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Cats and Hedgehogs
May 13, 1890 - Lower Levels of Hogwarts
It was evening, and Sweetie needed to rest for a minute after so much studying. Exams were quickly approaching. Soon Sweetie would be 'fighting' for her right to be among the ranks of the unspeakables. To have her dream job. After years of study, she was determined to achieve her goals. She did become an animagus at quite an early age, after all.

But now she needed to rest her mind. Too much studying would result in a lack of thinking all together, and she certainly didn't want that. So she decided to go for a stroll. Having notified a member of the Hogwarts staff, she was making her way down the halls in her cat form. After a while, she had made her way into the lower levels. Deciding that perhaps it was time to get back to the dorm, she stopped upon hearing an unfamiliar sound. It wasn't human noises, it sounded almost mouse-like. Slowly, and quietly, making her way down the hall and towards the corner, she made a very human-like peek around the corner to find... is that the same damn hedgehog?!

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Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.
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Another end of the year meant the kids were flapping about everywhere being frantic about exams of all kinds, which was half curse, half blessing. On the upside: they were too busy to notice him, mostly. On the downside: when they did, they usually wanted to use him as a spell-testing dummy.

Never gonna happen, suckers. Instead, Aubrey had trotted off out of the Slytherin Common Room to the kitchens for a hearty snack. He had dragged out a dish of all sorts he’d collected from right under the house elves’ noses, and had plopped himself down in a deserted nook of the darkened corridors to feast. He had been snuffling his way through a sticky iced bun for pudding when he looked up... and saw two large, glowing cat eyes rounding on him.

Aw, fuck.

Aubrey squeaked, his spines bristling in anticipation of an attack.
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Having been spotted, Sweetie scrunched her nose - as best as a cat face could manage - and promptly sat. Deciding further analysis of the situation was in order.

The younger students were more prone to using unsuspecting animal as test subjects before exams. However, Sweetie had turned an owl into a tea cup a week ago. So it was fair to assume that she was not beyond turning a hedgehog into a pincushion when the need occurred.

Noticing the pile of food next to the hedgehog, it did give Sweetie a surge of curiosity. How did a little hedgehog manage to sneak so much food out of the kitchen? While not a feast by human standards, the food was more than enough for one lone hedgehog. Which did leave Sweetie giving a brief glance around for any hedgehog companions before setting sights on the one before her once more.

Lady made Magic

Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.
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The fucking cat just sat.

Fucking sat there in front of him. Just - looking. Blocking his way out of the corner, yes. Ready to pounce? Aubrey wasn’t sure. Maybe it wasn’t eyeing him and just eyeing the food?

How the fuck did he know? He’d never understood cats.

Tensed, Aubrey remained where he was, deliberating his options. He could make a run for it, and hope the cat didn’t catch him and chew him up and spit him out like a spiky furball. He could stay where he was, and curl up in a ball in the hedgehog way in the hopes the cat wouldn’t think ball of wool, I’ll play. But the cat hadn’t made its attack, and - unlike most hedgehogs he knew - Aubrey was no coward.

So, instead, keeping a careful eye on the creature in case its whiskers bloody quivered, Aubrey extended the finger of one of his claws, and sliced the iced bun up into two pieces. A way to make a truce, he thought, though he did not know cats’ opinions of iced buns. Very deliberately, Aubrey used his nuzzle to push the iced bun half a little along the floor to present it to the intruder, retreating to his corner slowly, warily.
The gears were turning in the hedgehog's mind. Sweetie could see that in it's eyes. Was she going to like the conclusion? She wouldn't really have appreciated needles smacking her if it decided to charge.

One thing was for sure, this seemed to be a rather unusual situation for the both of them. A cat would have attacked or gotten bored by now. A hedgehog likely would have fled. But how could she be certain. It wasn't like Hedgehog 101 was offered at Hogwarts.

Watching with vague curiosity, her eyes widened a hint as the hedgehog just cut a bun in half. And slid it over. Bloody hell. Could other hedgehogs do that?! If so, she now felt a bit bad about turning such seemingly intelligent creatures into pincushions.

Lady made Magic

Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.
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