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As clocks and other timepieces were expensive, working class folk who could not afford to rise with the sun could employ a “knocker-upper” to tap on their windowpane at a scheduled time. Knocker-uppers would work through the night and into the early morning. — Kayte
But then Miss Dempsey paid her so great a compliment that she wanted to hurl herself over the edge of the theater balcony in delight.
sobing alone in front of a haunted piano

Sh*t My Husband Says (About Charming)
Lynn: (yelling into kitchen) Jack, I need brainstorming help.
Jack: Okay!
Lynn: What's an interesting way a conversation could start at a ball?
Jack: One sec, I can't really hear you. (finishes dishes and comes out to living room) Okay, brainstorm. Instead of Voldemort trying to kill Harry Potter, he shot a spell at him that sent him back in time, and now he's just going through life as a slightly sub-par Hogwarts student with no friends and a weird scar. In the 1880s.
Lynn: ... Not the kind of brainstorming I needed.
Jack: Oh. Okay, what's up?
Lynn: I need an interesting way to start a conversation between a man and a woman at a ball.
Jack: Like him spilling a drink on her?
Lynn: That's pretty cliche, as far as thread starters go.
Jack: ... on purpose.
Lynn: What?
Jack: (stares directly into my eyes and mimes tipping a glass upside down) 'Oh no. Your boobs are covered in wine. Let me help you with that.'
Lynn: (laughing) Oh my god. Give me something else.
Jack: What? You don't think that would start a great conversation?
Lynn: I'm just not sure it's something Ben would do.
Jack: That sounds exactly like something Ben would do.

When I got back to school this semester...

Me: When I was abroad, I flew to England to sleep on the floor of someone I met through talking about Harry Potter on the internet.
Uni Friend James: Uh.
Me: And I remain unmurdered! :D
James: There's that, I guess.

MJ made this!
Jack: Why are you googling "abdominal trauma"?
Lynn: Ben just got kicked in the ribs by a troll. So I'm trying to figure out how injured he can be without dying in the Victorian Era.
Jack: ... Aleena.
Lynn: ...?
Jack: You're pregnant. You are not allowed to google 'abdominal trauma'.

I was using my mic to voice skype in the hotel, but everyone could hear my dad in the background. Jon and my dad had a convo through me, and then:

[6:11:54 PM] Bree: "I'm always with you, mate" - My dad
[6:12:06 PM] Jon: Awww, what a sweetheart. We're bros now I hope he knows.
[6:12:26 PM] Bree: "let's go get some beers and ditch bree"
[6:12:34 PM] Jon: i'm down

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set by MJ!
This isn't about Charming per ce but it is about the era. Jack and I have been taking turns reading chapters of Pride & Prejudice out loud to each other, and we had just gotten past Elizabeth's first meeting with Miss Darcy. There was a line Jack read that was something like 'Elizabeth was saved from further inquiry by her aunt and uncle, however, by excusing herself to dress.'

Jack: ... Wait. Did she do all of that in her nightgown, or something? No wonder it was so awkward.
Lynn: No, no. She'd be going to dress for dinner. You have to change out of your day gown and into your evening gown.
Jack: That's a thing people did?
Lynn: Yeah, there'd be like a two hour period before every dinner where everyone would go get dressed up. That's why wealthy people back in that era didn't have jobs, or anything. Imagine if like six hours of your day was just spent getting ready for dinner, having dinner, having post-dinner drinks... every night. And that's only if you don't also have a ball to go to.
Jack: ... Olden people.
Lynn: Yeah.
Jack: They were stupid.
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Discussing where the fog plot might be going:

Lynn: Maybe magical Egypt is declaring war on magical Britain.
Jack: Really?
Lynn: A war on Charming would be awesome. I don't know if we really have the member base to sustain it, though.
Jack: I imagine it would be a pretty Disney-esque war.
Lynn: How so?
Jack: It'd be very big and violent and then someone would be mortally wounded and - "Oh! Untimely death! Tell my wife I have ... very conflicted feelings about her ... and several other women in the community."
Lynn: Ha!
Jack: "Also a horde of secret sons and daughters scattered throughout the land... and some very vague ties to the throne."
Lynn: Oh my god.
Jack: Because any character that's been on Charming for a while has like ten hidden unfinished plot points.
(June 25, 2018 – 10:15 PM)Edric Umbridge Wrote:  I was using my mic to voice skype in the hotel, but everyone could hear my dad in the background. Jon and my dad had a convo through me, and then:

[6:11:54 PM] Bree: "I'm always with you, mate" - My dad
[6:12:06 PM] Jon: Awww, what a sweetheart. We're bros now I hope he knows.
[6:12:26 PM] Bree: "let's go get some beers and ditch bree"
[6:12:34 PM] Jon: i'm down


You thought the broship ended? You're wrong.

Quote:[9:31:36 PM] Bree : JON MY DAD SAYS HI
[9:31:36 PM] Jon: HI BREE'S DAD!!!
[9:31:39 PM] Jon: I APPRECIATE YA
[9:32:53 PM] Bree: my dad says cheers to u
[9:34:28 PM] Jon: Good day sir! Cheers to you too old chap
[9:35:30 PM] Bree: [dad rambles a bunch of British slang]
[9:36:00 PM] Jon: That's my boy
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set by MJ!
As I was logging on today my husband snuggled up to me,
Z: Are there any new 'Things my Husband Says" posts?
Yes, we do read these on a regular basis.

Later we were discussing CYOA threads which I typically refer to as 'Fog Adventure Threads'.
Me: I have to check my CYOA threads -
Z: Cover Your Own Ass?

[Image: Fvrksn.png]
ANOTHER amazing signature from Bee <3
I was so excited about the turn this thread took that I made Jack read it.

Jack: So are they going to duel now?
Lynn: I have no idea what's going to happen next. It's delightful.
Jack: Okay. But you remember the story of Stephen Decatur.
Lynn: I love Stephen Decatur.
Jack: There's a long and prestigious tradition of promising young Navy captains dying in duels over really pointless shit.
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So my husband and I were having a conversation after seeing this:
[Image: carl-kinsella-tvscarlkinsella-follow-fou...151254.png]
Jack: Can you imagine what Hufflepuff must have felt like at that Hogwarts founders' meeting? Gryffindor is like 'ALL STUDENTS MUST BE BRAVE' and Hufflepuff is just there like 'You all are fucking nuts. How about this... how about you take the weirdos you want, and I'll teach all the normal kids.'

This lead to a whole conversation on Hogwarts houses, and I eventually got him to take the Pottermore sorting quiz.

Jack: I'm a Hufflepuff.
Lynn: Cool!
Jack: I'm going to go find out what my wand is.
Lynn: Oh, you're going to do the rest of the quizzes?
Jack: Yeah, I'm going to be a real wizard, duh. Except I'm a Hufflepuff.
Lynn: Are Hufflepuffs not real wizards?
Jack: Hufflepuffs are the normal ones. They're the guys who just want to live life, and they have to learn magic so that they don't accidentally make weird shit happen all the time. That's my perception of them. Like a Hufflepuff would totally just learn how to drive a car like a normal person, but first they have to learn magic so they don't accidentally make their car explode when someone cuts them off.
Lynn: Huh.
Jack: What was your house?
Lynn: Gryffindor.
Jack: ... Weirdo.
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*watching the Great British Baking Show*
TV Judge: "Kate seems like a real steady horse, doesn't she? Sort of comes up on the inside..."
Jack: Is that a compliment in Britain?
Lynn: I don't know.
Jack: You should try that on Charming. Have Alfred tell his sweetheart that.
Lynn: Oh my god, no.
Jack: Come on.
Lynn: They don't even have a thread right now.
Jack: Just start off with that in a letter. 'Dearest Whomever; you are my steadiest horse. Love, Alfred."
Lynn: Stop.

MJ made the most Alfredy of sets<3
Telling Jack about this thread:

Lynn: ...so his daughter decides to buy one, because she feels sorry for them.
Jack: Oh, that's nice.
Lynn: It is. She's nice. I have no idea where she gets it from.


Lynn: So she's wondering if she can just let the toad outside to hunt so she doesn't have to touch bugs, and my character encourages her because he's hoping the toad will get lost or die or something before he has to explain that he lied about it being a transfigured human.
Jack: ... But that's so much worse. You're going to let her think she killed a child? Like she left a child out in the cold, all alone, to die?
Lynn: He'll buy her a kitten.
Jack: Wow. You took a terrible situation and managed to find the worst way forward.
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Jack: What are you smiling at?
Lynn: It's this post.
Jack: Which post?
Lynn: It's in that thread you keep thinking is going to turn into a duel. It hasn't, yet.
Jack: That's still going on?
Lynn: Yeah. Threads take a long time.
Jack, laughing: So I'm picturing these two guys like... camped out for days, glaring at each other. Every once in a while yelling out 'And you, sir, are — *unintelligible gibberish*'
Lynn: What?
Jack: Or, you know, whatever British insults sound like.
Posting here and Jack reads over my shoulder: the spell hit him...

Jack (gasps): They're dueling!
Lynn: Well. Alfred got hit with a spell. I wouldn't really call it a duel.
Jack: Why, because you're losing?
Lynn: ... Yeah.
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MJ made the most Alfredy of sets<3
Trying to explain Charming to Chris is a little awkward, since I have never told anyone about it. Here, I'm trying to explain Tilda and @Bella Scrimgeour 's current thread.

Chris *trimming his beard*: What are you doing?
Me *perched on the toilet*: ....reading a post on Charming...
Chris: What's it about?
Me: ....Ive never gone into detail about any posts on Charming ever, okay this'll be interesting! So! My character is having a conversation with another player's character about healing.
Chris: Okay!
Me: Basically this other character has been fucking my character's cousin who's a dragon tamer -
Chris: *stops shaving and stares* he's a dragon what?
Me: Dragon tamer.
Chris: And she's fucking the dragon tamer?
Me: Yes. And my character doesn't know it! But she's giving her friend advice on how to best treat the wounds!

Idr what happened after that, but I look forward to our chats in the future about Charming xD
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[Image: 5jcfhc.png]
— breathtaking set by MJ
Jack: You're putting more effort into this Witch Weekly article than the editors of Cosmo put into an entire issue.

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