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Dueling Final '90: Konstantin Fisk vs. Enoch Rosier
January 5th, 1890 — Headquarters of the London Society for the Practice of Combative Magic
Good lord but both men were stupendously handsome and eligible. No really it was a criminal shame that neither one of them was married and he only hoped that the prestige of being the winner and runner-up of this noble tournament would give them the boost they needed to snare a young lady.

Befuddled by their combined beauty the arbiter managed to rally himself long enough to bid Mr Fisk to start.

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Konstantin puffed out his chest with pride. He had been here before and had known in his heart that he was more than capable of doing it again. Of course he had not come up against a currently serving auror yet, so the challenge was not insignificant.

After the required bow Kons cast a spell to turn the other man into a tree.

[Image: Bkpxf5.png]
fabulous moody set by MJ <3
Enoch scowled at the man. He would have much preferred to duel Sterling in the final – even if he wasn’t entirely the right sort he was at least a skilled auror rather than a glorified pen-pusher!

Whatever the man intended to do it probably wasn’t too much to worry about so Enoch put in only the bare minimum of effort before casting a shield.

[Image: SJUIcj7.png]
Indecently attractive set by MJ
The spell was a tremendous success! For the man without formal combative training at least and very swiftly the shield was blown away by the spell and a rather attractive, if somehow agitated, evergreen stood where Mr Rosier once had.

The arbiter cast the counter curse but Mr Rosier's hair still remained dark green. Oh shit, perhaps he wouldn't notice?

"Mr Fisk takes the round. Mr Rosier, if you would begin the next."

Konstantin: 11
Enoch: 10

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Bastard! Seething at being humiliated by a spell that was little better than a schoolboy might cast Enoch gathered his strength and cast as powerful a stunning spell as he could manage. In his mind he was the Black Knight facing down an irritating round tabler - in actual fact his hair made him look like a disgruntled mer.

[Image: SJUIcj7.png]
Indecently attractive set by MJ
Sensing the other man’s frustration Konstantin, as was his want, thought it best to err on the side of caution and cast a spell to reflect the other man’s angry stunner back at him.

[Image: Bkpxf5.png]
fabulous moody set by MJ <3
Short and decisive, like all duels between aurors ought to be...well, one auror sprawled on the floor where his own stunning spell had knocked him for six and one man whose unassuming nature hid the soul of a potential assassin.

Best leave Mr Rosier where he was for this:

"Mr Fisk takes the duel and the tournament - congratulations!"

Konstantin: 16
Enoch: 12

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