeade, his only fault is his family's extremist pro-muggle view. (Of course, there is nothing wrong with muggles, but they are so very different from us.) I would very much like to make his acquaintance.

#Hustling: Debutante Style
set by MJ! <3

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