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Sister Bonding
July 3rd, 1890 — Whitledge Home
@Sweetie Whitledge
"I am going to miss you terribly next year," was the first thing Darling said upon finding her sister this particular day. Her sister had officially graduated from Hogwarts and had debuted into society. Though she supposed Honey had it worse than her - once Darling graduated she would be the only sibling in school. "Let's do something today, it seems a shame to waste such a lovely, summer day." Darling wondered what the chances were of getting Handsome to agree to taking them all to the Sanditon Resort for a week. Probably unlikely.

For Sweetie, summer was taking to long. She wanted, no, needed her NEWTs scores. Had to know if they were good enough. And most importantly, had to know if they were the actual NEWTs she needed in order to achieve her goals.

School would not be nearly as missed by Sweetie as some of her fellow graduates felt. Hogwarts was nice and all, but the memories of how tense everything was made Sweetie want to simply move on. But she knew she had to say something nicer than that when Darling proclaimed her feelings. "And I will miss you. I assume you will write?" Of course she would, it was Darling.

To do something had not been the first thing on the Slytherin's mind, but she was open to the possibility. "Such as what?" She asked with a fair amount of curiosity.

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Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.
"Of course! I will keep you abreast of all my latest news," Darling promised. Which for her mostly meant which of her friends liked which boy that week. Darling personally had not yet felt so much as a mild crush on anyone. She was beginning to wonder if something was wrong with her but she figured the feeling would come in due time.

"We could go shopping or a walk through Padmore Park?" She suggested. "We could take out one of the boats on Padmore Pond."

Crushes and such were not the main topic that Sweetie was most inclined to read, but it meant hearing from her sister and that was enough. After all the drama that their family had been through, it was nice to have some time to be normal every now and again.

While Sweetie wasn't really one to go out and about, at least Darling didn't decide to drag her this way and that to any party that struck her fancy. "A boat ride sounds nice."

Lady made Magic

Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.

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