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July 1890
July 1890

This month, the full moon will be on Thursday, July 2nd AND Friday, July 31st. Those who play/plot with werewolves should plan accordingly.

In this thread, you'll find and add events for the month of July.
You can also check this out in calendar view!

Click below for directions on adding your event to this month's list!


— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

— graphics by lady ❤ —

What: Sanditon Servants' Ball
Who: Hosted by the Sanditon Resort, theoretically for all domestic servants @ Sanditon but realistically any adult WC character who could conceivably be there could attend without anyone raising a stink.
Cost: N/A
Where: Sanditon Resort, Lesser Ballroom
Why: WC characters deserve to dance, too.
When: Monday, July 27th

Behold, a generic dance for WC characters.

Contact Player(s): @Aldous Crouch


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[Image: imset.png]
Schemes are afoot! Graphics by MJ

What: International Quidditch League Cup Dinner & Dance
Who: Those invited—invitation list will be posted closer to the date, but if you're involved in quidditch or generally important and MC+ you'll probably get one!
Cost: N/A
Where: Destiny Hotel, London
When: Friday, July 31st

A ~gala evening to celebrate the Quidditch World Cup. Dinner in the hotel's restaurant followed by dancing in the ballroom. Champagne flutes charmed with snitch-like tendencies. LOTS of dancing, some cards, and all in all a "frolic till dawn" situation.

Contact Player(s): @Aldous Crouch


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[Image: sRnQFf.jpg]
graphics by lady ❤ —

What: Orestes Lestrange Memorial Day
Who: Hosted by Priam, at his house. Invited are all relatives. It's a pretty close knit event.
Cost: --
Where: Priam's house in Wellingtonshire
Why: It would have been Orestes' birthday
When: July 9th, 1890

MJ and I were talking about Priam hosting a memorial day for all of Orestes' kids to get to thread. The family will gather to pay their respects to Orestes, talk about how awesome he was, eat those funeral-y foods, etc. It is really just a themed house/dinner party for family.

Contact Player(s): Soph! @Priam Lestrange


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ACAB | Any Rep | Festival

What: Hogsmeade Literary Festival
Who: Open to the Public - Hosted by Whizzhard Books
Cost: Many free activities, but there are various wares to be purchased.
Where: Whizzhard Books and a small stretch of one side of the street/sidewalk in front.
Why: The love of READING!
When: July 21-23

Whizzhard Books is hosting its first annual mini-Literary Festival! It's an opportunity to showcase local authors, encourage folks to do a bit of summer reading, and to generally geek out over books. Much of the festivities will take place inside the shop as well as at stalls on the sidewalk/street. Local (anyone based in the UK) authors, publishers, illustrators, and other bookshop owners have been invited to have a stall. There will also be food and performances. Throughout the festival, Whizzhard Books will have a sale on much of its stock.

July 21st: Kick-Off | Select authors from abroad will hold small talks in the shop. Other bookshops, publishers, illustrators, etc. will have the opportunity to hold their own smaller events at the festival! In the evening, there will be a dramatic readers theater performance of The Tempest by Hogsmeade and Irvingly locals.

July 22nd: Local Author's Day | Throughout the day, local authors will be scheduled to hold talks, signings, and readings of their work inside Whizzhard Books on the first floor. In the evening, there will be a small, informal social gathering in the general festival area with local authors in attendance. There will be snacks and music. Attendees at this evening event should be 16+. It's a great networking and learning opportunity for all.

July 23rd: Children's Day | Readings and performances from The Tales of Beedle the Bard, including a puppet show. Authors, professors, tutors, etc. will make themselves available for young learners to speak with. In the early evening, there will be a gathering for Hogwarts-aged children to mingle and independently shop for next year's texts or other literary interests. (There will be designated chaperones overseeing the gathering.) Sweet treats will be available for consumption.

Contact Player(s): @Billie Farrow


[Image: xPlE4V4.png]
Pretties thanks to Olive! <3

What: "Hogwarts is a Home" Charity Drive
Who: A public event hosted by @Helga Scamander (& one of her married sisters) that's aimed at UC/MC people.
Cost: Donations are encouraged, but there is no cost to attend!
Where: One of Padmore Park's pavilions.
Why: To help needy Hogwarts students and their families for the '90-'91 school year!
When: July 11th

A number of tables will be set up on one of Padmore's pavilions, with volunteers accepting donations for old schoolbooks, old wands, cauldrons, robes, etc. When guests are finished dropping off their donations, they may go out to the lawns, where for a small fee guests may enter a variety of contests including:
    — Croquet
    — Lawn tennis
    — Archery
Prizes are gift baskets from local businesses.

Contact Player(s): Bree (@Holly Scrimgeour)


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#Hustling: Debutante Style
set by MJ! <3

What: Galleon Gala for GLEE
Who: Ophelia Devine hosting, U/MC of good repute invited.
Cost: No cost to attend but men pay for dances and ladies can pay to be presented (see details below)
Where: Devine Estate, Wellingtonshire
Why: Fundraising for charity - specifically the Girls Labor & Employment Endowment (GLEE) which provides skills training and respectable job placement for girls who are unable to attend/continue at Hogwarts.**
When: Friday, 24 July

THE BALL: Typical fancy-pants gala. High fashion expected from the ladies, good behavior from the gents. Light food and champagne will be available throughout the evening. Decor theme is romanticism; the walls and ceiling are covered in a painted landscape a la this that moves magically and has some built in weather changes.

PRESENTATIONS: For a small fee, ladies may be be formally presented at the beginning of the ball. They'll have a chance to walk down a staircase and show off their fancy clothes, perform a decorative, ladylike spell if they choose, and have Ophelia say some lovely things about their virtues while everyone else in attendance watches and politely applauds. While technically open to any woman as a way to 'advertise' her available dance card slots, this is really geared towards debutantes whose parents are willing to pay for them to have a leg up on the competition and a way to stand out. Special invitations for this privilege are sent to unmarried PSYR graduates, then remaining spots are open to other attendees. Maximum 10 ladies.

THE DANCES: Each lady in attendance will set the price for their dances and can choose whatever cost they want - but keep in mind that it's quite embarrassing if no one takes you up on it and you have to sit a dance out! Men will be able to add themselves to as many dance cards as they're willing to pay for. The agreements are being magically tracked and men will either settle before leaving or be sent a bill following the evening, so we don't have to deal with exchanging money on the dance floor :P

**If you or an NPC family member of yours would like to be a beneficiary of GLEE, LMK and you may be able to bring you WC character to this party to rave about how wonderful the charity is.

Contact Player(s): @Ophelia Devine


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