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Quidditch Cup Details Revealed
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Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
March 21st, 1890

Quidditch Cup Details Revealed
International Event to Return to Irvingly

The world will arrive in the Irvingly area once more as the Quidditch World Cup returns to the pitch originally constructed for just this purpose, confirms Fitzroy Prewett, head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports.

"While I am reluctant to impact one of our own league teams unduly, the Howlers' Hawthorne Hollow pitch is unique in that it requires minimal extra security to evade prying muggle eyes," Mr. Prewett explained. "Naturally, though, our own league play will be adjusted to accommodate this thrilling event, one we are indeed fortunate to play host to once again."

The Irvingly Inn has already begun preparing for the late-July arrivals, and the local muggle Parish Council has been granted proceeds from land rentals related to camping for the event, a "gesture of goodwill towards our nonmagical neighborus," Mr. Prewett stated.

International League play begins the first weekend in May, with France facing off against Morocco and Canada against Japan (a quarter-finalist in the 1883 Cup). Britain will play its first match in Germany on May 5th, though the team's roster has not yet been determined.
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