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(Dark) Scholarly Notes
A plain notebook with a black cover. Merry has charmed it so it's unreadable by anyone but her who tries to open it.



29th of May, 1890

I have been carrying the notebook everywhere with me, for one week. My mood has definitely plummeted. As the week progressed, I felt that everything is pointless. I woke up feeling like there is no point to doing so, that the day would be just as it was the day before. It's not the first time I think this, but when it happened in the past, it was at bad periods of my life. This time it was also more intense. Unnatural, in a way.

I have no doubt now that this is what the notebook curses you into. It kills your soul, in a way. Takes away your drive for life. I felt that if I spent any more time with that notebook, another few months, maybe, I'd want to throw myself at a carriage.

G. Merrythought


13th of June, 1890

I've locked the notebook in a box that has been charmed so it will contain a curse's effects within its limits. What I noticed in the past two weeks or so, is that a weight was lifted off of me. I feel more energized when I wake up. I also have newfound determination to study the notebook and go about my business in general. I feel like I've been enjoying Fallon's company more, too. During the one week that I kept the diary close I didn't see any point, I suppose, in talking to her, or anyone for that matter.

I have no doubt by now that the curse targets the soul.

What I will try to understand now, is whether the diary harms you only so long as you touch it and interact with it, or whether there is any lasting damage on the victim's psyche. Whether the curse latches onto the soul, in a sense.

This also makes me curious about the most Unforgivable of curses. I am developing this theory, that the force in Avada Kedavra is the most intense from a family of curses that attack the human psyche. In the notebook's case, the curse feeds off the soul little by little and the victim would need to spend a long time with the item for his soul to truly be damaged. Whereas with Avada Kedavra, the damage is instant.

G. Merrythought

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