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May 2020

Remember Fun February? I MISS IT! So let's bring it back, spring style.

May-hem is optional, but it would be fun in light of world events to do up some out of the box avs/graphics what have you. Silly faces, completely outrageous outfits, makeup whatever strikes your fancy! I've updated Elsie already XD

Go forth and cause Mayhem my darlings!

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   Bragi Holm

[Image: bk9GUs.png]

Welcome to May's activity month! The List is compiled, with deactivations and list cleanup taking place later today! If you lost a character you'd like back, you may post in Maintenance starting Wednesday, May 6th. If you have no currently active characters you can post in maintenance immediately! If you lost a character before the AC, you can post there whenever you'd like!

Posting Wizard will roll over tomorrow, meaning you can still sign up for May today! Keep your eyes peeled for April's results.

We have some solid events for May as well as a delightful writing challenge, so be sure to check them out!

And last but not least, we are looking for both summer banners and fond memories in advance of a particularly impressive milestone next month...

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— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

— graphics by lady ❤ —

[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=4118734]

Congratulations to our April PW winners, Soph (@Ruby Urquart) and Willow (@Bragi Holm!)

MJ made this!

Better very late than never, but some Hogwarts quidditch results!

February 25th
Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin
90 to 300
@Archelaus Abney caught the snitch.

March 8th
Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff
390 to 40
@Sloane Bixby caught the snitch.

April 19th
Hufflepuff vs. Slytherin
160 to 260
@Archelaus Abney caught the snitch.

May 3rd
Ravenclaw vs. Gryffindor
210 to 190
@Sloane Bixby caught the snitch.

This means we will have a good old-fashioned Gryffindor/Slytherin showdown for the House Quidditch Cup final on May 17th! Ravenclaw has placed third in the house league and Hufflepuff dead last. Rex is dying inside.

[Image: qWKzHyj.png]
dapper set by MJ!

Just a few odds-and-ends things, my dears! First off, a reminder that our writing challenge this month is GLORIOUS, and runs until June 6th. We are also now taking submissions for our Summer Reading Challenge and seeking YOUR recollections for Project Memory Lane!

But I know why you're really here...

[Image: 0b5adbf85da8e340390ee69f502aaec0.gif]

That's right, the Hogwarts quidditch season has drawn to a close! Sunday saw Gryffindor & Slytherin face off for the House Quidditch Cup. The results, you ask? That makes our final score 230 to 120—Gryffindor has won the House Quidditch Cup!
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[Image: sRnQFf.jpg]
graphics by lady ❤ —

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