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4th April, 1890 — House of Lytton, Afternoon Tea & Fashion Show
Miss Vane spent more time thinking about her clothes than a peacock preened its feathers. Annoyingly, Marina suspected she had done the same as a girl - but she, at least, would not have scowled at her company for so much as breathing!

Fortunately, there was only so much trouble Tryphena could get into at a tea and fashion show populated only by respectable ladies (and plenty of their mothers ready to fritter away funds over debuting daughters), so Marina had been able to settle down with a tea for a time, and then had returned to the floor of new designs, taking her sweet time about returning to her niece’s side.

“You know, I think a shade like that would look quite marvellous on you,” Marina offered instead, turning to another visitor to Lytton’s admiring a gown quite intently. Though she despised her work and her charge in equal measure, that was not to say she hadn’t honed the eagle eye required of her: so she had noticed that the woman here had had her eye caught on the same mannequin in the room all the while that she had been circulating; she did hope if the woman were ever to have a torrid love-affair that she would learn how to be a little more subtle with her lover in public, because she really was mooning over the dress.

If Marina was to be of any use here at all, she supposed it might as well be by paying a compliment to someone who might actually appreciate it.

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