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Child's Play: Zombie Edition
July 26th, 1890 — Lovegood House, Wellingtonshire
@Abraxas Crabbe

Sundays with Rex were less common than they once were, but Flora enjoyed them just the same. It was easier to have fun in the Lovegood house than her own, if only because they were allowed an ounce more of freedom under Mr. Lovegood's eye than under her mother's. Not that it mattered much—fun was becoming a foreign concept as August quickly approached, and Flora had found herself wishing to return to school some days.

On occasion parties were hosted that children could attend on High Street, but her days had become monotonous as she brushed up on her French, painted the same scene outside of her window every morning, and talked with her other friends about her Uncle Beckett's performance in the World Cup. Even in Rex's room, with a number of old board games and a household to explore for the thousandth time, it was boring.

Fortunately—or unfortunately for Flora in this case—boredom had a way of curing itself.

There was a sudden knock from the inside of Rex's closet. It was loud enough to startle her off the edge of Rex's bed, and the repetition of the same pounding thud enough to convince her that there was someone inside. She looked to Rex, half-confused and half-startled.

"What are you keeping in there?" she said, slightly accusatory in her tone.

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"Don't open it!" Rex exclaimed with some panic as his cousin indicated the wardrobe.

It had been three weeks prior when he had first discovered the creature inside. A bright boy, Rex had swiftly puzzled out what it was. Much to his embarrassment, though, he had not yet been able to properly repel the creature and, indeed, had convinced Uncle Andren (who had come hastily when the boy had screamed at the sight of his dead mother on his bedroom floor) to leave the wardrobe in the room until Rex was capable of handling the creature.

A disappointing three weeks, to say the least.

Still, the Hufflepuff was not entirely sure how to broach the topic with his cousin—and indeed, one of his closest friends— particularly as he often worried Flora was a better student than he was. Instead, he just stared wild-eyed at the Slytherin.

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Flora stared at Rex incredulously. So he had been keeping something in there—intentionally!

"What's in there?" she asked. She'd never taken Rex for neither a coward nor a glutton for punishment, but there was something in his tone that suggested just that. She would rather sleep in the gardens than sleep in a room where something lurking just out of reach.

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Rex hesitated before answering, "It's a...a project, of sorts. Uncle Andren knows," he added hurriedly before Flora could get any wild ideas.

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"A project?" Flora asked, staring at him as if he'd suddenly grown another head. "What sort of project requires you to keep something in a trunk that's likely to keep you up all night?" And what did Andren Lovegood have to do with it? (And why would him knowing make her any less concerned? She was more offended that he hadn't told her.)
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Rex knew Flora as well as he knew anyone—well enough to know that she was like a dog with a bone when she wanted to know something.

"It's a boggart," he admitted sheepishly at last.

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A boggart. Flora actually laughed—loud and borderline obnoxious, full of disbelief.

"Why in the world are you keeping a boggart in your bedroom, Rex?" she asked, giving him an exasperated yet affectionate look. How silly of him to keep something so easily banished by one of the house staff. "Why don't you just ask your Uncle Andren to get rid of it? Or Uncle Orlando?"

(At least she now knew it wasn't something dangerous. She eyed the trunk, considering opening it just to see what form it took in front of Rex. She'd never considered his greatest fears, not could she pinpoint her own.)

thanks to MJ for the prettiest set <3

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