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July 5, 1890 - Nott Residence
No. Not in a million years was Warwick willing to let his family near Avril's bastard nephew. Because that is exactly how Warwick saw this child. An illegitimate. The reason for the elopement that stained the family name. His good name. Why was the world doing this to him? Damn Lucille for dying and making such a hard case to argue against. It was bullshit.

"Avril, they are scandalous individuals. I am not staining our good names any further by allowing any further contact. It is time that you grow up and move on." He stated sternly. Becoming increasingly frustrated with this conversation at hand. Could she just learn to accept her new reality and move forward with her life? With their life.

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Avril was getting tired of this conversation with Warwick. "They're my family, Warwick." She frowned at him. "He's my older brother, of course we're going to see him. His wife just died. Giving birth to their only son." she didn't really care that her husband hadn't wanted anything to do with her side of the family since last December, when Ace and Luicille had announced Luicille's pregnancy.

If growing up meant she had to abandon the family she'd grown up in, then Avril wanted no part of it. Family was everything to her, and she wasn't going to abandon them just because the family she (reluctantly!) married into didn't approve of their views on life.

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"Their bastard son, Avril. That is not the sort of environment that my family will be around." He snapped. He was the head of their household, damn it. This was his decision and she needed to learn to respect that.

Her notion that she had any control in this family was getting exhausted. Treating her with sensitivity* while she was pregnant had been a mistake.

*A Dictionary Influenced By Warwick:
Sensitivity - to be slightly less of an asshole and actually listen to perhaps one sentence that his wife utters.

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"Ryder is not a bastard, Warwick," Avril said this like she was speaking to a child. She was annoyed that he kept calling her nephew such a untrue name, when his parents had been married. Thus making her newborn nephew very much not a bastard.

And even if Ryder had been born outside of wedlock - which he most certainly had not been - he would still be family that she'd claim, even if nobody else wanted to.

"Our son will be meet his cousin soon or later," she hated that Warwick was so.. against her having a relationship with her family. She doubted it would be the same if her family wasn't so libriel in their views on everything that Warwick and his family stood for.

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Ugh, did this woman learn nothing about societal expectations. "Given the timeline of his birth, he was likely... made before they were married. Making him a bastard, Avril."

This was ridiculous. Her whole bloody family was ridiculous. "No, he won't. Even if I have to pull some strings to have him sent to Dumstrang, he is not going near that bastard."

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Avril raised an eyebrow at him. "They were married nine months." she pointed out, in case her husband couldn't count. She didn't know what else to say in that regard. Maybe she was being nieve in thinking that there was no way that her nephew - by Warwick's defintion - a bastard.

"I am going to be there for Ace and his son, Warwick." she could be there for both of them, and her son (which she, and probably everyone else felt, that she was far to immature to be a mother).

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Did he...? Did he really have to explain this to a woman who has given birth?! With the most annoyed groan that Warwick has ever uttered in the last hour he looked his wife in the eye. "Avril. A baby is supposed to be take nine months to be born. They have been married for nine months."

It was like she was an absolute idiot. "No."

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"No?" Avril repeated the word incredulously, not surprised in the least. Why was her husband so pigheaded? Why was her so against the notion of falling in love? Marrying — or eloping — because you had found the one who made you happy? It was so rare to find the one that you were willing to throw away your reputation, your family's reputation, for.

The idea that Ace had married Lucille for reasons other than he truly loved her... that upset Avril. That made Avril doubt that any of her siblings could get the happy marriage between wife and husband that they'd seen between their parents.

The thought that her older brother had married out of obligation because he had messed up devastated her. She refused to show anymore emotion than she already was on the subject.

She didn't think she was showing much, but she was sure she couldn't lie with her eyes. Not in a place that had — at some point — become a safe place for her to not completely hide what she was feeling.

It certainly wasn't because of the prick in front of her, but more because it was her home and she was... entitled to show some of how she felt within its walls.

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"Indeed." He grumbled when she parroted his word. This was a ridiculous argument. He wasn't going to change his mind and he was the head of this little household, however small. One day he would be head of the Nott household. She would be the lady of said household and he was growing more concerned by this concept each and every day.

Even in this, he seemed to be the only one able to break this news to her. Life was more complicated than fairy tales had one believe. Ace had become the family disgrace. Warwick had said this from the day that he found out that the younger man had eloped. It was shameful, and his own wife's support in this situation was outright humiliating. The thought that she would go along with something so scandalous had all but suffocated him.

The realization in her eyes came as a little bit of a relief, though a small part of him did ache for her. Despite their differences, they were man and wife after all. So this look in her eyes was met with a soft, sympathetic sigh. "Avril, I'm not trying to be an ass. This is what is best for our family. I know you love him, but he has hurt your good name. There are consequences of that choice. Ones that I don't want you or our son to pay for."

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