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Student Staff Selection 1890
Student Staff Selection '90

Prefect Season is my FAVOURITE TIME OF YEAR, and as such I hope everyone applies who is remotely qualified applies!


Hogwarts' student staff serve as role models for their fellow students.  Additionally, they reinforce/penalize good and bad behaviour by issuing and taking away house points. In addition to prestige, prefects receive half of their tuition and heads all of their tuition in exchange for their efforts. They also get to use the prefects’ toilets because that is clearly a selling point.

Faculty recommendations will be handled privately, NOT via the prefect apps.

Optional. Reassure the staff team that your character’s been active! You can link to any of the following:
  • All active threads set at Hogwarts.
  • All completed threads set at Hogwarts.
  • All dead threads set at Hogwarts if you were the last person to post in them.
  • Any completed homework assignments.
  • Any class threads you’ve posted in, even if they’ve died.
  • Any quidditch matches you’ve posted in.
  • Any club meetings you’ve posted in, even if they’ve died.
Someone with a terrible personality won’t get cleared just because they’ve been more active, but activity is still a factor for us! You should only link threads from the 1889-1890 school year. Scored OOC only.

Your activity log is in addition to any evidence of behaviours/involvement found in the “why should you be prefect” section.

To apply, make sure your character meets the demographic in question (IE sixth year Ravenclaw female should be a female student in Ravenclaw house who will be in sixth year in September) and has at least 10 posts on their account. Charaters approved on or after May 16th only need five posts on their account—so you’re welcome to make a character to fit the bill ;) You must post the form below as a reply to this thread from the account in question.

[b]Character Name:[/b]  (Please tag AND post from the appropriate account!)
[b]Applying For:[/b] What position do you want?
[b]Class & Blood Status:[/b] Public perception, please. Don’t tell me half-veela if your character is perceived as a muggleborn or something xD
[b]Why Should You Be Prefect:[/b]<blockquote>An IC-meets-OOC explanation. We know that not all characters would try to talk themselves up, but if they were trying to, what would they say? Linking to posted evidence can give you a much-needed boost! Threads from previous school years may be included here as evidence!</blockquote>
[b]Activity Log:[/b]
[*]Optional. See above for details.

Currently, we are accepting applications for:
5th Gryffindor Female
5th Gryffindor Male
6th Gryffindor Female
6th Gryffindor Male
7th Gryffindor Male
5th Hufflepuff Female
5th Hufflepuff Male
6th Hufflepuff Female
6th Hufflepuff Male
7th Hufflepuff Male
5th Ravenclaw Female
5th Ravenclaw Male
6th Ravenclaw Female
7th Ravenclaw Female
7th Ravenclaw Male
5th Slytherin Female
5th Slytherin Male
6th Slytherin Male
Head Boy
Head Girl
All listed years are incoming—if your character just finished their fifth year, they can apply for sixth year posts. All positions for upper-year prefects will be retconned to your character having held the spot since their fifth year unless otherwise stated, and in applying, you consent to this.

Don’t have a qualifying student? There’s an app for that!

Applications for the sixth and seventh year prefects officially close on July 13th. Applications for fifth year prefects, remaining sixth/seventh year prefects, Head Boy, and Head Girl close on July 20th. Applications for any positions remaining close on July 28th! You may continue to edit your application as long as it remains visible on this page!

Confused? Please post below with any questions you might have, or fire a PM to this account. You can also check out some of our past applications!

PMs on this account will not be checked.
Instead, please contact @Ursula Black, @Aldous Crouch, @Cassius Lestrange, @Elias Grimstone, @Amelia Evans, @Elladora Black, or @Elsie Beauregard with any questions, issues, or concerns.

Character Name:  @Cameron Gillenwater
Applying For: Fifth Year Gryffindor Male
Class & Blood Status: Middle Class Muggleborn
Reputation: 9
Why Should You Be Prefect:
I should be prefect because I'm the best option in my year!

I've been a member of the Gryffindor quidditch team since my second year (1) and build good relationships with my housemates. I've participated in almost every competition offered, from potion brewing to dueling. I'm friendly to everyone I meet.

I may have struggled with some classes, but I've tried every years (second | third | fourth) to be an active participant in class.

I do homework, too. (Sometimes.)
Activity Log:
  • Optional. See above for details.
[-] The following 1 user Likes Cameron Gillenwater's post:
   Sloane Bixby

brought to you by bee's wizardry
Character Name: @Seneca Lestrange
Applying For: Head Girl
Class & Blood Status: Upper Class Pureblood
Reputation: 9 - she's a known meta
Why Should You Be Prefect:
I believe that I would be a good fit for the position of Head Girl, as I have already shown that I am not afraid of responsibility by serving as prefect for my House for the past two years. I have been able to perform my prefect duties while still staying on top of my classes, one of them being Alchemy! I mention that particular class, as it is an elective on a NEWT level which is incredibly demanding and only those with excellent grades in Potions are able to attend it.

I have an excellent academic record and I have even picked up independent projects for my personal interests. Most recently, I researched Asian antidotes alongside Professor Valenduris.

I am aware that, as a Head Girl, I would not only have to set an academic example but also set an example socially. I daresay that I am popular and well-liked and I try to be courteous and helpful to other students. As you may be aware, my aunt was the esteemed Mrs. Olivia Pendergast, the founder of the Pendergast School of Young Roses. I mention this, in order to show that I received an excellent upbringing and that there is no doubt about my manners. I believe that I make an excellent role model in regards to that.

In conclusion, I believe that I would be the ideal fit for the position of Head Girl, as I display both academic success while remaining a well-mannered lady of excellent pedigree. The Head Girl needs to be a role model, who sets the example and inspires other students to better themselves.
Activity Log:
[-] The following 1 user Likes Seneca Lestrange's post:
   Cadawalader Selwyn

[Image: iUP6w86.png]
Character Name: @Frida Lestrange
Applying For: Head Girl
Class & Blood Status: Upper Class Pureblood
Reputation:  10.
Why Should You Be Prefect:
I believe I should be head girl because I both embody my house's values and set a good example for my peers. I value hard work and persistence, and participate in school events such as dueling competitions  (2) and potion brewing competitions (2). My academic achievement may seem less impressive than some of my peers, but I do not shy away from expressing my desire to improve and am a good student in class (2). I also take initiative to ensure I do my best!

I have no qualms about standing up for my friends, even against my own brother (and even if my efforts fail). I am good and kind, and have always tried to make everyone feel welcome regardless of their background. I do my homework (2, too.
Activity Log:
  • Optional. See above for details.
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   Ruby Urquart

there are few beauties that compare to a ladyset
Character Name: @Hestia Fairchild
Applying For: Fifth Year Gryffindor Female
Class & Blood Status: MCHB
Reputation: 9 - She has been known to be accident prone in the past.
Why Should You Be Prefect:
I have always tried my best to get along with everyone around me. Participating in school functions is something that I do see as very important, as I am in two clubs. No matter how I am personally feeling, I always work hard to remain cheerful in appropriate situations that requires me to remain so. I am not scared to discuss difficult topics, especially when I know that the subject is rather important. Getting along with my peers is one of the many things that I value as a Hogwarts student.
Activity Log:
See Above

Magic by MJ!
Character Name:  @Jemima Farley
Applying For: Head Girl
Class & Blood Status: Middle Class Pureblood
Reputation: 8
Why Should You Be Prefect:
No, wait, I know what you're thinking. Why, Jemima? Who do you think you are? What good have you ever done for the school?  Didn't you make a half-vampire cry? Don't you spend all your time crying in the library? Didn't you once upset a boy so badly that he turned your school supplies into mice? Doesn't half the school still hate you because of your stupid diary?

Well, yes, that's true. But I think it would be a nice statement, for once, if the school took a radical political stance with the coveted position of Head Girl, and preached redemption and forgiveness. It would be a nice gesture for those of us who aren't as perfect as we like to show we should keep striving. It's very well and good picking the most perfect girl in the year, but it would be nice if us ordinary girls had a champion for once. Wouldn't it be perfectly lovely if you were to say to the school population that everyone deserves a second chance?

(I am a perfectly respectable candidate, otherwise. I'm a supportive friend and can be a kindly figure to the youngsters. I try hard on homework and duelling and only complain in my lessons sometimes. If I have a history of making a scene in class, I swear that's not my fault, and my classmates were to blame. I can't help if I'm a passionate person - and when I care about something, I promise I go the extra mile. When I care, I really care. One day I'm going to marry a wonderfully handsome man and you'll all be sorry.)

And I know I wasn't chosen as my house prefect, but that means I have had to use the ordinary girls' bathrooms for two extra years and I think that should tell you something about my strength of constitution. Have you seen the state of them lately?

To conclude,
[Image: 321cdfa76dd675583be00fbe4e2b5b6c.gif]
Activity Log: ...I spent too much time on this for a joke app >.>

Character Name:  @Cassia Fawley
Applying For: 5th Year Hufflepuff Female Prefect
Class & Blood Status: Middle Class & Pureblood
Reputation:  9 (her reputation notes can be found in her profile under her reputation tab!)
Why Should You Be Prefect:
I feel that I would make a good Prefect because I embody the values of my house. I am loyal, hardworking, patient, and kind, though I am also open-minded, empathetic, intuitive, and giving, too — all traits that I feel would serve me well in this position.

Academically, while I can’t claim to be a stellar student, I am certainly persistent in my studies, diligent in working through areas I need to improve upon. Though I am also confident enough to offer tutoring services (1,2) to those who need it too, as I enjoy helping others.

However, most importantly, I have the ability to remain calm in times of difficulty and confrontation (1, 2), and when I have a problem — though I am determined to solve it myself first, if I can — I do know when to ask for help when the situation has become out of my control.

Activity Log:
  • Optional. See above for details.

[Image: YgvKjb9.jpg]
avatar & signature created by the talented lady
She doesn't want this IC but I know Kayte would want more apps to evaluate so THERE xD

Character Name: @Ruby Urquart
Applying For: Head Girl
Class & Blood Status: Middle Class Halfblood
Reputation: 5 - her sister is a known werewolf
Why Should You Be Prefect:
I may be the sister of a known werewolf and the daughter of a fallen Minister, but at least I'm not a cruel and unpleasant person like the person you picked as my year's Gryffindor prefect. If I was prefect, I wouldn't abuse my powers to treat people poorly because of something unfortunate that happened in their lives. I would make sure that Hogwarts is a safe space for everyone.

I don't even care if I am picked for Head Girl or not, but I sure hope however is picked isn't a horrible and corrupt person like Cordelia Fawley or Seneca Lestrange.
Activity Log:
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   Idunn Fraser

Character Name: @Idunn Fraser
Applying For: 5th Ravenclaw Female
Class & Blood Status: MCHB
Reputation: 7—her family is vaguely eccentric
Why Should You Be Prefect:
I am, I believe, the human embodiment of the values of Ravenclaw house. I have long been in possession of a curious mind and do not hesitate to think outside the box. This has, generally, been to good and recognized effect—this summer I shall be serving as intern to Professor Valendurius and one of his academic colleagues. I do not abide utter nonsense.

But I am not only a sharp mind who would serve as a phenomenal role model to my more junior fellow Ravenclaws. I am also a kind individual who does not hesitate to help my peers as needed.

Graphics by MJ ♡
Character Name: @Cadawalader Selwyn
Applying For: 5th Year prefect - Gryffindor
Class & Blood Status: UC PB
Reputation: 8
Why Should You Be Prefect:
I've been on my house quidditch team as a beater since my second year. There were muggle borns in my year who I tried, as best as I could to help assimilate and get used to the world of magic. I think this is important for someone from a wizarding family because there will be muggle born first years who will need support in their first year and who wont have family 'in the know' to help them through OWLs.

I was active in CLASS and I've reached out to students in other houses for additional extra credit tuition in advanced magic to get a head start on my OWL preparation. I believe this sets a good example for other students both in terms of breaking down house tribalism, and in focusing on my school work. I have also spent rather a bit of time studying in the library HERE

I have a diverse and mixed group of friends from all houses, many of whom are also prefects, I believe that I have the capacity to be a good role model for junior students. I also come from a well known family so people look to families like mine for a good example and as an eldest son I also have younger siblings that I am responsible for and I think I guide their conduct I hope that I live up to that.
Activity Log:
Character Name: @Elijah Urquart
Applying For: 5th Slytherin Male. And Head Boy if he's being choosy
Class & Blood Status: UCPB
Reputation: 9 b/c a bit of a douche
Why Should You Be Prefect:
  • A tragic orphan, I have had to mature much more swiftly than the majority of my peers. I am also among the older boys in my dormitory.
  • I am related to a former Minister of Magic, so leadership is quite plainly in my blood.
  • My involvement in house quidditch from first year has helped me to both cultivate and demonstrate my ability to work as a part of a team.
  • I am a diligent and thoughtful student, particularly in potions. I enjoy demonstrating what I've learned by participating in sanctioned duels.
  • But that is who I am, but you must know who I will be. As a prefect, I will set myself as an example for my peers both in and out of Slytherin—academically and socially. My background ensures me more ingrained respect than some of my dormmates might boast (a fact of life; I do not cast judgement on it). I have long striven to bring honour to Slytherin house, and believe that as a prefect, my ability to do so will increase tenfold. I believe in our house's legacy, and wish to see it (and myself) continue to live up to potential.

Elijah has heterochromia. His right eye is green and his left is blue.

MJ is a graphics goddess ❤ —
Character Name: @Elon Wildsmith
Applying For: Ravenclaw 5th year prefect
Class & Blood Status: Upper Class Halfblood
Reputation: 10
Why Should You Be Prefect:
I'm going to inherit Floo Pow company so I guess I could use some practice being in charge and having responsibility for things. I also think I embody my house's characteristics quite well, as I think outside the box and I'd call myself intelligent. I am also open minded about the company I keep. All of my friends are Slytherins, for example. I'm not only sticking to my own kind like other people. I'm also a really good duelist so I could protect people in case trolls or dark wizards attacked Hogwarts.
Character Name:  @Edison Moony
Applying For: 5th Year Gryffindor Male
Class & Blood Status: WCHB
Reputation:  8
Why Should You Be Prefect:
[Ned is extremely unlikely to talk himself up.  I mention it only as reflection of his low-key, fairly humble character.]

I would be a practical choice for prefect.  I am dependable, level-headed, and fair.  Although more on the quiet side, I am an active listener and have been known to patiently assist my fellow housemates, including those in the younger years, to problem solve.  I have been caught on multiple occasions helping homesick first years adjust to their new surroundings, including determining what their Hogwarts niche may be.  I am kind and remain impartial in most disputes, even among friends.

Although I am not the most powerful duelist in the school, I am dedicated to improving and helping others acquire or improve upon new skills.  It is with this passion and leadership qualities that I am being considered to become the new Dueling Club President next year. 

In order to ensure I am able to dedicate myself to my studies, dueling club, and helping others, I have made the sensible decision to only play Club Quidditch instead of on my house team. 

I am unafraid to take calculated risks, but I know when it is realistic to back down. I am quick to act when necessary.
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   Elsie Beauregard
Character Name:  @Sapphire Weasley
Applying For: Hufflepuff 5th year
Class & Blood Status: MCHB
Reputation:  9
Why Should You Be Prefect:
I can easily make friends with people in other houses. I come to the defense of others even if they aren't human.
I am very friendly with other students.
Did I try to make my homework burn if first year? Yes. But i have grown since then have realized that sometimes the work given to do outside of class is supposed to be frustrating sometimes so we learn how to look up answers for ourselves or learn how to phrase questions in a way that lets others know what we're asking and what we're thinking.
Activity Log:
  • Optional. See above for details.

Please tag @Chrysanta Ruskin for my attention while threading

MJ made the pretties
Character Name:  @Cordelia Fawley
Applying For: Head Girl
Class & Blood Status: Middle Class Pureblood
Reputation:  9
Why Should You Be Prefect:
I believe I should be Head Girl because I am involved in the community here at Hogwarts. I am respectful to my superiors, as well as to my classmates (1, 2) and believe in giving people second chances. I am also the Music Club President [see thread 2], a position which I believe exemplifies grace and leadership, and I actively attempt to make others feel included and involved in addition to feeling like they are improving upon themselves [1, 2). I participate in classes (1, 2, 3) and always remain respectful even when I struggle; I believe that exemplifies my ability to learn and grow, and the fact that I believe
in hard work and that you will not achieve anything you don't work for. Thank you for your time and I look forward to my seventh and final year here at Hogwarts!
Activity Log:

[Image: 3RHBxf.png]
magical sass brought to you by Stef! <3

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