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24th July, 1890 — Devine Estate, Galleon Gala for GLEE
With a full dance card in her reticule, a pleasant balance of laudanum and champagne in her system and friends aplenty in the hall Angeline was having a tremendous time at the ball. If asked she would have lauded the charity they had all amassed to raise money for - though she barely knew what the letters stood for - and heaped as much praise upon their hostess as Mrs Devine had done to her when she came down the staircase.

What a moment that had been! In the audience she had spotted Bellona smiling up at her, a surefire way to make Angeline give a true and genuine smile, and she secretly suspected that smile had been a large contribute to her stacked dance card. Glancing around the ballroom between dances she tried to locate her friend but the crowd was thick with people finding their partners for the next dance: the waltz - always a favourite of Angel's.

Who did she have again? Before she could even try to recall who she had left her reticule with a figure strode towards her and Angel raised an eyebrow.

How could she have forgotten?

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