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July 24, 1890 - Galleon Gala for GLEE
Whatever Ophelia Devine lacked in actual substance, she made up for in good causes and fantastic events. Angelica was more than happy to offer a sizable donation for the evening - the Voron estate wasn't going to spend itself - to support the further education of young witches. While Angel couldn't imagine the idea of anything less than seven competitive years at Hogwarts, she learned, as she watched friends and then students fall away, that a full seven years wasn't always feasible.

She politely watched the presentation of the hopeful debutantes, and used her significant experience not laughing at student mishaps to get through the presentation. Some of the witches coming down the grand stairs just paid a fortune to embarrass themselves and Angelica appreciated the unintentional entertainment. Her heart went to the younger girls, but this was the parade of nonsense that all well-bred women had to endure. If she could do it, they young bloods could possibly do it.

Angelica made her further donation to the evening by offering her dance card and, surprise surprise, she was enjoying her evening. Did she raise the price for a few of the less attractive suitors? Just possibly, but it all went to charity anyhow. She'd endured several dances and was enjoying the break in the music to sip a rather stunning champagne, when she had a strange feeling. The unsettling feeling of being watched had her subtly examining the room. She found the source of the sensation and very nearly choked on her wine. She knew that man, she was certain. But why?

Angelica couldn't think of his name, which was horrid, and she didn't remember him from school. Did she know him from Russia? Summers in Italy? It bothered her that her beloved mind was failing her. She'd taken a few strides toward him before she thought better of it, but stopped herself. No, she would wait, she had another dance in a few moments, a Mr. PS, no other indication of his identity. The tall, frustratingly familiar wizard that held her gaze could approach or stay in the wings. It was entirely up to him.

[Image: 3yopnb.png]
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A party was a party, though Peter tended to enjoy his own far better. But of course, that didn't mean that he didn't dislike other individual's parties. Quite frankly, this was quite a nice gathering. The décor was beautiful, to say the least. At least Mrs. Devine put more effort in than certain other hostesses.

All of these debutantes seemed to be paraded around like prized hens, though that was the point he supposed. There was his own wolf in sheep's clothing. Miss Dantés was part of the presentation, and he kept a subtly close eye on her as the evening progressed. His worry for her lingered, but he tried to enjoy himself nonetheless.

While his eye kept a glance or two towards his ward, he did examine the room as well as actually participating in the festivities. Then he noticed a familiar face. Familiar could be good, or very bad. Trying to get a good look, his mind nagged that he knew her from somewhere. Not the family, not the targeted family that his ward was out to destroy. No, this was personal.

His own dance card was a subtle initial rather than a full name. He liked it that way. Thus his turn to dance with the very woman who caught his eye had caught him entirely off guard. But he approached nonetheless. "I believe this dance is mine?"

Angelica came close to keeping herself rooted to the spot, but as the strange/familiar man approached, she found herself closing the distance. Eyes flicking to her listed partners, and back up to the man but a step away, Angelica made no effort to hide her study of him. "Well, double the mystery then. Mr. PS. I believe I know your face, but I cannot tell why nor do I know your name"

Angelica still extended her hand. "I think I have the length of the dance to resolve my questions, if you will assist me. Tell me, sir, why do I recognize you across a room?"

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The woman in question seemed curious enough about their connection as well. Long before she voiced the question. The million dollar question. "A good question, indeed. But I seem to have misplaced my memory of you as well."

Their dance began as he took a moment to think. "Do you travel often?" It was likely not in Britain that he had last seen her. No, the recognition would be more immediate.

Angel cocked an eyebrow at her partner's response. "Hmm, a part of me wonders if I should be offended. I rarely forget a face and, if I am honest, mine is rarely forgotten." No need to be humble at this point. She took in all she could of her dance partner. Angelica barely passed his shoulders and had to crane her neck to see his delightful brown eyes. Surely she would remember him. "You still have me at a disadvantage, sir. I don't even know your name. As you know when you purchased the dance, I am Angelica Vorona."

Offering a nod, she allowed him to to turn her and lead them around the floor. "Most of my life, actually. I traveled with my father for business until Hogwarts and then summers were split between Rome and mother's Russian estates. After Hogwarts, I lived in Russia with my late husband until six years ago. I've traveled frequently. And you, Mr. PS?"

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MJ made this miracle!
Well, that certainly was blunt. Not that he minded. He was used to more than just the standard 'proper lady' of Britain. Not to mention that his own ward was a bold one behind closed doors. "What an achievement. Would you like for me to simply tell you my name?"

Vorona, yes, he knew that name. Where to place the name and face was a blur, but he started to recall as they continued their talk. There were so many that he met for both business and pleasure. After a time, unless it was urgent that he remembered, he tended to forget those he needn't remember. "Not as far as an explorer, though I have been to a fair amount of places."

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