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Kristoffer and the Girls
July 9th, 1890 — Priam Lestrange's Residence; Wellingthonshire

Orestes Lestrange didn't deserve to be remembered. He had been a horrible man and an abusive father. Whenever Meta thought of him, she was filled with anger at the unfairness of having to experience the Cruciatus Curse by her own father's hand. He deserved to be dead.

Uncle Priam seemed to have a different opinion, as he had hosted a memorial gathering at his house. Only family had been invited. They had all had dinner and then the family had scattered around the house. Uncle Priam and the older men were smoking cigars in some room, the married women were in one of the sitting rooms and chatting, etc. Orestes Lestrange's four surviving children had found themselves around the same table, playing a card game. It had been Uncle Priam's idea for the children to spend some time together. He'd given a brief speech on how important it was for Kristoffer to care for them and how lucky they were to have an older brother and how sad he was to have lost his. He had seemed rather emotional but then he'd regained his cheery disposition as he'd told the older men to follow me to his study to try some quality firewhiskey.

As one of them dealt the cards, Meta commented innocently: ‘‘Oh Kristoffer, it's like you're in your own harem amongst all of us!’’ She was making a jab at how he was the only boy in the room, while the others were ruining their lungs with expensive cigars.
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Memorialising her father was not at the top of Gretchen’s personal t0-do list but she’d had little say in the matter. She had very little say in things in general, but that was not a gripe for today when so many little things were getting on her nerves that it utterly drowned out any larger grievances she had with her lot in life.

“Don’t be ridiculous Meta,” Gretchen said with a sniff as she played a card, diligently ignoring the far more interesting chatter coming from the next room in the name of getting through the game quickly. “Kris couldn’t keep one wife let alone three.”

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It was reluctance rather than wariness that filled Frida's heart that morning when Uncle Priam reminded her, for the fourth or fifth time that week, that he expected her to pay respects to her father's memory that day. Very few good memories of her father still remained, and it took little effort to discern that her siblings felt the same way. Meta had never mentioned that she missed him, and Meta was always one to say as she felt. Gretchen never said much, and Kristoffer rarely spoke to her nowadays (which she was perfectly fine with following the Jemima debacle).

Fractured as they were, Frida wished that they lived in a universe where their family were normal—where her Mama saw her off to school each year, the three girls were close, where Kristoffer loved and protected them even when it wasn't necessary, and where their Papa had expressed even an ounce of interest in them. But God had his ways of punishing those who were greedy and power-hungry, and they'd punished Orestes Lestrange by sentencing him to death and orphaning his children.

What a dreary day.

Frida played her own cart with a disinterested hum, knowing she was likely to be eliminated first at this rate. She hated cards, just as she hated this masquerade that they were all mourning their father's memory that day. Then Meta opened her mouth, and then Gretchen opened her mouth, and Frida's neutral expression slipped off her face and turned into a poorly-hidden smirk.

She dared look up to meet Kristoffer's eyes. She raised her brows—a challenge.

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This was why he didn’t spend time with his sisters. A pity their father had had the bad sense to die before teaching the rest of them some fucking respect - and Merlin knew what Priam and his lunatic wife had been doing with them.

“Says who?” Kristoffer shot back at Gretchen. What could she possibly know about his prowess with women? Besides, had anyone ever even noticed she was a girl and not some freakish automaton? He highly doubted it.

(Though to be frank, one wife would probably already be too many. But there was nothing to say a man couldn’t have multiple concubines.)

“More like none of you will ever have husbands,” he drawled, looking disparagingly over his cards from one to the other to the next. “Just wait. You’ll be three old spinsters living with Nephele the Nutcase until the end of time.” The three of them might have made a pact to gang up against him today, but Kristoffer was perfectly sure one of them would snap and murder Meta eventually. Frida, probably. It’d be the first and last nerve she ever showed.
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Meta didn't even try to stifle her laughter at Gretchen's comment. That had to be the most savage thing she'd heard in the last couple of months.

To think that Kristoffer had once been her favourite sibling! As a child, Meta had enjoyed following him around and being his crony for mischief. Then, their parents died and they had been separated and Kristoffer hadn't made any effort to seek her. Then, she had been sorted into Gryffindor and Kristoffer had made way too many mean jabs about how trash her House was. She liked her sisters way better now, even if she'd disliked them as a child. Not having her terrible father to make her feel inclined to view them antagonistically helped.

‘‘Maybe that'll be the case, sadly,’’ Meta replied in a faux sad tone. ‘‘There will be no money left for our dowries because Uncle Lucius will use it all to bribe someone to give their daughter up to you. Well, after he's done bribing people into hiring you at the troll division at the Ministry.’’

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A small shudder went up her spine at Kris' words: it wasn't overly likely that they'd remain spinsters, no doubt they would be strategically married off to the lesser sons of greater families, but Gretchen's private nightmare was the possibility of living in this house forever. Hogwarts was her lone escape. She either needed to marry quickly or convince uncle Priam that finishing school was absolutely necessary for her future - that would buy her a few years and hopefully Kris wouldn't make a disgrace of all of them in that time.

"Have you given any thought to what you might do?" She asked her brother, ignoring Meta for the most part. "You can't just loll around the house forever, we're not like them," Gretchen said, eyes flickering to the wall to indicate the rest of the family. Which ones did she mean? Tiberius and Tatiana, who had somehow risen above a murderer for a father? Flighty Ellory and Rosalind who had to be shepherded by their respectable sisters? Morose Cassius who always seemed desperately miserable to Gretchen?

All they had done was have the misfortune of becoming orphans and they were barely above the middle class cousins no one ever mentioned. "You have to do something."

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Kristoffer, indignant and rude as ever, would of course think they'd have no path in life. Kristoffer never thought of anyone other than himself, which became evident the moment he sent Jemima (who, despite being a Hufflepuff, was still a pureblood, and Frida had assumed Kristoffer would at least respect that) into months-long social ruin after releasing her diary to the world. She should say something, but even she could admit she hadn't inherited the witty tongue that her siblings seemed blessed with.

Meta was not holding back, though, and in that moment—but only that moment—Frida was glad that she'd never learned to watch her mouth. She let out a giggle and hid her face in her cards. She could imagine Uncle Lucius doing something like that, but she doubted he'd care enough to. It was a good question, however: what would Kristoffer do with his life?

Finally, Frida worked up the nerve to say something.

"Perhaps you could be the warden at Azkaban. You do have a penchant for sucking the happiness out of everyone around you," she quipped, staring at her cards as if they were suddenly very interesting.
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