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July 9th, 1890 — Priam Lestrange's residence

Meta had always thought that she would like to try out for Quidditch at Hogwarts. Being a naturally thrill-seeking person, she had enjoyed her flying classes in her first year. After that, she hadn't been allowed to be involved in Quidditch. She was an on and off member of the flying class because there was nothing that unladylike in simply riding a broom. Anything grittier than that and she wasn't allowed to do it.

She had tried asking Uncle Priam but he had laughed at the idea. He didn't even outwardly tell her that she couldn't play because she was a girl. He kept saying things like: ‘Oh, you're too scrawny for that, you'd be knocked off your broom.’ and then he laughed. Another time, he'd made a comment about how she'd get bored and quit after a week, even if she made the team.

Well. He wasn't exactly wrong. Meta was terrible at being committed to things.

In any case, she would have liked to have the ability to try. She wanted the thrill of competing for a place on the team. If she did end up making the team and she got bored, that was something she could deal with once it happened.

She clearly couldn't convince Priam himself, so Meta decided to go about it by convincing Nephele. Her uncle adored his wife, so if Nephele was convinced she'd be able to convince him to give her permission to try out.

She found her at the dining room, telling the servants things about that evening's family gathering. Meta had a plan: Seeing that they would sort of celebrate her dead father's birthday that evening, it would be the perfect time to tug at her heartstrings. Aunt Nephele was such a softie, she would feel bad for her orphaned niece, at a day like that and totally be convinced to bring some happiness into her sad, orphan life by allowing her to play Quidditch.

‘‘Auntie,’’ Meta approached her aunt. ‘‘Is there anything I could help with tonight?’’

@Nephele Lestrange

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