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Dance the Night Away
July 24th, 1890 — Galleon Gala for GLEE
Devine Estate, Wellingtonshire
Imagine being walking down the staircase at someone else’s home then being showered with compliments by the hostess as everyone had their eyes on her then having to perform a spell in front of everyone. Kitty didn’t like the pressure. Unlike as a student, she can mess up as much as she liked but as an adult in high society everyone was waiting for her to mess up. Thankfully, she chose an easy one - to conjure butterflies as she descended – not quite the attention grabber that her grandmother would like but it did match her gown for the evening.

Once the gala was in full swing, she found the evening quite enjoyable. Kitty chatted with Miss Crawford when her dance card glowed with a new name. Just as the name appeared, someone was eyeing the two blondes and a giggle erupted from the ravenclaw due to excitement. She soon unlink her arms from Hope so her friend could look for her partner while she approached the auburn haired gentleman.  “Excuse me, are you perhaps Mr. Gladstone?” Kitty asked as she paused in front of him.
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