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Let's Settle Our Differences
April 13th, 1890 — Hogwarts' Lower Levels

Meta was dismissed from the detention room and she was heading back to her common room when she run into Holly Scrimgeour. It was the Slytherin's fault that Meta had gotten detention. Well, it was Meta's, but for Meta, it was Holly's. They had had a disagreement during a class and Meta had been foolish enough to jinx her, resulting in her getting detention because it had seemed like it was all her fault, when it had been Holly Scrimgeour's for making Meta result to violent spell-casting. (In Meta's opinion, that is.)

"Holly," Meta acknowledged the Slytherin. She kept calling her by her first name, as she had back when they were still friends, during their first weeks at Hogwarts.

@Holly Scrimgeour

[Image: meta.png]
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Holly was no stranger to violence, but it was rarely her who was the victim of it. Upon hearing that Meta would get detention for her little stunt, Holly had gone straight to the common room to ask that Madam Sykes make sure the Gryffindor twerp would suffer through something especially dreadful, but was met by chastisement instead. She had not heard anything about the detention beyond that conversation, and had forgotten about it as the week progressed.

But that changed. They didn't have Potions scheduled this morning, and Gryffindors didn't regularly loiter in the dungeons, so Meta Lestrange obviously had been returning from detentions. If that wasn't enough evidence, the venom in Meta's voice was.

"Meta," she mocked in a sing-song, what-could-possibly-be-wrong voice. "Fancy seeing you down here. Did Professor Valenduris invite you for a tutoring session? You know, I could always help you." As if.

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Potions weren't Meta's class and Holly Scrimgeour would never stop rubbing it in her face. In all honesty, Meta didn't feel self-conscious about her poor performance in that particular class, because she didn't care to improve. She just disliked Holly Scrimgeour's attitude.

"Oh, why not?" Meta replied sarcastically. "And in exchange, I could teach you how to quickly cast a shield charm." Meta might not have been the most scholarly person, but she was certainly quick on her feet.

[Image: meta.png]
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Holly scrunched her nose in displeasure and shook her head. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know I was meant to have my wand out in ready in the middle of History of Magic," she replied. There had been a discussion about muggle's place in magical history—specifically when the International Statute of Secrecy had been established—and somehow they'd gotten into a heated debate about how to handle the muggle problem to begin with

"I'll remember to have it out the next time you open your mouth in class. It might come in use." Either to shut her up or to defend myself, she thought bitterly. She still hadn't recovered the humiliation she'd endured.

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"You should always have your wand in ready," Meta replied. "If someone wants to harm you, they won't give you notice first." Weren't Slytherins supposed to fight dirty? Only someone who expects others to fight fair wouldn't always be at the ready to defend themselves, because they wouldn't think that someone could attack them when they're not prepared.

Meta had had her own father harm her, she had learned to expect an attack from any source. It was the smart thing to do if you wanted to protect yourself.

[Image: meta.png]
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Holly wasn't sure what had given Meta the impression that she needed to have her wand ready even in the middle of a boring history lecture, but then again nothing made sense about Meta. She was the exact opposite of her cousin, but similar in the way she managed to consistently irk Holly.

"Maybe you should go get your brain checked," she advised, "because with that belief you're going to end up an old maid who throws a curse at anyone who approaches her. Learn some civility."

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Meta didn't really want to get married. To her, marriage was slavery. You were forced to be bound to some man and most men, in Meta's experience, were terrible. First of all, it was her father, who had been a monster. If he had used the Cruciatus Curse on her, who's to say that he hadn't used it on her mother, or her sisters, too? Meta had never told any of her sisters about it, so perhaps they had been tortured by him too and they kept it a secret, like Meta did.

Then, it was Kristoffer, who wasn't as evil as her father had been but he had a lot of potential to become like him. He was terrible and nobody could stop him from doing what he wants, especially after Uncle Lucius died so there was nobody around to discipline him.

There were men like Uncle Priam, of course, who was mostly good, but he still controlled their lives. He also had rules, about how she was to behave and whether or not to go to Church. So, even if her husband was like uncle Priam and he didn't torture her, he would still have a leash around her neck and control her life.

"You're not any better than me, Holly," Meta replied. "Girls are also supposed to be sweet and smiling, something that you rarely do. You'd end up a spinster too, hadn't your father betrothed you to my cousin. That's probably why he betrothed you to a third son, he didn't have high expectations of you!"

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