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June 30, 1890 - Sanditon Resort

Of all the places his wife had wished to journey to it had to be by the ocean. Standing outside their rented home for the summer Daniel grimaced. He had never liked the ocean. It was an untidy thing. A maddening breeze always drove sand and salt down ones lungs. No, the ocean had always been his brother's domain. He'd much rather the shadows of his own life then the sea breeze and sand dunes that Freya had insisted on for this summer.

Inside the servants were unpacking, an equally unruly world that Daniel wished to avoid. Torn between wishing to avoid both the ocean and their summer home Daniel sighed. There was nothing for it, they were here now and he would be a fool not to enjoy Freya's enthusiasm for such a venture if he were to have to tolerate such unpleasantness all summer.

Daniel strode back into their lodgings and looked for his wife's golden hair amid the chaos. Ah, there she was.

"Freya." Daniel murmured as he came up to her. "Would you care for a walk? You can show me everything." After all she had gone on about it at such length while trying to convince him to lent a home here that she seemed to know everything about the place.
The salt scented air wafted through the open windows as Freya monitored the unpacking of their belongings. The decision to retire to the shore for the summer had come after the latest Pendergast/Lestrange wedding and had been enacted quickly. An escape would allow room to grow between her and August — would prevent them from crossing the line they've toed for months. Freya loved her husband, for all his tempers and moods he was good to her, and that had to count for something. After all, he had agreed to move to the beach despite his hatred for it, hadn't he?

She moved from pacing to lounge on a chaise placed near the open window. The staff were trained well enough for her to trust their unpacking skills, she supposed, though their newest hire was a bit wanting in intelligence. Freya knew she ought to leave the staffing of their house to the house elves, but having other people around was a comfort when Daniel was in his worst moods. (Something, she hoped, would improve with the relocation.)

"Yes, that would be delightful." She smiled at the offer. The only thing they were missing now were children to chase after. Perhaps this summer would help with that. Freya stood and walked across the room to stand besides him. "Shall we?"

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That smile was the very reason Daniel had agreed to this damable venture in the first place. How at ease his wife looked, how very happy when she smiled like that. He could survive a summer like this if it kept her by his side, that smile dancing across her lips and the lines of worry that had begun to creep over her forehead to smooth away like a bad memory.

He had an impulse to kiss her on the forehead, to bend down and graze his lips over hers despite the bustling servants, but it wasn’t the time or place for such actions. Even if they would calm his nerves. Instead he offered her his arm and led them outside.

“Where to my dear?”

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